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dr.fone - Backup and Restore iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch

The dr.fone-iOS backup &restore offers one-click option to backup all or part of the data from iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. It’s able to automatically detect the connected devices on any computer and allows you to preview and restore only the data you want. Additionally, the new backups do not overwrite the previous backup files. In this article, we will show you how to backup and restore the data from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Part 1. Backup your iPhone/iPad or iPod easily and safely

Step 1: Run the iSkysoft toolbox and connect ios device to PC

Download the iSkysoft toolbox on the computer and then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod device to the PC with a USB cable. When the download finishes, you can proceed with running it and click on the “Backup & Restore”.

backup and restore iphone/ipad

Step 2: Backup data on iPhone/iPad or iPod

To initiate the backup process, we tap “Backup” as shown below.

backup and restore data on iphone

Then select all or only the desired files you want for backup and choose a storage location for your files on PC. The iSkysoft toolbox can help you back up a wide range of files including contacts, messages & attachments, photos, videos, voice memos, call history, notes & attachments, app photos, videos and documents and more. After selecting the backup data, click on “Backup” in bottom right corner.

backup messages on iphone/ipad

The whole backing up process could last a few minutes or longer which depends on the amount of data.

backup contacts on iphone

Step 3: Check and view what’s backed up successfully

After the data backup finishes, you can click on the “View Backup History” to check and view what kinds of data has been backed up successfully. Besides, you are also able to restore the backup data from iPhone/iPad to your computer as HTML, CSV and vCard files or print the desirable files directly.

backup information on iphone/ipad

Part 2. How to restore backup to your computer or ios devices

When you buy a new iphone, ipad or ipod and want to transfer the backup data to the new device, the iSkysoft toolbox offers you the best approach to access the backup files.

Step 1: Connect your ios devices to PC

Make sure your ios device is connected well to the PC and then run the iSkysoft toolbox. After this, please choose “Backup & Restore”.

restore ios backup

At the screen below, we click “Restore” for starting the restore process.

restore messages on iPhone

If you ever used the iSkysoft toolbox to backup messages from iPhone or other ios devices, the software will keep the backup records, so you can click “Restore from backup files” on the left side of interface and select one of backup files to start restoring backups.

restore backup files to iPhone

Step 2: Preview and restore backup files you need

What's particularly unique for the iSkysoft toolbox lies in its ability to make you preview the backup data and selectively restore the desirable files that's important to you. At present, the iSkysoft toolbox enables you to restore a great variety of backup files including contacts, messages, images, videos, notes, music, call history and more.

 preview and restore backup on iPhone

Step 3: Export backup to computer or ios devices

After selecting the backup files you need, you’re able to export them to your computer as HTML,vCard and CSV files by clicking “ Export to PC”.

 export messages on iPhone to PC

In addition, you can also click “Restore to Device” and then tap on “Continue” for extracting the backup files to your iPhone, ipad or ipod touch.

 restore contacts to iphone or ipad

During the restore process, please do not disconnect the device and just wait a few minutes or longer until it is completely finished.

 transfer content from iphone to iphone

When the restore process ends, you can remove the device from the PC and check what has been restored successfully.

 restore iphone data to new phone