4 Proven Ways to Unlock iCloud ID

It introduces you to a variety of mechanisms on how to unlock iCloud ID, followed by a detailed guide on how to use them efficiently for knocking out any concerns related to the device's security.

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Apple is known for providing a very distinguished system of security protocols and device transparency. Their elite systems ensure that no device is left behind that can be breached with ease. Where Android smartphones are known to operate throughout with a simple email address, Apple ensures its operation with the aid of iCloud ID.

iCloud ID provides a prolific set of authority to the user over keeping control over the device and its assorted applications. This article introduces you to a variety of mechanisms that can be used to unlock iCloud ID and password, followed by a detailed guide on how to use them efficiently for knocking out any concerns related to the device's security.

Part 1: How Do I Know My Phone Has An iCloud Account Lock on It?

iCloud does provide security to its users; however, it is an important tip to look over the account lock activation to ensure security. While considering it a precaution, this method can also guide you effectively while selecting the appropriate iPhone that has been used before.

Thus, its use as a verification method is also quite common among the masses. For ensuring that the iCloud account is activated across an iPhone, you need to look over the steps defined below.

Step 1 Open the "Settings" of your iPhone, followed by the "General" option present on the main screen of the Settings.

open general setting

Step 2 Go through "About" and navigate through the list to track the IMEI number.

copy imei number

Step 3 With the IMEI number saved, you need to open the iCloud website on your desktop.

login icloud

Step 4 You need to type in the device's IMEI along with the verification code to proceed.

check status

Part 2: What is iCloud Activation Lock?

iOS devices were reported for theft throughout the world, leaving the authorities with a new challenge for the protection of their devices. To cope with such a case, the iPhone introduced the feature of Activation lock over their iOS 7 updates.

activation lock

While these features operate with the automatic operation of Find My iPhone service, it can function through the Apple ID and the assorted information.

This feature has enabled lodging down the reported thefts, leading people with no important data with the iPhone stolen. This feature allows you to keep your data intact and protect your device from unethical use. iCloud Activation has led you to such cases, where the device can or cannot be used throughout the system.

Part 3: Can the Activation Lock being Removed?

After we know what activation lock is, for this section, we are going to let you know how we remove the activation lock.

1. Using dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

Third-party applications are quite common in utilizing procedures that involve tampering or unlocking devices that have locked iCloud IDs. There are several situations where you might lead to a forgotten iCloud ID password. To remove the Activation Lock, you can consume third-party applications to cope with the problem.

dr.fone - Unlock can be a very efficient proposition to unlock the iCloud ID and password for your device. In the sea of different platforms that are available to them in the market, dr.fone ensures that you perform the iCloud ID unlock procedure with ease.

There are few reasons that make it quite the method for understanding the procedure of how to unlock iCloud ID without a password.


dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Remove the Activation Lock in One-Click

  • The complete operation involving the procedure is quite compelling and straightforward to carry out.
  • You can simply unlock iCloud ID without going through iTunes.
  • It is operable across all iOS devices, with aligning compatibility to the latest version of iOS.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

You need to follow the guidelines provided as follows to develop an understanding of unlocking associate Apple ID over the iCloud.

Step 1: Launch and Select

dr.fone toolkit is an important tool for the execution of the complete process of the iCloud unlock. For that, it is important to download and install it accordingly. Then, connect your locked device, and proceed by selecting the "Unlock" option on their home window.

unlock iphone with iskysoft toolbox

Step 2: Connecting Device

You need to select the option of "Unlock Apple ID" in the list of provided features to proceed. Connect the phone and ensure that the device "Trusts" the computer completely.

connect iphone to computer

Step 3: Reset and Remove Activation

You need to reset your device if you look forward to getting rid of the Activation Lock. For that, follow the on-screen guidelines and allow the application to automatically cater to this solution without you clicking over a variety of options.

iphone unlock successfully

2. Using iCloud Website

While believing that third-party applications can be quite a robust solution for the activation of the necessary security tools, there are a series of direct methods along with necessary precautions that can be discussed for the iCloud ID unlock. You can consider using the iCloud website by following the guidelines shown below.

Step 1: Open the website on the browser and sign in with the credentials of your account used for the activation of the device.

log into your icloud

Step 2: Open the "Find iPhone" feature and navigate through the "All Devices" section. Tap on the device that needs to be unlocked.

select your device

Step 3: You need to tap on "Remove from Account" to delete the device from the list and restore it to its factory settings. This would effectively remove the Activation lock across it.

remove the account

3. Use the iForgot Website

Step 1: Open the iForgot website on the browser and provide your Apple ID to continue.

Step 2: Select the option of "I need to reset my password" on the screen provided.

reset the password

Step 3: You can refer to getting an email over the connected account or answering the security questions from the next window to effectively reset your password for the iCloud Activation Lock.

select the option

4. Approach Apple Support

You can consider going through the Apple Support to get a significant and aligned remedy for getting out of such situations.


This article has provided you a detailed guide over the mechanisms that can be adapted to unlock iCloud ID with ease. You need to look over the details to get a better understanding of the system.

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