How to Recover Lost Files Using Android Data Recovery Free

When you delete or lose data from your Android device, you can easily get it back using android data recovery free tools.

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“My child accidentally deleted important data from my Android phone and I wonder how I can get the data back.” With this guide, you will be able to recover data that was deleted or lost from your Android device.

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It is quite common to delete files from your Android device by accident. Sometimes it may be a child playing games on the device, and then inadvertently deletes important data from your device.

It is important to know that some of the files that are deleted or lost are still physically available on the Android device, although they are not accessible for viewing or use. It is important that you do not store or do anything else on the device, to avoid overwriting of these files. Once they are overwritten, they will be lost forever.

This guide will show you how to recover your data using several Android data recovery free tools. You will see how each performs and see which the best for your needs is.

Part 1: Android Data Recovery Free Download

1. Recoverit (IS)

Recoverit (IS) is a robust tool that can be used to recover more than 1000 files types from any Android device and operating system versions. The tool can run on both Windows and Mac. It can recover SMS, Call Logs, Videos, Photos, WhatsApp Texts, Documents, and so much more. All the data is safely recovered and you get a preview of the recovered files before you recover them.

Recoverit (IS)

All-in-one Data Recovery Software for Your Computer!

  • Easy-to-use and friendly interface
  • Recover more than 1000 file types
  • Recover data from all android devices and OS versions
  • All data is safely recovered and is not corrupted in any manner
  • Recover files from any situation, whether deleted files or damaged device.
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

2. Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery


Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery is a well-known tool for the recovery of data from all Android devices. It is also able to recover files from 8 different scenarios. It works on both Windows and Mac operating Systems. However, the free versions does not give you access to all the features that you need for recovering data on your device – you need the premium version, especially if the data loss was caused by a serious problem.

Top features of Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery

  • Recover important data from both external and internal storage devices
  • Recover data from 8 different scenarios
  • Recover data from Android 5.0 and later
  • Recover data such as Photos, Videos, Music, Documents and a lot more.

3. MyJad Android Data Recovery


MyJad Android Data Recovery has the ability to recover lost data from your device in a high number of situations. Whether the device has been rooted or presumed dead, this tool is able to recover the data. It does not run on older Android devices but supports all the latest devices. One of the downsides of this tool is that it only works on Windows, so Mac users cannot benefit from its awesome features. The device also allows you to create a backup of your important files so you can restore them in future.

Top features of MyJad Android Data Recovery

  • It supports data recovery from all the latest Android devices but not from older ones
  • It allows for the creation of a backup file that can be used to restore important files
  • It only works on Windows operating system

4. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery


Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery boasts of recovering data that has been lost in any situation. Whether the device has been bricked or physically damaged, as long as it can power on, the tool claims to be able to recover the lost data. Some of the data includes Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts, Call Logs, Documents and more. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac

Top Features of Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

  • Recover data lost in serious situations such as system crash and even factory reset
  • Recover data from internal and external storage devices
  • Recover call logs, SMS, photos, videos, documents, etc.
  • Recover data from all Android versions

Part 2: Which is the Best Free Android Data Recovery Software?

The table below gives you a comparison between the free android data recovery tools listed above:

Recoverit (IS) Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery MyJad Android Data Recovery Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery
Speed Fast Medium Medium Fast
File Types WhatsApp, SMS, email, photos, videos and more Videos, Music, Documents, Call History, Contacts and more Contacts, Messages, Photos, Documents. SMS, Call Logs, Photos, Videos, Documents and more
Data Safety Quite Safe Safe Safe Quite Safe
Android Version Compatibility Android 1.5 to 6.0 Android 5.0 and later Android 7.0 and later All Android Versions
Preview Files No Yes Yes No
Operating Systems Win/Mac Win/Mac Win Win/Mac

As the table above shows, Recoverit (IS) is the most flexible and feature-rich tool that you can use to recover lost data from any Android device and OS version.

How to recover data with the best android data recovery free using Recoverit (IS)

It only takes a few steps to recover data on your Android device using Recoverit (IS). The user interface is quite simple, but the recovery is very effective.

Here is the user guide:

Step 1 Select the partition or location where your lost data resided.

After downloading and installing Recoverit (IS), launch it and proceed to the home screen. Make sure that you have connected your Android device, and it has been recognized. If you have an SD Card on the device, it will also be listed together with the Internal Storage.

Now, select Internal Storage location for scanning or the SD Card, depending on where the lost data used to be. Proceed by clicking on “Start” and wait for a short while as Recoverit (IS) scans the selected location.

Step 2 Scan the location for lost files

Let Recoverit (IS) complete the full scan of the selected location on your Android device and it will present you with a preview of all the files it has found. It is possible to make the scan faster and more accurate by choosing filters and defining specific locations. For example, the DCIM folder when looking for lost photos or videos.

Once the data has been located, you may pause or stop the scan at any time.

Step 3 Preview and recover files

Recoverit (IS) comes with a very powerful feature which allows you to preview the lost data before completing the recovery process. In some cases, you may be unable to preview the files, but there are useful inbuilt features that will help you fix this issue. Simply follow the on-screen prompts and recover the files.

Simply click on the desired file, and then hit the “Recover” button. Wait for the file to be recovered and launched.


NOTE: You should not save the file in the destination where it was lost in the first place. Choose another location or save to an external hard disk. You will then move them to another SD Card.

In conclusion

When you lose data from your Android device, there is no need to panic and pull out your hair. You can now recover your data using the tools listed above. The free versions will give you quite a lot of leeway when it comes to recovering your files, but for some of them, you may have to pay for a license to recover data lost in serious situations.

The list of tools above is impressive, but the most robust of these is Recoverit (IS). It is easy-to-use and you can recover all your lost data in three simple steps. It works on all Android devices and OS versions making it your one-stop shop for Android data recovery free services. Get iSkysoft Data recovery and never look back when you lose your data.


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