dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android)

Get Back Your Deleted Data from Android Phone or Tablet Effectively

dr.fone - Data Recovery Deleted Files from Android SD Card

You may feel very frustrated when your valuable data from SD card is deleted accidentally or lost when SD card get formatted or corrupted. Fortunately, with the help of dr.fone-Recover, you can get back the deleted or lost files from SD card easily as you wish.

Step 1: Keep SD card connected with PC by a card reader or Android phone

Launch the dr.fone software on your computer and use a card reader or Android phone to connect your SD card to computer. Next, please tap on “Recover” on the application homepage.

recover deleted files sd card on android

Select the “ Recover from SD card” when the program goes to the next screen as displayed below.

recover sd card from android phone

When your SD card is connected successfully, a window as shown below will appear. Next, click on “Next” button from the window.

 sd card recover software

Step 2: Scan the SD card

In this step, the dr.fone provides you with three options to scan the SD card at the screen below. Here we suggest you select the “Scan for deleted files” option for only scanning the already deleted data. If your data can’t be found in this way, you can try other two scan modes later on. Next, we hit on “Next” button on the screen.

recover deleted data from android sd card

Following the last step, the application will begin to scan the SD card on Android and will show deleted files on your memory SD card in different categories after the scanning completes.

android sd card recovery app

Finally, you can get back your deleted data from SD card and preview them conveniently. After select what you want to recover, please tap on “Recover” button and export them to the computer or other devices.

recover deleted data from sd card to pc