Best Guide to Reset iPhone Without Apple ID

This article aims to show you 3 proven ways to reset iPhone without Apple ID, and tips to retrieve forgottenApple ID passcode are introduced here.

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One of the common questions that many Apple users ask is how to reset iPhone without Apple ID password. Apple ID is one of the most ingenious and useful features of an iOS device. But this blessing can turn into a nightmare when you have forgotten Apple ID credentials or bought a second-hand iPhone that is already logged in with the Apple ID of the previous owner.

This can be a frustrating experience but there’s nothing to lose hope for. This article will outline several practical ways every user can rely on to reset an iPhone without the Apple ID password.

Part 1. Reset iPhone Without Apple ID with 3 Ways.

Below is a curated list of 3 proven workarounds of resetting your iPhone without an Apple ID and password.

1. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

Dr-Fone – Screen Lock is the most efficient and comprehensive tool to bypass the Apple ID on any iPhone. Equipped with advanced technology, it offers the quickest solution to unlock the Apple ID and reset your iPhone with great ease. Aside from that, Dr-Fone Screen Unlock is a trusted, one-stop solution to remove almost all types of iPhone locks with a 100% success ratio.

What makes it the #1 iPhone Screen Unlocker is its compatibility with the latest iOS versions, intuitive interface, and ability to unlock Apple ID without jailbreaking your device.

Note that resetting an iPhone is going to wipe out the data. Thus, backup your phone data before implementing the below procedure.


dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

The overall operation of unlocking your iPhone without Apple ID is quite simple with dr.fone.

  • dr.fone provides the simplest mechanism for unlocking your device.
  • Remove iPhone screen lock including 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, iCloud activation lock, etc.
  • Bypass iPhone password in any scenarios anytime (forget passcode, iPhone is disabled, second-hand device, etc).
  • A very user-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with iOS and all associate devices.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

Check out yourself how easy it is to use Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock.

Step 1.Once installed, launch Dr.Fone on your computer and hit “Screen Unlock” on its Home interface.


Step 2.Click on the Unlock Apple ID option to get going.

choose unlock type

Step 3.Now connect your iPhone to it, click Trust on the below screen to perform the data scanning process.


Step 4.On the popup window, type in 0000 to confirm your action.

tape 000000

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to Reset All Settings on your iOS device.

reset all settings

Step 5.After that, the program will automatically start removing the Apple ID. Wait patiently.

wait to unlock apple id

Hardly a few minutes later, dr.fone will remove the Apple ID completely. Now, you can reset your iPhone without any trouble.

apple id unlocked

2. Reset iPhone without Apple ID in Settings

One of the simplest methods to reset an iPhone without Apple ID is through its settings. This method takes just a few seconds but works only if Find My iPhone is turned off and you know the screen passcode of your device. Mostly, the FMI feature is enabled which virtually renders this method useless. Follow the below steps to use this method:

Step 1.From your iPhone’s Home screen, navigate to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

reset contents and resettings

Step 2.Enter your Screen passcode to confirm your action.
Step 3.Wait until the system completely resets your device.

3. Reset iPhone without Apple ID using iTunes

Another proven way to reset your iPhone without Apple ID is via iTunes. Most probably, you are already well-aware of iTunes interface and how useful this official Apple application is for iOS users. However, this method works under two specific conditions, which are:

1. Find My iPhone is turned off on your iPhone.

2. You have never synced your device with iTunes before.

If both conditions are met, here is how to reset iPhone without Apple ID password using iTunes:

Step 1.Put your iPhone into the Recovery Mode.

For iPhone 8 and later:

Press and quickly release the Volume Up button and repeat the same procedure for the Volume Down button. Then, long press the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

Long press side and volume down keys simultaneously until you see the power logo.

For iPhone 6s and earlier:

Press and hold the Home and Side (tops) button until the recovery mode appears on the screen.

Step 2.Now, connect your iPhone in the recovery mode to iTunes on your computer and locate it by navigating to iPhone’s icon > Summary and click on Restore iPhone.

restore iphone

Step 3.Click on Restore on the popup tab to confirm your action.

restore the pop tab

When the Restore completes, set up your device.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Forgotten/Deleted Apple ID Password on iPhone?

This section will provide a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve Apple ID password via several official methods. Read on to find out.

1. Via iPhone’s Settings

This is probably the quickest way to find Apple ID password on iPhone . It can be done on any iOS device as long as you’re having a viable internet connection.

Step 1.Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap Your Name (at the top of screen) and then, tap on "Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it".

sign in apple id

Step 2.Now, if you know the Apple ID but don’t know its password, then enter the email address and hit Next. Else, tap Forgot Apple ID and hit Next.

gmail account enter

Step 3.After that, you have to answer some security questions to let the Apple administration confirm you’re the rightful owner.

answer security questions

Step 4.If you answered the questions correctly, Apple will allow you to create a new Apple ID without causing any data loss.

reset with apple id passcode

2. Via Email Address

Many iPhone users have corroborated that this workaround has helped them retrieve the lost Apple ID credentials. It works best if you have recently changed the email address and you are facing the login issue since then.

The trick entails searching multiple email addresses on any platform such as Windows, Mac, or your iPhone/iPad. Check out yourself how to use this method:

Step 1.From your web browser, head to the forgot Apple ID website.
Step 2.Enter the first and last name associated with your Apple ID and also type in any of the previous email addresses you could recall.

enter info

Step 3.Now, answer the subsequent security questions to submit your request for email ID recovery. If you have also forgotten the password, then go to the next steps to retrieve your password as well.

Due to security reasons, Apple might take several hours to a few days to complete your request. To avoid any delays, switch off the iOS devices synced with the lost Apple ID.

3. Via Web

The last method on our list is via the official Apple website. It is not much different from the rest of the two methods and entails answering several security-related questions. You can also perform this workaround from any web browser to reset your Apple ID password.

Here’s how you do that:

Step 1.Head to the official Apple ID website and click on Forgot Apple ID or Password.

apple id website

Step 2.Enter your Apple ID. You may have to enter your phone number synced with your Apple ID. After that, choose the option to reset the password and hit Continue.
Step 3.Here, you get various options for how to reset your password.
Step 4.Choose an option and reset your password. After that, Apple will ask you to sign in with your new Apple ID to continue.


After reading this article, you have a full understanding of how to retrieve Apple ID password. All the methods discussed in this guide are efficient and can help you get the job done.

However, if you want the simplest workaround that works in 100% of cases, then use Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock and reset your device without going through any technical complications.


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