dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer (iOS)

Backup Your iOS Social Apps Data and Restore it to Computer or iOS/Android Selectively

dr.fone - Backup and Restore Kik

The dr.fone offers a professional solution to backup and restore Kik chats and messages for your iPhone, iPad or iPod device. It is designed as a perfect app letting you view and select the specific kinds of Kik backups that you need before exporting Kik messages to your computer or iOS device.

Part 1. Backup iPhone/iPad Kik messages to your computer

Step 1: Plug iPhone/iPad to the PC

Before backing up Kik messages, please plug your iOS device to the PC and click on “Restore Social App” tap.

backup kik messages

Next, you will see various social app options on the left sidebar of screen. Please select the “Kik” option and tap on “Backup”.

backup kik messages on iPhone

Step 2: Start backing up Kik messages

The dr.fone starts backing up your Kik chats and messages.

backuo kik data easily

Be patient until the backup process finishes completely.

backup kik chats history

Part 2. Export Kik messages to computer or iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Connect the device to the PC

Ensure your device is plugged into the PC successfully. Next, you need to download and launch the dr.fone. Then please choose the “Restore Social App” option on the homepage below.

restore kik data on iPhone

Step 2: View the Kik backup files

Choose the “Kik” option on the next page and tap on “ Restore” to open the Kik backup files.

restore kik chats iPhone

Here you will see the Kik backup files you ever made and can choose of them to prepare for restoring Kik messages.

restore old kik messages

Step 3: Export Kik messages to computer or iPhone/iPad selectively

To restore Kik chats to the computer, please select the Kik backup files you want to restore and then click “Restore to PC” to export them to your computer.

 app to restore kik messages

Similarly, It is easy to restore Kik chats and messages to iPhone/iPad or iPod by clicking “Restore to Device” below.

 backup and restore kik contacts on iphone

Then please click “Restore” for restoring the Kik chats and messages to your iPhone/iPad or iPod device.

 software to restore kik photos

If “Find My iPhone” is turned on device, please turn off it by going to “Settings”>”ICloud”>“Find My iPhone”.

 restore kik backups

The application begins to restore your kik messages such as chats history, photos, videos, attachments and more to the iOS device.

 export kik chats to iphone

Wait for a few minutes before dr.fone finishes restoring your Kik data completely.

 kik data management app