There are various reasons that could explain why your iPod keeps rebooting constantly. These include, but are not limited to the following: a faulty battery, hardware issues, software issues, or a recently installed app. This problem is not old iPods only, since even new iPods sometimes have similar issues. You need not have a headache or throw away the iPod when you experience such problems. Fixing the existing problem is simpler than you could ever imagine. In this article, I will tell you two easy methods for fixing the iPod rebooting issue.

Method 1. Common Solution to the "iPod Rebooting Over and Over" Problem

Even with new versions of iPod being created and improvement in technology, there are still some problems experienced by the users when using these devices. However, the merits and services given by the iPods outweigh their limitations. Below are Apple's official solutions for iPod with restarting problem: to update your device. The reason for doing this update is that there may be apps that are not working properly, especially those which feature during startup. Here is the procedure.

Step 1. Charge the iPod for at Least 1 Hour

This is pretty straightforward. Plug in the charger and ensure that the device is charging. Perhaps the problem is in the cable - check that too. Make sure that there is no debris in the charging port, or breaks in the wiring, etc. You know the small things matter a lot. If your problem was a faulty cable, then you don't have to go through the rest of the steps.

Step 2. Open Recovery Mode

You then use the computer to access iTunes. If you don't have a computer with you, look for help at an Apple Retail Store near you.

Press the Wake Button and the Home Key and do not let go until you see the screen for recovery. Don’t make the mistake of relaxing the holding when you see the Apple icon.

Step 3. Access Apple Support Page through the Computer

Go to the Apple Support home page and ensure that your device is up to date. However, before you update it, be sure to back up your files in iCloud or iTunes. If you don't, you could lose ALL your files and settings. Wait for the Update to complete. Go to iCloud or the iTunes backup that you created earlier and restore them to your iPod.

Method 2. How to Fix iPod Rebooting Issue without Losing Data

iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS Data Recovery is professionally designed program that help users to deal with iOS system data loss issues. It support mostly iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices and will help you recover contacts, messages, notes, photos, documents, and videos from such devices.

Steps to recover data from internal storage via iSkysoft Toolbox for Android

Step 1: Connect your iPod to the computer using a USB cable and then run the iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS on your computer. Click System Recovery option. Then click on the Start button.

ipod keeps rebooting

Step 2: Now you can see the information of your iPod showed, and all you need is to confirm the information and then click on the Download button. The software will download the firmware for the iPod. When downloaded, it will enter the fixing process. You should make sure the well connection between the iPod and computer.

fix ipod system

Step 3: Just wait till it done!

ipod rebooting

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