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Most of the mobile device users have a preference for one of the most popular operating systems: iOS or Android, but it also happened many times that they jumped from one to another. The important data transition seems complicated, for example, users who decide to get iCloud Email on Android will struggle to find a solution. Good news here, even if you are not an IT expert, if you follow our steps, you should be able to do it properly. Furthermore, it is important to enter all the information we provide you just as you see it here, in order to avoid and errors or other issues.

One Click Restore iCloud Backup to Android

icloud backup to android

If you want to restore any iCloud backups to Android devices without hassle, dr.fone - Phone Backup (Android) is the best helper for you. It enables you to restore contacts, messages, apps, calendar, and more from iTunes backup or iCloud backup to Android in 1 click. And it works well on phone to phone transfer across a wide range of platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian. Simple do the transfer as follow:

  • Step 1: Install and launch dr.fone - Phone Transfer. Go to "Restore From Backups" > "iCloud".
  • Step 2: Connect the Android device to your computer.
  • Step 3: Sing in iCloud account and select the contents you want. Click "Restore" to start the transfer.

The Step-by-Step Guide for Setting up iCloud Mail Account on Android Devices

If you have used iOS for a long time, and you just switched to Android, follow the next steps to set up your iCloud email account on your Android phone or tablet:

icloud mail on android phone

Step 1:

On your Android phone or tablet, open the stock Email client. The steps we are introducing here actually work on many other third-party Play Store email clients.

Step 2:

Once you have entered the email client, you must enter your iCloud username and password, the ones you have been using on your iOS device. Simply check the screenshots and try to do the same. The next thing you must do is to tap on the "Manual Setup" button, and then on "IMAP".

get icloud mail on android

Step 3:

At this step, you should be already at the inbound IMAP server, and you will need to set it up. When you get the special fields, you will need to enter all the information bellow:

  • IMAP server:
  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: [your Apple password]
  • Port number: 993

You will also see that the certificates are set to "SSL". If they are not, set it to "SSL". If you see any type of error, try to set the certificates to "TLS" instead. When you are ready, just press the "Next" button.

icloud mail app for android

Step 4:

In this step you will need to configure the SMTP server for your outgoing email. Here is the information you need to enter:

  • SMTP server:
  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: [your Apple password]
  • Port number: 587

Again, check if the certificate is set to "SSL" or "TLS".

Step 5:

This is it! You just finished setting up your iCloud email account on your Android smartphone or tablet. You should be able to run your iCloud email account on Android with no problems, and have full access to your iCloud storage.

It is important to keep in mind, in case you have any problems with the certificates, to switch between them, because all of them are accepted. Pay attention when you set up both the IMAP and the SMTP server.

If you are a switcher, don't panic you lose all the cool stuff from iCloud once you moved to Android. There are always options to use the applications you liked. However, you must pay extra attention when you configure it on your new device, but if you follow our steps provided here, you should not have any problem. If you are not sure about it, ask from some help, or drop a line in the comment section bellow.

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