Hard Drive Eraser: How to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive?

Hard Drive Eraser: How to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive?

Discover and learn the techniques related to hard drive eraser in this guide. Take a quick look at the synopsis about the disk eraser and find out feasible ways to wipe out the hard drive

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"Is it difficult to erase the files in hard drive? I could not find out a sophisticated method to carry out this task rapidly."

- a question from Quora

This type of struggles is common when you try to prepare the hard drive to store future data. While emptying the hard drive, it is impossible for a complete wipeout and you need some assistance to end up with successful results.

In case if the available data on the hard drive is more personal then you must look for professional ways to establish this wipe out process because after the wipeout no one should retrieve the lost data through data recovery tools in future.

Part 1: Why You Need to Erase/Wipe a Hard Drive

The need to erase or wipe a hard drive is that when you plan to give away or sell your PC then you must remove the data completely from the system. To remove malwares and viruses from the drives then wipe out is the only remedy. It requires effective removal techniques.

In case, if there is any personal data on the hard drive and if you want to delete it forever then you have to erase or wipe out the data with the help of powerful methods. A regular method of deletion such as 'shift+ deletes' does not work in this scenario.

Despite the reason for cleaning the disk, you have to discover effective methods for a permanent wipeout process. This article teaches sophisticated methods to delete the files forever.

Part 2: How Do You Completely Wipe a Hard Drive

In this part, we are going to learn how to wipe the hard drive in these 4 different method, let's check them out!

1. Erase hard drive with the 'Eraser Software'

Step 1 Download the Eraser tool and install it in your PC

hard drive eraser

Step 2 You have to create a task by a right-click at 'Erase schedule -> New Task -> Run Manually '. Finally select the 'Add button'. In the 'Target Type' menu, you have to choose the desired drive, which requires this wipeout process.

how to erase a hard drive

In the above screenshot select the method of erasing, here a simple technique Pseudorandom Data (1 pass) is chosen to carry out a basic wipe out process.

If you try out more passes then there is less probability of data retrieval using data recovery software. In case of any personal data on your hard drive then you can make use of many passes.

2. DBAN - Darik's Boot And Nuke

Step 1 Download DBAN and burn it in a disc. Load the disc into the PC and reboot the system to access the DBAN software.

how to completely erase your hard drive

Step 2 Now tap the 'Enter' button to trigger the interactive session with DBAN.

how to erase a hard drive

Step 3 With the help of arrow keys choose the drive, which needs the wipeout, process. Tap the 'Space' button to flag the drive with respect to the wipe flag. When everything is fine then immediately hit the F10 button to commence the erase process.

how to completely erase your hard drive

The content in the hard drive deletes permanently. With the help of DOD variable, you can lengthen the deletion process by increasing the number of passes.

Finally, eject the disk from your system and reboot it to save the changes on your PC.

3. Windows 10 Setting

The Windows 10 has a reset option to erase the data on the hard drive completely.

Step 1 Press the Windows button + A. Then hit the 'All settings' option from the listed items and choose 'Update and Security' option. In the left pane, you have to select 'Recovery'.

how to erase hard drive windows 10

Step 2 The following page has two options like 'Reset this PC and Advanced startup'. Here you have to select 'Reset this PC'. Now you must press the 'Get Started' button beneath the 'Reset this PC' title. A window appears with two headings 'Keep my files' and 'Remove everything'. Select 'Remove everything' to clean the drives.

how to erase hard drive windows 10

Step 3 By selecting 'Remove everything' option, it leads to another 'Additional settings' window.

erase hard drive windows 10

Step 4 Choose the 'Change Settings' option to alter the default file removal process and tap 'Next' button. Enable the 'Data Erasure' and 'Data Drives' to wipe out the content completely from PC. Then press 'Confirm' button.

erase hard drive windows 10

Step 5 The next window request for the final confirmation to reset the PC by removing all the files permanently from the system. Choose 'Reset' button and wait for the process to complete.

how to erase a hard drive

The PC will automatically restart soon after the reset process. It takes more than an hour. You have to plug in and ensure continuous power supply without any interruptions for successful completion of the reset process.

