This Way to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive in a Few Minutes

How to Recover A Formatted Hard Drive in 3 Simple Clicks?

Format hard drive? Take it easy. This article is going to recommend you the best software to recover formatted internal/external hard drive on Mac or Windows computer in 3 steps.

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"Can a wiped hard drive be recovered?"

"Can files be recovered from a formmatted hard drive?"

Obviously, if your hard drive is full of useful documents or data, and there is a "catastrophic disaster" si you accidently format it and never backup the hard drive data in other security places. Then the formatting might result in unpredictable loss in your digital life.

Then what can you do? Which method will you use to recover data on a formatted hard drive? So finding a reliable way of recovery of formatted hard drive seem to be so important at present. But what kinds of program can do a favor?

In this topic, we could like to discuss the topic of how to recover a formatted hard drive in details. After this post, you'll know all possible situations that might result in formatting on hard drive, and how to retrieve data like photos, videos, music, documents, etc. from a formatted hard drive easily.

Why You Decide to Format Hard Drives?

In the beginning, when a hard drive is taken into use, it is already formatted by the factory settings. That is called a normal or low level of formatting. Using a hard drive is like putting all the valuable data for further use. It contains all data that is important and would be accessed further even after a couple of months or year. However, sometimes when you connect your external hard drives to a Mac or Windows computer, you might get a pop-up message to inform you to format the hard drive without any predictions, or you might wish to format hard drive on Mac or PC as follows:

1. Virus and malware that has bugged inside the data and are generating virus affected files or database.

2. In order to create another partition on the drive to sum up the files.

3. Free up space and permanently erase the old data.

4. Due to system crashes that lead to malfunctions in the drive.

5. ...

After going through the above reasons of formatting an external hard drive, let's drive to the section of recovering data from formatted external hard drive directly.

Recoverit (IS) - Best Software to Recover Formatted Hard Drive

The important work files that you have deleted, the inaccessible photos that were stored on your digital camera or the damaged system and the formatted hard drive. All these "tragedies" happens here and there in the digital life, but now, you can stop them with the help of Recoverit (IS).

Recoverit (IS) has earned a great reputation not only with its user-friendly interface but also with the supported vast configurations. It allows users to recover all types of data from internal or external hard drive without any restrictions. And no matter why your data lost, this program can conduct a deep scanning on your hard drive, and display all lost data for you to recover.

Recoverit (IS)

  • Recover data like photos, videos, music, document, emails, etc. from formatted, crashed or unbootable hard drive within few simple clicks.
  • No only formatted disk, data lost in other situations like emptied trash, mistakently deletion, virus attack, etc. can also be found and retrieved with this powerful tool.
  • Preview all scanning files and tick your needed data one by one.
  • All recovery process can be done within 3 simple steps: select - scan - recover.
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Step by Step Guide to Recover Data from Formatted External Hard Drive on Mac

Since the Windows and Mac version is designed with the same UI, so this part, we'll only take the Mac version as an example. If you're a Windows user, please follow the same steps and run the Recoverit (IS) Windows version on your PC.

Step 1 Select Hard Drive

When the program is launched on your computer, you'll be directly taken into the main screen of software. Here, please choose the formatted hard drive and click on "Start" to scan.

Note: If you are recovering an external hard drive, use its USB cable to connect the external hard drive to the computer, and then you will see all the drives connected to the system displayed in the program.

hard drive recovery
Step 2 Preview files

After a short count, all the scanned data would be displayed on your screen from the formatted disk.

fotmatted hard drive recovery
Step 3 Recover Files

Choose the desired data based on your requirements and relevancy. When you are done with selecting the appropriate data click on the "Recover" option and get it back to you.

how to recover formatted hard drive


No matter the reason why you formatted your internal or external hard drive, with Recoverit (IS), you can easily recover formatted hard drive on Windows or Mac. Be aware that continued operations on formatted drives may permanently lose files due to data overwriting. Click the button below to download and install this software to help you recover data from the formatted hard drive.


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