dr.fone -Screen Unlock (iOS)

Unlock Screen Time Passcode

dr.fone - Unlock Screen Time Passcode

" forgot the passcode I set for the Screen Time restriction. How can I remove it?"

"I can't recover Screen Time passcode. Is there any way to get rid of it?"

Do you forget your screen time passcode or wan to remove it? dr.fone -screen unlock will help you unlock screen time passcode.

How to remove screen time passcode?

Step 1. Select "Screen Unlock" on the dr.fone's main interface and connect the device, then choose "Unlock Screen Time Passcode" and connect your device.

unlock screen time passcode

Step 2. "Trust" the PC according to the instructions below and connect your iPhone.

trust the pc

Step 3. Click "Unlock Now" to start the unlocking process without losing data.

unlock now

Note:Please turn off "Find my iPhone" on your iPhone. Follow the guide to turn it off:

turn off find my iphone

Step 4. Unlocking finished.

unlocking finished