Hard Drive Recovery: How to Recover Files from Hard Drive (Windows 10/8/7)

Hard Drive Recovery: How to Recover Files from Hard Drive (Windows 10/8/7)

Are you struggling to recover files from hard drive? This guide assists you to learn about the lossless data recovery from the hard drive through efficient methods.

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“Is there any possibility to get back the lost files from the hard drive? I am totally lost when I get no response from the hard drive.”

- a question from Quora

Yes, you can recover the files from the hard drive easily. You might be wondering how to recover files from hard drive? It is quite simple if you make use of efficient methods to establish it. If you surf through the digital market, you will encounter many data recovery tools but are they reliable? You must try out the tools before purchasing it. This guide recommends you an incredible and reliable data recovery tool to acquire a lossless data recovery process.

Part 1: Main Reasons for Hard Drive Data Loss

You all know that the hard drive fails accidentally all of a sudden without any notifications. It happens within a wink of an eye. That uncontrollable moment is inevitable and there are no preventive measures to avoid such incidents. Through analysis you can figure out the main causes for this catastrophic attacks on the hard drive

The reasons are as follows:

  • Interruptions of an unknown virus, malware etc

  • The corrupted files in the hard drive disconnect the access during the retrieval

  • Faults in the firmware or any manufacturer errors

  • When your systems heat up extremely due to poor performance of fan then it leads to hard drive failure

  • If the system encounter power fluctuations it ultimately fails the hard drive access in no time. The improper electronic surge corrupts the system in no time.

  • Mechanical failure such as the moving components in the hard drive worn out gradually with period leads to inaccessible.

  • Any modification on the settings might block the access to the hard drive

All these above causes are the reasons for the hard drive failure. Despite awareness, the hard drive failures occur in no time and it is not controllable by any means. You have to look for quick methods to recover the files from hard drive.

Part 2: What to Do When You Lost Data on Hard Drive

If you accidentally delete the data on the hard drive, then:

1. Stop using the hard drive immediately to avoid data overwritten

The hard drives will retain the deleted data until you write a new data on that space. During the deletion process, you delete only the file pointers and the space becomes free for the new data. When you stop using the hard drive soon after accidental deletion of files in the hard drive then there is high probability to get back the data without any loss.

2. Then, find a reliable data recovery software

If you get a popup message on the windows platform stating about the hard drive failure, then immediately look for professional opinion before figuring out solutions on your own. After measuring the intense failure, you can choose the best app as per your needs.

While searching for the right tool for the data recovery process you have to look unique features in the software like

  • Lossless data recovery

  • Speedy Data Recover process

  • Storage of recovered data on the desired location

  • Easy steps to establish the procedure

  • Effective software which is compatible with all type of file formats

  • Capability to handle large size files optimally

You have to test all the above-listed features before finalizing with the data recovery tool. The first and foremost point you have to remember is that you should not panic at any point of time if you are unable to access the hard drive. Explore and seek guidance from the professionals to restore the important data back into your storage space in an efficient way.

Part 3: How to Recover Files from Hard Drive

Here comes the introduction of a professional data recovery tool Recoverit (IS) app. With the help of this software you can perform, the data recover activities quickly and precisely. There is no data loss and you will find it easy to handle the interface of this tool. The Recoverit (IS) software is an exclusive tool to assist in the recovery files from hard drive at the time of catastrophic attacks.

Recoverit (IS)

The main features

  • Despite the cause of the lost whether accidental or purposeful, the recovery is feasible effectively
  • Quick and speedy recovery process occurs with the help of Recoverit (IS) tool
  • It can handle large size files optimally and recover it without any data loss
  • Even the beginners can recover the lost files from hard drive irrespective of technical skills
  • Compatible to Windows as well as Mac systems
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

A stepwise guide to recover data from the hard drive as follows

Step 1 Load Recoverit (IS) tool in your system

Take a quick tour at the official website of Recoverit (IS) and download the software by hitting the ‘Windows’ download version. Follow the wizard and click accordingly for the successful installation process.

You have to register with the key details to enjoy the extended features of this tool. You must tap the ‘Start Now’ button to explore the features of this software.

Step 2 Choose the drive to recover the lost files

The next page displays the location where you have to recover the lost data. Here, you can find Hard disk drives, external devices, recycle bin, desktop, folder etc. You must select ‘Hard drive’ because this guide deals with data recovery from the hard drive and hit the ‘Start’ button to proceed.

Step 3 Stimulate the scanning and pick the lost file from the scanned list

The scanning process begins as soon as you click the ‘Start’ button. This click action triggers the files scan immediately on the selected hard drive in a precise manner and displays as a list in the screen. You can surf through the files and identify the necessary file which needs the restoration process.

You can allow the entire scanning process to complete or stop the scan once you found the necessary file. You have to wait for a few minutes if you need a complete scan else stop it at any point of time according to your requirement.


Every scanned file has a preview option where you can click the ‘Preview’ button to view the file before the recovery process. This ‘Preview’ button is available beneath the selected file.

Step 4 Restore lost files from hard drive

After the preview, you can hit the ‘Recover’ option to trigger the data recovery process. Now you have to choose different location to store the recovered file. Make use of any external storage to save this file.


The above steps have given you a clear picture of how to recover data files from hard drive. You must carefully follow the steps for successful recovery. The process occurs quickly without any loss.


Therefore, you are now aware of the data recovery process from the hard drive. You can quickly restore the data from hard drive when your drive collapses for no reason. Make use of Recoverit (IS) software to sort out the issues related to data loss. Get back the collapsed files without any loss using this stunning tool Recoverit (IS).


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