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"If you active an unlocked phone on your carrier and want to give that phone to someone else on a different carrier, is the phone still unlocked or is it now locked on your carrier?"

If you are a contract iPhone user or bought a second-hand iPhone with monthly pay contracts & SIM Only plans, maybe you are confused about how to SIM unlock your iPhone to switch to a different carrier. When you try to do it, you must have encountered one of four situations. This SIM lock is because Apple permits the network provider to lock your iPhone, so it can only be used in certain countries or a specific SIM carrier.

unlock sim

Don't worry. Dr.Fone provides valuable and convenient SIM unlock services for iPhone users. This guide will show you the completed operation process to help solve the problem.

How to Remove SIM Lock on iPhone?

Step 1. Choose "Screen Unlock" and click on "Remove SIM Locked".

remove sim locked

Step 2. Click on "Start" to enter the process of authorization verification.

Make sure your iPhone has connected to the computer. Click on "Confirmed" to continue.

click confirm

Step 3. Dr.Fone will send configuration profile to your device, then follow the instructions to unlock screen, and select "Next" to continue.

send configuration

Step 4. Install Configuration Profile

Close the popup window and turn to "Settings->Profile Downloaded". Then click "Install" and enter your screen passcode.

click install

Click "Install" on the top right and then click the "Install" button again at the bottom. After finishing the install, turn to "Settings->General".

click general

Step 5. Choose "About" and click "Certificate Trust Settings". Then enable the "SIMHUB" and tap on "Continue" to trust our certificate.

cerficate trust settings

Step 6. Go to "Settings->Wi-Fi", then choose the blue exclamation mark on your current network. Next, click on the "Configure Proxy" button and choose "Manual".

choose manual

Step 7. Enter the info below and choose "Save". Then go to "Settings->Cellular" and choose "Add Cellular Plan". Next, tap on "Activate" to continue.

add cellular plan

Step 8. Unlock SIM

Scan the QR code which appears on your screen.

scan the QR code

Click on the blue text in the middle of the image above, then choose "Enter Details Manually" to input the SM-DP+Address and Activation Code below.

enter details manually

Step 9. Active Cellular Plan

Select "Add Cellular Plan" and wait for it to finish. Then click "Dismiss" and follow the guides to enter the tool.


When your iPhone is activated, turn to "Settings->General->About", find the "Carrier Lock". However, if you see "SIM locked", please restart your device. If it shows "No SIM restrictions", please go to "Settings", open the "Cellular" menu.

open cellular menu

Open the cellular plan you added just now and close "Turn on This Line". Then, you can use any SIM card now! Please click on "Next" to complete the last process.

turn on this line

In step 6, we set the network and configure proxy, which may make users unable to access the Internet. Therefore, removing setting could help close the Wi-Fi configure proxy.

Step 10. Choose "Done and Remove setting". Even if you click to close this page, there will still be a reminder of remove setting.

done and remove setting

Step 11. Go to "Settings->Wi-Fi" and click the blue exclamation mark on your current Wi-Fi. Then close "Configure Proxy", choose "Off" menu and save it.


Step 12. Turn to "Settings->General", choose the "Profiles" or "VPN & Device Management" menu. Then click on the profile name and select "Remove Profile".

choose profiles

Step 13. Unlock your iPhone and click "Remove".

click remove

Congratulations! You can use any network carrier and SIM plan now!

Note: If your phone is factory reset or flashed, it needs to be reactivated the SIM unlock function.