Recover Formatted Partition: How to Recover Files and Folders from a Formatted Hard Drive?

Recover Formatted Partition: How to Recover Files and Folders from a Formatted Hard Drive?

If you are finding it challenging to recover formatted hard drive, then there is no cause to panic as we can get all those files back with the help of Recoverit (IS)y program.

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“How to recover data from formatted hard drive? I formatted all of my files present in the hard drive, but now I need to use them. What should I do? Can those items be restored?”

- a question from Quora

The queries, as mentioned above, are probably the most common asked by computer users these days. And the answer is Yes, you can effortlessly recover files after formatting the entire hard drive, thanks to certain OS utilities and the timely introduction of user-friendly data recovery programs. Stay around and learn why do we feel the need to format our storage devices, and no matter what type of computer expert you are – you can quickly learn how to recover formatted partition after reading through our guide.

Part 1: When Should I Format My Hard Drive?

The Format command opens up a world of options for you, potentially making the drive as good as new. Some of those choices include establishing a platform for the installation of a new operating system on your PC by making the hard drive bootable. You can also use the utility to remove hidden data and install new programs with freedom of additional storage space.

We primarily use computers to surf the internet and perform daily activities through them. And on occasion, if you unknowingly click on some unwanted link or use a damaged USB, it may infect your system with threats like malware and other viruses. And the only way out of it is formatting the hard drive entirely or partially to save the PC from further damage.

One such scenario includes when your hard drive is crashing, slowing down, or becoming inaccessible regularly. HDD format is also required when you intend to change the file support system of the disk, which is necessary if you want to use it across different OS (macOS & Windows) as other than exFAT, both frameworks use different systems.

Part 2: Can data be Recovered from a Formatted Hard Drive?

Data can be deleted or formatted from a hard drive under several circumstances, and occasionally such instances may occur due to a human error. The question then arises, Can data be recovered from a formatted hard drive? The answer is Yes! It is not only possible but effortless to recover data from a hard disk.

The fact is when you delete/format data from any storage facility, only the files available on the address tables of the hard drive lose their place. The files are completely erased from existence once you overwrite the previously occupied storage space from the disk. Your digitals items can be retrieved using third-party recovery software like iSkysoft Recovery Toolbox.

Part 3: How to Recover Files/Folder from a Formatted Hard Drive?

Recoverit (IS) is ideally the complete data recovery program that can recover all kinds of deleted or inaccessible digital content on your computer. With a whole stream of features to back its claim of being the best recovery software, you should immediately choose the services of “iSkysoft toolbox,” Once you feel the need to recover your file from a formatted hard drive.

A few of the facilities that iSkysoft offers to retrieve content from a formatted hard drive are listed below:

Recoverit (IS)

A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems!

  • It is available on both macOS and Windows 10.
  • ISkysoft supports and recovers more than 1000 different file formats for photos, videos, audios, documents, compressed files, and more.
  • You can quickly recover files from not only the computer’s internal hard drive but from external devices like USB flash drives, ext. Hard disks and SD cards.
  • The app also offers you to preview the recovered items and allows the convenience of selectively saving those files to your desired location.
  • Other than the conventional recovery method, you can also retrieve data from a Crashed computer through the software’s state of the art utility.
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

Follow our three-step guide and learn how to use Recoverit (IS) and recover files from a formatted hard disk on Windows.

Step 1 Choose the Location to Start the Process

Launch the app on your PC through the Start menu and click on the location of the hard disk from where you intend to extract the erased content. Click on Start to initiate the data scan.

Step 2 Allow the App to Scan the Location Thoroughly

After clicking on the start button, please allow the program to finish its scan, which will take its due time, depending on the size of the formatted data. You can also pause/stop the process whenever you like.

Step 3 Save your Recovered files

Once the scan runs its course, you will be asked to preview the retrieved data, which you can view under the “File type” and “File Path” category. Pick a suitable location for your items after clicking on the “Recover” button.


Bonus Tips: How to Securely Format Hard Drive in Windows?

Windows provides several handy approaches to format a hard drive. You can directly operate by selecting the hard disk drive and picking “Format” from the drop-down menu. However, the most secure procedure of formatting the hard drive is using the system’s disk management utility, which also offers the convenience of creating new partitions and compress/decompress the size of the HDD. Here is the method of performing this specific operation:

  • Type “diskmgmt.msc” or “Disk Management” in the Start menu.
  • recover-formatted-partition-1
  • Once the utility opens, locate the disk volume or the external device you want to format.
  • Right-click on the hard drive’s icon and click on “Format.”
  • recover-formatted-partition-2
  • Click on “OK” to initiate the procedure.

  • You can also uncheck the “Perform a quick format” option to wipe the device clean of any unwanted item completely.
  • recover-formatted-partition-3

Bottom Line:

Given the importance of the content inside, it is essential to create a backup to be safe in case of any hindrance. Now you know the fact that data can be conveniently retrieved from a formatted hard drive. However, there are multiple techniques to regain all that is lost, but the simplest option is to use Recoverit (IS)y program for Windows. As a bonus feature, you also know the securest method to wipe your HDD to the last scrap, which will also delete any traces of virus/malware that has made your life difficult.


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