dr.fone - Phone Manager (Android)

Most Convenient Android File Transfer Solution Ever

dr.fone - Phone Manager between Android phones and computer

Moving files from your Android device to computer or vice versa doesn’t have to be tedious or difficult. There are great options to sync and transfer files between Android and computer, you just have to find the right one. And dr.fone – Transfer (Android) makes the move seamless and simplest ever.

Let’s walk through these easy steps.

Hook up your Android phone to computer with a USB cable, and enable USB debugging on your device. After a successful connection, the main interface will show as below:

android transfer interface

Since the steps to transfer photos, music, video, and so on are similar, here we only take photos as an example.

Part 1. How to transfer files from computer to Android

Step 1. Choose photos tab

Hit Photos tab and you will see all the photos on the main interface. To view all the photos, you need to scroll the mouse to the end.

photos tab

Step 2. Add file to photos

Click on Add button to import local pictures. And then choose to add file(s) or add folder.

add photos

If you want to import a whole folder with pictures, you need to choose a folder from your computer. Then click OK to confirm your choice.

import a folder

If you only want to transfer single or multiple images from a folder, browse the folder and select one or more photos (hint: hold the CTRL key to select multiple targets).

select photos from PC

Step 3. Wait for the adding process

The selected files will be added to your phone after the transfer.

adding photos

Part 2. How to transfer files from Android to computer

Step 1. Select photos

Before exporting photos, you need to select photos first. You could select all the photos by pressing CTRL + A or select a portion of photos by clicking on them.

select all photos

Step 2. Export files to computer

Now click on Export button near the Add button, and choose Export to PC as below.

export photos to PC

Step 3. Set target folder

Browse your computer to choose a folder for saving these photos and click OK to start the transfer process.

select a folder to save photos

Step 4. Wait for the transfer process to finish

When the transfer is over, you could hit Open folder to view the exported photos or click on OK to close the prompt box.

export photos successfully