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dr.fone - Restore iCloud Backup Data to Android Device

It exists commonly in our lives to conduct data sharing between iPhone/iPad and Android devices. However, sometimes you may find it tricky or have no idea how to export or restore your iOS date to the Android phone or tablet. In this tutorial, we will show you some step-by-step guides on how to restore the iCloud backup files on IOS to Android devices by using our powerful app- dr.fone-Backup &Restore(Android).

Step 1 : Connect your Android phone or tablet to the PC

Download and launch the dr.fone firstly and move forward to tap on “Backup &Restore”. After that, please keep your Android device and computer connected with a USB cable.

restore data from iCloud backup to Android

Step 2: Log in iCloud and access iCloud backup files

Move on to click “Restore” on next screen below.

restore iCloud data to android phone

Then select the “Restore from iCloud backup” option. Here you need to type in your apple ID and password to access the iCloud backups.

Get icloud backup data on Android

If you already turned on two-factory authentication for your iCloud, you need to verify it by typing in the code that’s sent to your Android equipment.

Transfer data from icloud to android

Step 3: Restore or export the iCloud backup to the Android phone/tablet

After your iCloud is accessed on computer, the program will list the types of iCloud backup files in the interface. In this page, please select one of them and tap on “Download” to save backup file on your computer.

restore contacts,messages from icloud

After the download finishes, all of data from iCloud backup file will be displayed and categorized as shown below.

transfer messages from iCloud to new android phone

Next, what you need to do is just tick the files you want and then click on “Restore to Device” and “Continue” buttons to prepare for restoring these data from iOS to Android.

 restore icloud photos to android

Then please click “YES” on your Android device to enable USB debugging when you receive a confirmation message.

enable usb debugging on android phone

Be patient when the program is restoring your iCloud data and files.

restore icloud files to android phone or tablet

After it completes, you can remove the device from the PC and check whether all of desired data has been restored to your Android phone or tablet.

export information from icloud to android