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dr.fone - Restore iTunes Backup data to Android Devices

Many people choose to make a backup of their iPhone, iPad or iPod on iTunes. When you want to restore the backup files to another iOS device, using iTunes is still an option but you need to reset the device and can't restore only the desired data to Android device. To solve this problem, the dr.fone-Backup &Restore (Android) is introduced to help you not only restore your iTunes backups to Android phone or tablet selectively but also keep the existing data on device. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to restore iCloud backup to Android.

Step 1: Connect the Android phone or tablet to the PC

Install and launch the dr.fone on your computer and then keep your Android device connected successfully with the PC. After lunching the app successfully, please choose “Backup &Restore” option on the homepage

restore itunes to android phone or tablet

Then we move forward to click on “Restore” button.

sync itunes backup to android

Step 2: Find the iTunes backups files

Here you need to tap on “Restore from iTunes backup” on the left sidebar of the following page. As the dr.fone is able to detect the iTunes backups automatically, your iTunes backup files will be shown in this page. Please select a backup file you need to restore.

retrieve itunes data to android

Step 3: Preview and export iTunes backup to Android Phone or tablet.

On the next screen, the dr.fone will display all of your iTunes data such as contacts, call history, messages, calendar, photos, videos, etc. Here you just need to tick the types of data you are interested in and then click “Restore to Device” for restoring them to your Android device.

export itunes messages to android phone

Next, please tap on “Continue” to restore iTunes backup data to your Android device.

restore backup from itunes to android

Before starting the restore process, you need to tap on “YES” to enable the USB debugging on your Android device as shown below.

restore data to android

The program will start exporting your iTunes data to Android within a few minutes or longer.

transfer data from itunes to android phone

Wait with patience until the restore process is done.

switch itunes backup to android