How to Unlock/Bypass iPhone Passcode without Siri?

Is it possible to bypass iPhone passcode without Siri? Partly, yes. In this article, we will introduce you how to unlock iPhone with or without Siri step by step (with picture).

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Getting locked out of the iPhone has become a very common issue among users. People got locked out of their iOS devices frequently due to various reasons. And some people fall prey to other’s deeds when they try to unlock an iPhone without knowing its exact passcode. Well, whatever the reason is you are locked out of your iPhone and it is disabled. So, you must be trying to find out how to bypass iPhone passcode without Siri. Because this trick doesn't work on all iOS versions. But don’t worry people; we have the solution to your problem.

In this article, we are going to resolve your issue and unlock iPhone with Siri’s help and without her. We have gathered up all the possible solutions and you are free to try any of them.

Part 1: Bypass iPhone passcode without Siri using iPhone Unlock

The most recommended method to unlock the locked iPhone is using dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) . The software is specially designed to fulfill all your iOS needs. Whether you want to transfer data, create a backup, erase the data, or have to perform repair of the device, you can do it all with dr.fone. With the help of this tool, you will know how to get into a locked iPhone without Siri.  The amazing features offered by the software makes it stand out from all the other iOS unlockinh tools. It is a convenient and powerful app which serves as an alternative for iTunes and iCloud.


dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

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Follow the steps given below to how to bypass iPhone passcode using dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS):

Step 1. Begin with downloading the software on your system and installing it properly. Once the software is installed, launch it and click on the Unlock option from the main interface.

bypass iphone passcode without siri using iSkysoft toolbox

Step 2. Now connect your iPhone with the computer and put it in Recovery mode or DFU mode. If you don’t know how to put the iPhone in recovery mode, then the software will provide you with a guide to do that.

boot iphone in dfu mode

Step 3. The software will automatically detect the iOS details and display the information on the screen. Carefully check whether the displayed information is correct or not. If any of the detail is wrong then correct it and move to the next step.

select iphone firmware

Step 4. The software will prompt you to download the firmware package suitable for your iOS version. Click on the Download button and wait for it to finish.

Step 5. When the firmware is downloaded, the software will highlight the Unlock Now option. Tap on the Unlock Now button and confirm the action by entering 000000 in the field.

click on Unlock Now

Step 6. The Unlock process will be initiated and the software will start working to bypass the passcode and unlock your iPhone. When the process is complete, you will be notified and the iPhone will reboot.

iphone lock screen removed without siri

Now you can access your iPhone without any passcode. But all the content and settings of your device will be deleted. You can restore the data from iCloud or iTunes backup.

Part 2: Unlock iPhone passcode without Siri in Recovery Mode

The first method to fix iPhone if any issue arises in the device is using iTunes. The application was developed as a media player, but soon enough, many functions are added to it. And now, iTunes is like an all-in-one app to fix issues in iOS devices. To restore the device using iTunes when your iPhone is disabled, you better put the device in recovery mode. This way whether you are using a new system to connect your device with iTunes or using an old one, iTunes will detect the device and restore it to default settings.

To learn how to bypass iPhone passcode without Siri, use iTunes and follow the steps below:

Step 1. Begin with putting your iPhone in recovery mode. Every iPhone model has a different method for recovery mode, so you better check first how you can put your device in recovery mode. Also, ensure that it is connected to a computer and iTunes is running on the system.

Step 2. When the recovery mode activates, you will see Connect to iTunes icon on the screen and iTunes will detect the device in recovery mode.

boot iphone in recovery mode

Step 3. Now iTunes will prompt you to either Restore or Update the iPhone so that you can use it. Select the Restore option and iTunes will erase all the data and settings from your device.

bypass iphone passcode without siri in recovery mode

Once the restore is complete, you can exit recovery mode and access your device without the passcode.

Part 3: Bypass iPhone passcode without Siri using

Luckily, there are various methods that can bypass the iPhone passcode in case you forgot it. So, if you want to know how to bypass iPhone 5s passcode without Siri, then iCloud is one other answer. Many iPhone user knows that iCloud can be used t locate the iPhone when it gets lost. You can use the same iCloud feature to remotely erase your device to bypass passcode to. But the only condition of using the iCloud service for this purpose is that you have enabled the Find My iPhone service in your iPhone.

If you have activated the Find My iPhone service, then follow the steps below to unlock iPhone without Siri:

Step 1. Set your iPhone aside and visit the official iCloud website via computer or any other device. Log in to using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. You will be directed to an iCloud menu where you will find many options. Among them, click on the Find iPhone option and iCloud will navigate to a map screen.

bypass iphone passcode without siri using find my iphone

Step 3. Now from the All Devices list, choose your device and iCloud will display three options on the screen, i.e. Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone. Select the Erase iPhone option and all the content and settings of your iPhone will be erased remotely.

erase locked iphone using find my iphone

It will work as a reset for your device and as a result, the passcode will also be removed. Now you can use your device freely and restore the data from iCloud or iTunes backup.

Part 4: Is it possible to bypass iPhone passcode by tricking Siri?

You will be amazed to know that there are some users who encountered the same issues and used Siri to unlock the iPhone. People believed that there is some kind of working issue or bug in Siri that allow the users to trick Siri in unlocking the device. For many users the method worked, so the method is obviously worth something. So, we will also discuss how to unlock iPhone with Siri. The method is quite complicated and hard to remember, thus you need to pay attention and be careful while executing it. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Press the Home button to activate Siri and ask Siri "What time is it?" In response, Siri will display the Clock icon on the screen.

unlock iphone with siri - step 1

Step 2. From the clock, switch to the World Clock tab and click on the “+” icon to add a new clock. Type anything in the City search field and select the characters. This will give you a few options, among them, tap on the Share button.

unlock iphone with siri - step 2

Step 3. From the sharing options, you have to select the Message box and create a new message. Type any characters in the “To” field and then press the Return button on the keyboard. 

unlock iphone with siri - step 3

Step 4. Now, click on the “+” icon to add a new contact and you will be navigated to a “Create New Contact” screen. Tap on the Add photo option and you will be directed to the Photo library.

unlock iphone with siri - step 4

Step 5. When you see the albums in the Photo library, press the Home button and the home screen will appear bypassing the passcode.

unlock iphone with siri - step 5

Although this method seems to work for many users it is not a Universal fix for the issue. Moreover, this bug only works for iOS 8.0 to 10.1. Devices with later version can’t use this trick to unlock the disabled iPhone.


Now you know that it is possible to unlock iPhone with Siri. But as far as the success of this method concerned, many users fail to unlock their iPhone. Thus, it is recommended that you use any of the above-listed techniques instead of Siri. The success rate of all the above methods is very high. And even if iTunes or iCloud service is somehow unable to unlock the device, then dr.fone is always here for your help.


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