Guide on How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iOS 16

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If you have bought a second-hand iPhone and do not have any idea about the iCloud activation lock, you may encounter some hurdles. Also, if you have forgotten your iCloud account password, it can also restrict your access to your iPhone. However, there are some efficient methods through which you can perform the iCloud unlock service easily. By doing so, you can easily log in to your iOS device without any restrictions.

In this article, you can learn about iPhone activation lock removal with several methods. We will also recommend a tool through which you can bypass the iCloud activation lock flawlessly.

Part 1: What Does iCloud Locked iPhone Mean?

iCloud activation lock indicates a preventive measure of the device that prevents unauthorized access from the iPhone. Without logging in to an iCloud account, the user cannot use the iOS device freely. Moreover, it enhances the security of your iPhone, especially in scenarios where your iPhone gets lost or stolen.

You can encounter an iCloud-locked iPhone in various situations, like if you have bought a second-hand iPhone. Moreover, if you have forgotten the Apple ID password, it can also result in iCloud locked iPhone. In all these situations, without bypassing an iCloud activation lock, you won't be able to use the iPhone normally. For this, you would need to apply some efficient methods through which you can execute activation lock removal.

Part 2: Is It Possible to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone?

Do you want to perform iCloud activation lock removal? In this section, we will discuss four proficient methods through which you can bypass an iCloud activation lock easily.

Method 1: Contact Previous Owner

If you have bought a second-hand phone, you can easily perform iCloud activation lock removal with the help of its previous owner. To unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone, you can contact your previous owner and request him to do the following steps:

Step 1. To initiate, go to the iCloud website and access your account by signing through the Apple ID.

Following this, select the option called "Find iPhone" from the iCloud dashboard.

select the find iphone option

Step 2. Now tap on "All Devices" and then select the device you want to delete from the iCloud account.

Next, click on "Remove from Account" to finish the iCloud unlock bypass process.

tap on remove from account
Method 2: Use Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)

Do you want to bypass the iCloud activation lock instantly? Use the Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) tool, through which you can remove any kind of iOS lock effectively without any complications. This tool can unlock Face ID, Touch ID, passcodes, and iCloud activation lock. Without technical experience, users can remove complicated and strong locks from their iPhones with simple steps.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

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Unlock all types of screen lock on iOS device within clicks, including iCloud Activate lock, MDM lock, 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, screen time passcode, etc.

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Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with a 100% success rate.

Steps to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Using Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS):

Step 1. Select Screen Unlock Tool.

Download and install Dr.Fone's iPhone toolkit on your PC and open its dashboard consisting of all the tools. Then, choose the "Screen Unlock" tool from the given options by tapping on it.

choose screen unlock tool

Step 2. Once done, click on the "Bypass Activate Lock" option from the below screen.
select bypass activate lock

Step 3. Jailbreak your iPhone.

Please jailbreak your iPhone by following the "Jailbreak Guide", it is a necessary step for activation lock removal. After jailbreaking your iPhone, click "Finished Jailbreak".

jailbreak iPhone

Step 4. Click “Start Unlock” to remove iCloud activation lock.

Also, give confirmation about your iPhone's information. Once done, tap on "Start Unlock" to initiate the iCloud activation lock removal process.

start unlock

Step 5. Wait for some time until the process ends successfully.

Now your iPhone will start without any activation lock, you can use it freely.

bypassing the icloud activation lock
Method 3: Take Apple Support Help

If you are the original owner of your iPhone, you can contact Apple Support to ask for help. You can make the excuse that you have forgotten your Apple ID or password that is restricting your access to your iPhone. By contacting Apple Support, you can easily recover your user information, including your iCloud account.

However, there are a few requirements to use this method, as you have to prove your ownership over your iPhone for the verification. For instance, the receipt on your name through which you have purchased your phone also includes your device's information. You can go to the Apple Store from where you have purchased your iPhone to retrieve the user information completely. However, this method can be time-consuming and does not promise 100% results.

contact the apple support for help


Are you finding the iCloud unlock service complicated? Through this article, you can learn different solutions to bypass the iCloud activation lock. However, if you want a quick and proficient result, use Dr.Fone, which can instantly remove any iOS lock, including the iCloud activation lock.

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