How to Fix/Repair Corrupted Hard Drive without Formatting

How to Fix/Repair Corrupted Hard Drive without Formatting

Do you find it difficult to fix a corrupted hard drive? Then make use of this guide to ease your process with the help of finest software related to the restoration of corrupted hard drive

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“Do you know how to fix the corrupted hard drive? Are there any impressive ways to resolve this issue?”

- a question from Quora

Definitely, this article gives you ample solutions to fix a corrupted hard drive. Explore every single word in this compilation to enlighten your mind with the effective Data Recovery software process. All the files in the hard drive become invisible when it is corrupted. In case, if those files are important then you require reliable solution to retrieve it without any data loss. Soon after the file retrieval process you must think about fixing the hard drive back again to its normal working mode.

Part 1: Signs of Corrupted Hard Drive

Before the crash, the hard drive indicates some sort of warning signs to the users. The symptoms of the corrupted hard drive were as follows

  • Strange sounds
  • When the hard drive is about to crash, it gives out anonymous sound like humming, scratching etc. Sometimes you might hear a clicking sound when you try to open the files from hard drive. Beware of these sounds and take respective measures before the drives crash out completely.

  • Error Messages
  • When you try to run any software on your computer, you will receive error messages continuously. This sign indicates that something is wrong with the PC and it needs quick attention to avoid serious future issues.

  • Illogical Disk errors
  • You will view frequent popup stating about the disk errors. At this point in time, you have to check the issues on the drive before it becomes complicated. As per the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’, you must resolve the minor issues and try to get rid of major problems in future.

  • Missing Files
  • When you search for a particular file and if you end up with ‘No Results’ then the drive is in danger to crash at any time. Make use of this hint and take respective action to overcome serious issues like complete shutdown of PC, BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) the PC’s screen turn blue and unresponsive.

Part 2: Rescue Your Data before Fixing the Corrupted Hard Drive

Many professionals and experts advise you to retrieve the lost files before trying to fix a corrupted hard drive. The corrupted hard drive comprises of huge collection of data files of different format. You have to make use of effective data recovery tool, which is compatible with all file formats.

If you try to format the hard drive before the data recovery process then there is a high risk to lose the files available in the corrupted drive forever. The Recoverit (IS) software is the highly recommended solution to retrieve the data files and store it in a reliable location before fixing the corrupted hard drive.

In case if the corrupted hard drive is unattended then it may lead to serious damage in future. When you write the files on the corrupted hard drive then you will not be able to access it, if you do not fix the error on the hard drive in a timely manner.

Recoverit (IS)

Features of Recoverit (IS)

  • Unique tool kit to work on Windows, and Mac platform
  • The data recovery process is simple and you can complete the restoration process quickly
  • Despite the file size, you can restore it without any data loss
  • Excellent tutorials to guide the newbie to work on this interface effectively
  • The recovered data files are stored in a structured format on the desired location for easy access.
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

A simple guide to recover data from a corrupted hard drive

Step 1 Open Recoverit (IS) tool and choose the hard drive

Run the Recoverit (IS) software after successful download and installation from its official website. Then choose the desired hard drive. Click the ‘Start’ button, which appears at the bottom right side of the screen.

Step 2 Select the lost file from the scanned list

The next page proceeds with the scanning process. Here all the files stored in the corrupted hard drive subjects to scanning. The scanned files appear as a list in an organized manner. You have to wait for a few minutes until the scanning process ends. After successful scan you have to select the desired file which needs the recovery process.

Step 3 Examine the lost file and then recover it

Take a glance at the lost file using the ‘Preview’ button and then tap the ‘Recover’ button, which appears at the bottom right side of the screen. This triggers the recovery process and the chosen data file will be stored in the new location as per your requirement. You can select the desired output file location and access the restored files whenever it is necessary.


Now you must be clear about the steps for the data recovery process via Recoverit (IS) software.

Part 3: How to Fix/Repair Corrupted Hard Drive without Formatting

1. Check the power supply

The USB port supplies the power to the hard drive and if you want to fix the corrupted hard drive then check out proper power supply in the ports. You can unplug it and connect with other USB port or another PC.

2. Try your hard drive on another computer

You can try to connect the storage device to another PC and then verify whether it senses properly. By trying out with another PC there is a possibility for the corrupted hard drive to fix and offer access to the files as per the requirement.

3. Run antivirus scan

Step 1 Install updated antivirus software in a Windows PC

Step 2 Connect the hard drive to the respective computer.

Step 3 Run the antivirus software, which looks for dangerous malware and virus in the drive. This antivirus software will repair the issues and restore the drive back to its normal working condition.

4. Run SFC scan

This process fixes the damaged system files and brings back the corrupted drive to a stable state.

Step 1 You have to open the ‘Command Prompt’ window and then enter ‘sfc/scannow’

Step 2 If it is an external drive then you have to type in ‘sfc /SCANNOW /OFFBOOTDIR=c:\ /OFFWINDIR=c:\windows’. Here the c:\ refers to the corrupted hard drive.

After this process, you have to wait until the scan completes and then restart the system to save the changes with the drive. You will be able to access the files on the c:\ drive after this reboot step. The SFC scan assists to fix the corrupted drive effectively.

5. Run the CMD Command

Step 1 Click the Windows ‘Start’ button and type in ‘cmd’ on the search box

Step 2 From the result you have to right-click and choose ‘Run as administrator’

Step 3 Then you must type ‘chkdsk E: /f /r /x’. Here E refers to the corrupted hard drive, /f assist to find errors, /r identifies drive issues and help to retrieve the readable files and /x removes the supportive settings related to hard drive before the fixing process commences.

Part 4: How to Avoid Hard Drive Corruption

To prevent the Hard drive failure, you can follow the below guidelines.

  • Remove unwanted files and software from your PC. This process will free up space thereby letting down the failure probability to a certain extent

  • Check your drive and its related power supply every now and then

  • Scan the software before downloading it to your hard drive. This procedure avoids the entry of dangerous virus and malware into the hard drive system

  • Try out a manual or automatic defrag process in your hard drive to create a compact file structure. When you defrag the drive then the PC performs better

  • Always keep an eye on the disk space. Do not dump the disk with many files, which will ultimately lead to crash. You must pack the hard drive with minimal files

Final words

In this article, you had seen an elaborate discussion on the possible ways to fix the corrupted hard drive and the signs and symptoms of the hard drive failure, which help you to avoid serious corruptions in future. This guide teaches you how to be proactive and take necessary steps before the system crashes out completely. The introduction of iSkysoft Data recovery software to recover the data files from the corrupted hard drive assists you to identify the perfect tool for lossless data recovery.


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