The reset process in Windows 10 ensures a complete cleanup and removes the files permanently from the drives.

4. HardWipe

This type of wipeout software is very easy to use. It is enough if you download and launch the tool. In the home screen, you can view a lot of options on the left panel like 'Wipe Drives', 'Wipe Files', 'Clean Space' and 'Recyclers' etc. You have to choose the necessary option to carry out the desired task.


To wipe out the hard drive you have to select the first option in the left pane. In the right pane, you have to choose the drive and select the 'Random Overwrite' algorithm as per the confidentiality of the data. If you want to make more overwrites then choose 35 passes instead of one in the dropdown menu. Then hit the 'Start Wipe' button. This action will trigger the erase process and you will not be able to reverse it once you start this procedure.

To wipe out the files go for the second option in the left pane. You have to navigate through the folders in the right pane to select the necessary file, which requires the erase process. Then press the 'Start Wipe' button to stimulate the cleanup procedure.

There are many hard drive wipe tools available in the technical market. You can choose the perfect one to achieve your task quickly. Make sure to choose a reliable tool for this type of deletion process because you will be handling confidential and personal data during the wipeout.

Part 3: What Happens When You Wipe a Hard Drive

When you erase the data on the hard drive, it occurs in a deep format. It starts to overwrite on the invisible existing data many times. It is enough if you overwrite seven times to permanently remove the file. You can overwrite up to thirty-five times with the help of effective eraser tools. The built-in algorithm decides the number of times to overwrite on the hard drive.

The erase procedure occurs in a secure manner. You can rely on the wipeout process instead of a mere deletion. To erase confidential data from your PC then make use of erase option rather than shift + delete process.

Bonus: How to Recover Data from Accidently Wiped Hard Drive

In this section, you will learn how to recover data from accidentally wiped hard drive with the help of finest software Recoverit (IS) tool. You can recover data, which has undergone a shallow erase as well as deep erase procedure.

Recoverit (IS)

The main features of Recoverit (IS) software

  • Efficient recovery of data irrespective of the cause for the data loss
  • Professional settings to recover the wipeout data precisely
  • Even the overwritten data move back to its original location with the help of this Recoverit (IS) tool.
  • You can recover the files without any data loss using this incredible software.
  • Recoverit (IS) tool is compatible on Windows as well as Mac systems.
  • Organized and structured informative guide available at its official website for learning purpose
  • Quick download and ease installation process
icon security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

Steps to follow to recover the wiped out hard drive data using Recoverit (IS) software.

Step 1 Download Recoverit (IS) Tool

Go to the iSkysoft Data recovery tool website and download the 'Windows' version to try out the recovery process. Then, install the software soon after the successful download process.

download and install the software
Step 2 Choose the wipeout hard drive

Here, you have to select the wipe out hard drive, which needs the recovery process and click the 'Start' button displayed at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

hard drive eraser software
Step 3 Select and make a preview and trigger the recovery

The scan process commences on the selected hard drive and the files will be listed one below the other for easy accessibility. When you select the file, you can have the preview of the file without any difficulty.

With the help of the preview option, you can confirm the file before hitting the 'Recover' button.

preview photo
Step 4 Press the 'Recover' button to start the process.

You have to navigate through the folders to choose the desired location in order to store the recovered data. When the recovery process ends, go to that location and check the restored data.

preview video


This article has given you a synopsis about the hard drive wipeout tools and its related procedure. You can also make use of the Recoverit (IS) software to get back the wiped out data from hard drive.

In case if you delete a file or erased it accidently then make use of this tool to bring back the files back to its default location. The sophisticated built-in algorithm is available on this software for a lossless data recovery.


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