How to Jailbreak an iPhone with Activation Lock?

Jailbreaking an iCloud-locked iPhone is a way to remove restrictions activated by Apple’s iOS software. Eliminating these restrictions allows you to use certain features of iOS, like being able to download applications on the App Store once again.

This page will teach you four different methods to jailbreak a locked iPhone to help you bypass and remove Apple’s security restrictions. Before reading into the solutions, here’s a quick description of what jailbreaking is all about if you haven’t heard of this term before. Read on to learn more.

introduction to jailbreak iphone with lock

Part 1: What Does Jailbreaking an iPhone Mean?

The term jailbreaking is mainly associated with Apple’s iPhones as users wanted to access applications that are otherwise unavailable on the App Store. It’s also called “cracking,” as jailbreaking an iPhone unlocks access to other carriers. Jailbreaking iPhones doesn’t necessarily change your iOS core features, as you can still purchase and download apps on the App Store as usual.

Is Jailbreaking safe?

While jailbreaking is not illegal, it still falls under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which covers digital copyright issues. Section 1201 states that it’s illegal to circumvent digital locks that protect access to copyrighted works, including software.

On the other hand, jailbreaking phones became legal in 2010, but specific laws may still vary around the world. Apple does not condone jailbreaking but will not legally threaten anyone who decides to jailbreak their iOS device.

Here are some pros and cons you should know of.


More control – You’ll have more control on your iOS device as you can now add customized icons, wallpapers, and menus.

Install / Use unauthorized Apps – Jailbreaking your devices lets you install games and networking tools that are otherwise unavailable on the App Store.

Access to security features – You can access and remove Apple’s security features once it’s jailbroken from lock screens, Touch ID, Face ID, Apple ID, and more.


Voided warranty – Jailbreaking your iPhone automatically voids its warranty according to Apple’s end-user software agreement. This is because unauthorized modification of your iOS is a clear violation of Apple’s terms of service.

No more updates – You will not be able to update your iOS software as you will no longer receive automatic updates direct from Apple.

Bricked phone – Jailbreaking your iPhone increases the risk of bricking your phone as the process exposes your phone to counterproductive risks.

Part 2. Does Jailbreaking an iPhone Unlock the Activation Lock?

You can activate Activation Lock when you turn it on in your Find My app or iCloud account. Activation Lock stops anyone from having access to your device without authorization.

Once the Activation Lock is active, jailbreaking doesn’t mean you can bypass the Activation Lock. However, it’s the first step you should take to remove the Activation Lock feature if you want to reaccess your device without using a password.

You can refer to this helpful guide to start the process of jailbreaking your iOS.

Part 3: How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock With Jailbroken iPhone?

Here are the different methods you can do to bypass an iCloud Activation Lock on a jailbroken iPhone.

Method 1: Bypass the Activation Lock with an Apple ID or Passcode

The easiest way to bypass an iPhone’s Activation Lock is by Signing in with the associated Apple ID and password of the particular iOS device. Here are the steps to remove Activation Lock using an Apple ID or a passcode.

Step 1. Turn on your iOS device and go through the initial setup.

Once you reach the Activation Lock screen, enter the Apple ID and password.

bypass activation lock using apple id

Step 2. Alternatively, remove an Activation Lock with Unlock with Passcode instead.

Once you reach the Activation Lock Screen, choose Unlock with Passcode and enter the passcode used on the device.

bypass activation lock using passcode

Note: If the Apple ID has two-factor authentication set up, you’ll also have to enter the code that will be sent on the Apple ID’s other devices.

Method 2: Bypass the Activation Lock Remotely Using Find My

Here are the steps for bypassing the activation lock through Find My, which is used for keeping track of Apple devices.

Step 1. Go to and sign in using the Apple ID and password of the Activation Locked device.
sign in to apple

Step 2. Click Find iPhone on the list of available apps.

Afterward, click All Devices and look for the device with an Activation Lock that you need to bypass.

find iphone on icloud

Step 3. Choose the iOS device with an Activation Lock

And click Erase iPhone > Remove from Account.

Note: The Activation Lock will be removed on your iPhone, but the Apple ID will be deleted on it as well.

Method 3: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Without Password

If you need to bypass an iPhone with Activation Lock without a password, then you’ll need a special program like Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS).

download drfone intro

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Bypass/remove iCloud Activation lock on iPhone/iPad with simple steps

2,985,172 people have downloaded it

Remove iCloud Activation lock without password/Apple ID in any scenario anytime.

Bypass Activation lock in any scenarios anytime, such as forgot passcode, the device is disabled, second-hand device, unknown passcode, etc.

Unlock iCloud activation lock and iCloud account without iTunes.

Unlock all types of screen lock on iOS device within clicks, including iCloud Activate lock, MDM lock, 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, screen time passcode, etc.

Support to bypass activation lock for iOS from 12.0 and up to iOS 14.8.1. Compatible with iPhone 5S up to X.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with a 100% success rate.

Aside from removing Activation Locks in iOS devices, here are some of Dr.Fone’s key features you can use as well.

  • Remove all types of lock screens from 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and more.
  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock, Lost Mode, and even Apple ID.
  • Recover deleted or lost data if you’ve accidentally wiped your phone.

To bypass an iPhone with Activation Lock without a password, here are the steps to do so with Dr. Fone.

Step 1. Download Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) on your computer and install it. Launch the app afterward.
unlock iphone using drfone

Step 2. Click Bypass Activate Lock.
bypass lock or remove id drfone

Step 3. Connect your iOS device with a cable to your computer.

Enter your phone’s passcode. Tap Trust

once it prompts on your mobile device.

Step 4. Click Start to initiate the unlocking process of your iOS and wait for a prompt until it’s finished.

Note: You must fully jailbreak your iOS device before removing your iPhone’s Activation Lock.

Method 4: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Using Apple Support

Your last resort to bypass iCloud Activation Lock is asking for help directly from Apple Support if, for some reason, all the above methods don’t work. You’ll need to initiate an Activation Lock support request, so be ready to have your proof of purchase, as it will be a requirement to bypass your iCloud Activation Lock.

Note: The last step can take anywhere from a day or a week. So, contacting Apple Support should be treated as a last resort as it’s not a quick process.


Jailbreaking an iPhone comes with its pros and cons. On the one hand, you’ll be able to enjoy applications that are otherwise unavailable on the App Store. On the other, it voids your warranty, and you will not be able to update your iOS software.

Meanwhile, jailbreaking your iPhone is a must if you forgot how to bypass its Activation Lock, especially if you forgot your password. There are different methods you can do to unlock it, but using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) is your best bet to ensure you’ll be able to remove your phone’s Activation Lock safely.

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