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Backup Your iOS Social Apps Data and Restore it to Computer or iOS/Android Selectively

dr.fone - Backup and Restore Viber Data

To ensure the crucial Viber messages still can be accessible when the data is damaged or lost on your iPhone/iPad, it is recommended to back up your important Viber data to your computer. The dr.fone app is created to help you backup and restore Viber chats history, photos and more for your iPhone/iPad or iPod device without any hassle. This guide will show you how to use this software properly for Viber backup and restore.

Part 1.Backup Viber messages on iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Download and install the dr.fone

To get started, please download and install the dr.fone and move forward to run it and select the “ Restore Social App” in the toolbox. After that, you need to connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer.

backup viber messages

Step 2: Starting the Viber backup on iPhone/iPad

On the next screen, we choose “Viber” option on the left side and hit the “Backup” button.

backup and restore viber data

Once the Viber backup process starts, please wait until it completes. The time spent on backup will vary on the amount of Viber data contents stored on device.

backup viber messages on iphone

After the backup is finished, you can move forward to tap “View it” button and choose to export all or part of Viber backup data to your computer or iOS mobile device.

backup viber chats history

Part 2.Preview and restore iOS Viber data to iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Connect the device to the iOS device

You will need to install and run the dr.fone on your computer firstly and then connect your iOS device to the PC. Subsequently, let’s click on “Restore Social App” on the dr.fone homepage.

restore viber messages

Step 2: Preview Viber backup messages

On the next step, let’s choose the “Viber” option on the left side of screen and continue to tap on “Restore”.

restore viber on iphone

The dr.fone will keep the backup files each time you do a backup. Select the backup file you want to restore and open the file. 

restore viber files

Step 3: Restore Viber data to your computer or iPhone/iPad

After accessing the backup file, you can view Line chats, messages, call history, images, attachments and more from the screen. Here you are able to select all or part of Line data to your computer or the iOS device. Additionally, the program also allows you to search the desirable files by typing in keywords on the screen's upper-right corner.

restore viber contacts on iPhone

To restore Viber messages to the PC, please select just the types of contents you need and click “Export to PC”.

restore viber chat history on iPhone/iPad

If you want to restore Viber backup files on IOS device, choose the “Restore to Device” option and then tap on “Restore”.

app to backup and restore viber messages

To move forward, you need to turn off the feature of “Fine My iPhone” on device.

how to turn off

Once the restore starts, please wait with patience until it is over.

restoring viber data software

When the dr.fone finishes restoring Viber messages, a pop-up will appear stating “Restore completed”.

how to restore your viber data