Top 10 Free USB Recovery Softwares Review

Get to know about the top 10 USB recovery tools available on the market.

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“A virus caused my USB to become unusable even when it has crucial information stored in it, how can I get access to these files?” This guide will show you the top 10 USB Flash Drive recovery tools available to tackle such problems.

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USB flash drives can be very sensitive and stop working for very minor reasons. It may be as simple as putting the flash disk into a different computer or as complicated as a virus attack. Actually, it is advisable to use these drives as a method of transferring files and not for long-term storage due to these issues.

However, should you find that your USB is not usable and still has important information stored on it, then these top 10 USB recovery tools will help you recover the files and store them in a more secure location on your computer or external hard disk.

Top 10 Free USB Recovery Review

1) Recoverit (IS)

When you have important information on your USB flash drive and suddenly you cannot access the drive, you can use this handy tool to recover files from the drive, instead of formatting it. The reasons for USB flash drive failure are varied – some may be simple and others complicated. However, this tool can handle all USB failure issues and help you recover the files that you need.

Recoverit (IS)

Key features of Recoverit (IS) for Mac

  • Fast file recovery – you can save time in recovering files by using selective recovery.
  • Recover over 100+ files – recover any type of file that you have stored in your USB flash drive.
  • Recover crashed computer – if you experience data loss due to a computer crash, this tool can help you recover the data.
  • High flexibility – Recoverit (IS) can recover data from USB flash drives, External hard disks, SD cards and any other external storage media that you can find.
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

Step-by-step guide on how to recover files from USB using Recoverit (IS):

Step 1 Launch Recoverit (IS) after installation

Visit the official download page for iSkysoft Data recovery, download the installer and install the tool on your computer. Launch it to access the home screen and choose USB Recovery Module. Now click on Start so the tool can scan the USB flash drive for deleted files.

Step 2 Scan for lost files on the USB flash drive

iSkysoft Data recovery will quickly scan the USB flash drive for lost data. It will then show you a preview of the files that it has found on the USB flash drive.

You may refine the scanning process by making certain selections or using inbuilt features. Scan for particular file types or files paths. The USB flash drive is not very big and the scanning process will be quick.

It is possible to pause or stop the scanning process once you have located the desired files.

Step 3 Preview and recover files from the formatted hard disk

After the scanning process is complete, you may preview the resultant files and then restore them to your hard disk from the USB flash drive. If you cannot preview some of these files, you can follow some on-screen prompts which will guide you through the inbuilt features that allow you to preview such files.

After previewing the files, click on “recover” and the file will be launched for you to use and save.


Note: Always save the files recovered from the USB flash drive to your hard disk or any other external hard disk, and not the affected USB flash drive.

2) Recuva


This is one of the best free USB data recovery tools available today. It has a friendly user interface, which gives access to some powerful data recovery features within the program.

The interactive interface poses questions that help you correctly diagnose the problem that you are faced with before attempting to solve it. It also has a compact version that you can carry on a thumb drive without installing it.

Top features of Recuva

  • It has both quick scan and deep scan modes
  • It recovers data from different storage devices, including smartphones
  • Works with all Windows versions
  • It can scan storage devices of up to 3TB
  • The downside is that it often installs other programs when you install it on your computer

3) Disk Drill


This is one of the first data recovery tools to be invented and comes with advanced data recovery features. It is quite simple to use and has a low learning curve.

Disk drill is quite versatile and recovers files from a wide range of storage devices, including the USB flash drive. It comes with a wide range of scanning modes making data recovery from a USB flash drive to be quite easy.

Top Features of Disk Drill

  • Comes with several scanning modes viz. Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Undelete Protected Data
  • You can pause and continue the scan at a different time, when scanning large hard drives
  • Stores scan results so you do not perform more scans in future

4) Pandora Data Recovery Freeware


This is another professional and easy-to-use data recovery tool. However, the interface seems quite messy and can be confusing, but this does not compromise its performance once you get the hang of it.

It provides you with the option to preview files before you can recover them from the USB flash drive. It also works with both NTFS and FAT file systems.

Top features of Pandora

  • You can recover a wide range of files and preview them
  • It works well with both NTFS and FAT file systems
  • It is compatible with all Windows versions
  • The Surface Scan is much deeper than the typical Quick Scan found in other free data recovery tools.

