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dr.fone - Restore iTunes Backup Data to your iOS Device Guide

The iTunes method is one of options offered to backup and restore your iPhone/iPad or iPod data but with this method you have to backup and restore nearly all data and settings on iOS device each time. What if you only want to restore part of data from iTunes backups to iOS? In this tutorial, we show you how to restore your iTunes backup data to iPhone/iPad or iPod selectively with the help of dr.fone-Backup&Restore (iOS).

Step 1: Connect an ios device to PC

Firstly, please ensure the dr.fone is downloaded and opened in your PC. Then please connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod to the PC via USB cable.

 restore itunes backup to iPhone

Select the "Backup & Restore" option on the dr.fone homepage and click on “Restore” in next step to begin the restore process.

 restore itunes backup to PC

Step 2: Choose the iTunes backup data for restoration

Select "Restore from iTunes backup" option and click on "view" button to check iTunes backup files.;

restore iphone data from itunes backup

Step 3: Preview iTunes backup files and export them to iPhone/iPad

With an ability to extract all data from iTunes backup files, the dr.fone helps you categorize iTunes backup data in detail and allows you to preview and select what you need specifically.

preview and restore data from itunes backup

After finishing the selection of backup data, please click “Restore to Device” to begin the restore process from iTunes backup.

transfer itunes backup to iphone

Wait until the restore process is done.

restore ipad/iphone from itunes backup