dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer (iOS)

Backup Your iOS Social Apps Data and Restore it to Computer or iOS/Android Selectively

dr.fone - Backup and Restore WeChat Data

To avoid the loss of some crucial WeChat data, it is important to backup and restore wanted WeChat chat history, photos, videos and more on your mobile devices. With the dr.fone app, you are able to make a backup of WeChat data and files only within several clicks and can export them to your PC or iPhone/iPad selectively anytime you want.

Part 1. Backup iOS WeChat messages to your computer

Step 1: Connect iPhone/iPad to the PC

Firstly, you should make sure your iOS device is connected successfully to the PC. Next, you need to download and run the dr.fone app on your computer. After launching the app, please choose “Restore Social App” below.

wechat backup

Step 2: Backup WeChat files

On the screen below, we tap on “WhatsApp” on the left sidebar and then click on "backup" to initiate WhatsApp backup process. 

backup wechat for iphone

Do not disconnect the device while backup is underway. The dr.fone is able to do a WeChat backup quickly and keep all of your WeChat data safe.

wechat backup to pc

The program will inform you when backup finishes successfully. Here you can choose “View it” to check WeChat backup files and export them selectively to the PC or iPhone/iPad.

backup wechat history to pc

Part 2. Restore WeChat backup to iPhone/iPad or PC

Step 1: Connect the device to the computer

Download and run the dr.fone app on your computer. Make sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod is connected to the PC. Then let’s start with choosing the “Restore Social App” option on the dr.fone homepage.

wechat backup and restore

Step 2: View WeChat backup files

What we need to do next is tap on “WeChat” on the next screen and then hit on “Restore” button.

wechat transfer to new iphone

Following the step above, you will see all of WeChat files you ever backed up. Here you can choose one of them and tap on “View”.

wechat backup to iphone

Then the dr.fone will display a list of WeChat data and files. Here you are able to preview WeChat backup files and can tick the types of data selectively you need.

wechat messages viewer

Step 3: Export or restore WeChat messages to PC or iOS device

After selecting the contents that you need, please click “Restore to PC” to restore the WeChat messages and attachments to PC.

restore wechat backup to pc

Surely, you can also choose “Restore to Device” on the screen for restoring WeChat backup to iPhone/iPad device. After that, please tap “OK” when a pop-up window comes out stating the program will restore all WeChat backup to your device.

wechat backup and restore app

Wait with patience when the dr.fone is restoring WeChat messages to your iOS device.

transferring wechat messages to new iphone

After the restore ends, you can remove the device from the computer and check on the restored WeChats data and files.

restore wechat history