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iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS Kik Backup & Restore User Guide

  • Part 1: Backup Kik Messages& Attachments and Export to Computer Selectively
  • Part 2: Restore Kik Messages to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Part 1, Backup Kik Messages& Attachments and Export to Computer Selectively

    Save and backup you or your teen’s Kik chats, photos, videos, sketches, webpages & more and export them to a Mac or Windows computer via simple clicks.

    Step 1, Make sure you’ve installed iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS on your Mac or Windows PC, launch it and you’ll see the interface.


    Step 2, Click on ‘Kik Backup& Restore’, connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS.

    kik messenger

    how to get old kik messages

    Step 3, Click ‘Backup’ to start the process, keep your device connected till process complete. After backup, click ‘View it’, then click ‘view’ to preview the backup file.

    kik messages

    recover deleted kik messages

    kik message history

    Step4, Click on ‘Kik’ or ‘Kik Attachments’ to preview your Kik backup messages and attachments.

    how to recover kik messages

    Step 5, With the ‘Export to Mac’ feature, you can selectively export any Kik messages& attachments to Windows PC or Mac.

    how to retrieve old kik messages

    how to recover deleted kik messages

    Tips: How to Find the Backup Folder on Your Computer

    For Mac Users: Search ‘iSkysoft Toolbox’ on your Mac.

    how to save kik messages

    For Windows PC: Click on Settings > Options > General, select ‘Automatically open the target folder after recovery’, you'll be able to open the target folder.

    how to backup kik messages

    Part 2, Restore Kik Messages to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

    Restore your Kik files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from previous backup, or export any files from the backup to your Windows PC or Mac for printing or reading.

    Step 1, Launch iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS, choose’ Kik Backup & Restore’.

    how to get kik messages back

    Step 2, Connect your iOS device, before restoring Kik to your device, please turn off the Find My iPhone feature of your phone in Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone.

    how to retrieve deleted kik messages

    Step 3, Click ‘Restore’, the pop-up window will remind you the program will restore all Kik backup on connected device, click OK to continue. Keep your device connected till the process completes.

    kik backup and restore

    save kik video

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