5) Wise Data Recovery


This is a small USB data recovery file, but comes with a lot of advanced features. It typically downloads and installs in seconds, and you can start recovering your files right away. It organizes the files in folders so you can easily find the data that you are looking for. It recovers data from all forms of external storage devices.

The tool also allows you to refine the scanning parameters to save time and get better results.

Top Features of Wise Data Recovery

  • Small and powerful tool
  • Organizes files for easy search and recovery
  • Works with a wide range of storage devices including Smartphones, cameras, etc.
  • It gives you information on the probability of fully recovering each file.

6) Photo Rec Data Recovery


This is an open source data recovery tool and can recover lost data from CD-ROMs, hard disks, cameras and USB flash drives. The powerful aspect of this tool is that it focuses on the deep scan to find lost data and does not bother with the filing system that has been used. This makes it function even when the filing system has been compromised.

The top features of Photo Rec

  • It works independent of a filing system
  • It concentrates on deep scanning for lost data
  • It has the ability to restart non-functioning disks
  • It can recover information from difficult storage devices such as DVDs and CDs
  • It is useful when the hard disk or USB drive has been accidentally reformatted.

7) Glary Undelete


This tool has a very simple user interface, but let it not deceive you. Below that interface is a versatile data recovery tool that will help you get your data back from the compromised USB flash drive. It displays the recovered files in folders so you can easily get the files that you need.

It also indicates the “State” of each file, showing the probability of full recovery of the file. It works with all forms of portable storage devices as well as filing systems.

Top features of Glary Undelete

  • You can recover data from any type of storage device, including encrypted hard disks
  • It shows the state of every file indicating the probability of full recovery
  • It has a very simple interface but powerful recovery features.

8) Undelete 360 Data Recovery


This is a tool that is specifically designed for recovering data from USB flash drives and other external storage devices. It recovers a wide range of file types making it ideal for cameras and other non-standard storage devices.

It can help recover data that has been lost due to computer crashes and virus attacks. It recovers files that are removed using “Shift + Del”, command prompt, and other so-called permanent deletion techniques.

Top features of Undelete 360

  • It is versatile and works well with all external storage devices
  • It recovers a wide rage f file formats
  • It shows whether a file has been overwritten or can be recovered in good form
  • Displays the recovered files based on file types and locations/paths

9) Unformat


Just as the name depicts, this is a tool specifically designed to recover data that has been lost due to reformatting of the storage media. You can retrieve data from DC-ROMS, USB flash drives, hard disks and external storage disks.

It is also used to recover partitions or rebuild broken partitions. It works with a wide range of file systems. It is also compatible with non-traditional storage devices such as cameras, iPods and Smartphones.

Top features of Unformat

  • Works with all kinds of hard disks, whether SATA SSD, ATA, SCSI, SAS or eSATA
  • Recover data from a wide range of external storage devices
  • Recover data from any type of filing system.
  • It works well with non-traditional storage devices.

10) SoftPerfect File Recovery


This is a powerful data recovery tool, which is very easy to use. It does not require any installation and is portable. It can find any type of file format and recover it to a storage location of your choice. It works with all types of standard and non-standard storage devices. It comes with both Quick and Deep scan modes for better file recovery.

Top features of SoftPerfect Data Recovery

  • Recovers a wide range of file formats including emails
  • You can pause and resume the scan at another time
  • Scan data is stored and can be imported so you do not restart the scan if you need to recover files in the future
  • It has a preview feature so you can see the file contents before you recover it.

Tips: Free USB Recovery - How to Choose the Best One?

As you can see, there are many free USB data recovery tools, so how do you choose the best one?

  • Must have powerful scanning technology
  • Must be compatible with several file formats or independent of file systems
  • It should allow for preview of files before recovering them
  • Portability is preferable

Bottom Line

Most people store files on a USB flash drive prior to transferring them to a hard drive or online storage facility. However, the USB drive can become compromised before the transfer is done, and this can lead to loss of important data.

This guide has listed the top 10 USB data recovery tools available to you. You simply need to choose which best suits your needs and proceed with the recovery of the USB data.

Get Recoverit (IS) right away and have access to powerful and proven USB data recovery features, so you never have to worry when your USB drive becomes unusable for any reason.


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