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iSkysoft Toolbox - Android Data Backup & Restore User Guide

Part 1: Backup data on your Android device

Step 1: Download and install iSkysoft Toolbox for Android on your computer. Launch it and you will see the main window of the program as shown below. Choose “Data Backup & Restore”.

data backup

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer via a digital cable. Please tap on ok to continue the process if there is a pop-up window appears asking you to allow USB Debugging. The program will automatically detect your Android device. Click on the “Backup” option.

data backup

Note: You can view your former backup data when you use it next time by clicking on “View backup history”. It reserves the backup records.

Step 3: Now the program starts scanning data on your device and shows them by category. You can choose to back up all the data by checking the option “Select all”, or selectively check the items you hope to back up. Then click “Backup”.

how to backup data

Step 4: It starts the backup process. Please keep the device connected to the computer during the whole process. The time it costs depends on the size of your backup data.

data backup

When the process is completed, you can click “View the Backup” to preview the backup data.

data backup android

Part 2: Restore data from backup files

Step 1: Launch iSkysoft Toolbox. Choose “Data Backup & Restore”.

Step 2: Plug your Android device to computer with an USB cable. When it connects successfully, click on the “Restore” button to display your backup files. By default, it shows the latest backup files. Optionally click on the dropdown icon to preview or select other backup files.

data backup software

Step 3: Check the items you want to restore. Then click on the “Restore” button at the lower right corner.

app data backup

Now you just make sure you don’t disconnect your Android device and the program will take care of the rest. When it finishes, you will get a final window as shown below.

app data backup

Part 3: Restore data to other Android device

This operation is similar to Part 2. The difference is, instead of connecting your former Android device to computer, you connect the receiving Android device. Then you can go to “Restore” to select items to export to it.

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