How to Recover Files from Damaged Flash Drive

If you lost data on a broken drive, don't worry about it, read this article and you can perform broken flash drive data recovery by yourself.

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A flash drive is a memory storage unit that stores data, which is similar to a hard disk. The flash drive provides the easiest method to copy or transfer contents from one device to another with ease. Nonetheless, various issues possibly turn a USB data into an inaccessible drive. When encountered with such situations, how is it possible to do recover files from a broken flash drive when it is not responding? The current post discusses various steps through which you can recover data from damaged USB flash drive.

Part 1. How to Recover Data from Broken Flash Drive?

broken flash drive data recovery

Data recovery in the past usually required the help of professionals. Thankfully, today you can perform the action right at your home. With the cooperation of iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac (or iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows), you gain the opportunity to recover data from a damaged flash drive, hard disk, or any other memory storage device.

You can perform the action painlessly, safely, and achieve maximum success way you can retrieve as much content as possible. Recoverit (IS)y for Mac users powerful scanning algorithms to scan any Mac-based hard drive or external hard drive without destroying data and assists in recovery of documents, video files, images, music files, e-mail messages, and other content in no time.

Recoverit (IS) for Mac

Key Features of Recoverit (IS):

  • It is the easiest and safest solution to recover data due to accidental deletion, formatting, improper operation, damaged drives and partitions, and any other reasons.
  • It helps in recovering everything from the connected memory device but not limited to documents, video, photos, music, archive files, and e-mails.
  • One-click start and stop scanning process, save scan results, scan only for a particular files format, quickly distinguishes between valid and invalid files, and recovers lost files with their complete filename and file folders
3,015,629 people have downloaded it

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Broken Flash Drive Data

Step 1 Download and Launch the Program

Install and launch Recoverit (IS)y tool and open the main screen on your desktop. Here you would get different options for recovery according to your need.

launch the program
Step 2 Choose Recovery Mode

Select the External Device Recovery option to recover data from the USB flash drive. Make sure the external device is connected properly and click "Next".

confirm the recovery mode
Step 3 Select A Disk

Selecting this option will open a new window that will list out the partitions of the connected external drives. This method is capable of retrieving accidentally deleted content or corrupted files. Tick the flash drive and hit "Start" button to begin the scanning process.

scan the drive
Step 4 Recover Data from Broken or Damaged Flash Drive

Now, it would scan for all the lost or corrupted files on your external storage device. After the scan, all the recovered files are categorized according to the format they are recovered. The data can be filtered according to the name and date modified. Now, select the targeted files and hit the "Recover" option to get the files back.

broken flash drive data recovery


  1. If you feel that the required files are not there, you can go for "All-Around Recovery" that would dig deep with the data analyzer engine and recover the files for you

  2. Enabling Deep Scan will thoroughly examine the drive (e.g. formatted partitions, resized disk) to recover files.

  3. You can save the scan information if you choose to resume the recovery later.

  4. The preview window shows you a glimpse of the content of the files and supports images, e-mails, documents, and parts of video and audio files.

  5. The validity attribute speaks about the good and the bad sectors that define the ease of recovery by the software.

Part 2. What Should You Test before Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery

Even if there is no physical damage to the flash drive, data errors still occur and make the drive unusable. As it is important for you to get off the precious files from the flash drive, the following two tips will be of immense help.

Step-by-Step Guide to Test Broken Flash Drive

Step 1 Accessing the Damage

Accessing the damage of the flash drive is important. One of the important and the common problems that you find with the flash drive is the head part. When the head part of the drive snaps off, then you need to solder the head back with the chipset motherboard. However, the problem lies in soldering the head unit with the motherboard, which is impractical for many of the users. However, if the files located on the flash drive are precious, then you may want to visit a local computer-repairing store to do the needful.

broken flash drive
Step 2 Wiggling the Flash Drive

It may sound unorthodox but if a few parts of the head of the flash drive are not making proper contact with the USB port of your computer, then wiggling the flash drive can help in establishing a connection. To make it a successful action, then ensure that you have the computer speakers turned on to hear the detection sound. Nevertheless, do not bend the flash drive excessively as it would lead to further damage.

Slowly, plug the flash drive into the USB port of the computer in different directions and carefully listening out for the sound or check the LED light of the flash drive. If you manage to establish a connection successfully, open the flash drive folder and quickly transfer all the files to the PC. After successful completion, you can then throw away the flash drive for good.

test flash drive

Part 3. How to Fix A Flash Drive That is Not Recognized or Detected by the Computer?

What would be the reaction if it shows "Device not recognized"? This would make the condition worst if not solved on time. The part of work will remain incomplete and undone. In this part, we would discuss the basic ideas that would help you to figure out the cause and then instantly work on the problem to fix it on priority.

#1. At the very first step if the USB flash drive is not recognized by your computer. You can try the following steps for a basic solution:

  • Tap on "Start", then in the search box, type "device manager". Click on "Device Manager" option.

  • Now, expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers then press and hold the targeted device and select "Uninstall the default programs" related to that device.

  • Once done, it would require to restart the computer to automatically install the USB controllers.

#2. In a few cases, the mass storage gadget might be unrecognized if you are using it on a computer with the different bit. Suppose, the drive is written by a 32-bit computer and you are trying to access it on a 64 bit then it might not work and vice versa. So, it's important to know the bit rating of your computer before you proceed with the USB flash drive.

#3. Another case where the disk has been encrypted on another computer and that becomes password protected. Use the same computer that encrypted the disk to fix the issue. It would need the encryption password to make the storage device work.

#4. A damaged cable or interface can also make the USB flash drive show unrecognized if plugged with it. Plug it with a different cable or try another interface. The device would definitely work if cable or interface was the only issue.

#5. There are some other malfunctions a storage device might show that are mentioned below: "Please insert disk into removable disk", "Format Disk" and of course", "USB Device Not Recognized or Malfunctioned".

You can fix these problemd using the Management tool to get the partition information. If the partitions are not good then use some tools like TestDisk or PhotoRec to resolve the issue.

  • Click on "Start" and then disk management and select "Create and format hard disk partitions". Then select the removable disk.

  • Another alternative is that you can press the "Window key and R" together to open run utility and type "diskmgmt.msc" and then click enter.

#6. If the mass storage drive is not loaded with a drive letter then you can get an error message on the screen that "USB drive is detected, but not showing in My computer".

To fix this issue, press R and Windows key together and run utility would show up. Here you need to type "compmgmt.msc". It would come up with Disk management, now look for Change letter and paths and right click on it to change or add a letter. You need to choose an unused letter.

You can download the best software or update the existing you have to solve the issue. However, it would be better to check the drive system first. There might be a malfunction on the drive system.

  • Hold and press the "Windows key and R" to open up the run utility. Type "devmgmt.msc" and then click "Enter". You can try another typo on the search box of Start menu that is "devman".

  • After you enter the drive system, now check for black exclamation mark or yellow triangle on the driver’s icon. It shows that the drive tool is harmed by any malfunction. You can learn more about this issue by clicking on "Properties".

  • Try to install the latest version of the tool and check if the USB flash drive is working. Updating the software by clicking on ‘Update Driver’ and the windows would find a correct update for your flash storage.


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