[iPad Unlock] Top 4 Ways on How to Unlock iPad Without Apple ID Password

While Apple features a variety of mechanisms that can easily unlock your device, there are quite a lot of situations that protrude the need for unlocking the device through other means.

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Apple has been a renowned smartphone developer company that has presented a very proficient set of security protocols for its users, for the protection of both their information and the device. Over such prolific protocols, many people have often discussed the existence of smoldering setbacks that leave the user with a locked over the slightest of problems or suspicion.

This article undertakes the problem involving the user forgetting their Apple ID credentials. While Apple features a variety of mechanisms that can easily unlock your device, there are quite a lot of situations that protrude the need for unlocking the device through other means. This article introduces a detailed guide on how to unlock iPad without Apple ID.

Part 1: Unlock iPad Using dr.fone

Third-party applications have been quite the mode of unlocking or improving the conditions of your device. Though there are several practical applications that exist for unlocking your iPad, several third-party applications attenuate impressive procedures to unlock the iPad without an Apple ID password and other significant credentials. Out of many existing third-party applications, dr.fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) provides you with effective measures to unlock your iPad in a few clicks.

dr.fone provides you a very substantial environment to unlock your Apple ID without any password or other credentials; however, there are several reasons that should make it the primary choice of unlocking your iPad.


dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

dr.fone Can Help You Unlock Apple ID Without Security Questions

  • dr.fone provides the simplest mechanism for unlocking your device.
  • It provides service across all iPhones and iPads.
  • A very user-friendly interface.
  • Compatible across the latest versions of iOS.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

The following guide defines the straightforward method on how to unlock an iPad without the Apple ID with dr.fone – Screen Unlock.

Step 1: Download and Open

You need to download the official application of dr.fone on your PC. After installing it successfully, you need to proceed towards launching the app. Select "Screen Unlock" from the list in the home window of the platform.

how to unlock ipad without apple id with iskysoft toolbox

Step 2: Connect and Proceed

Connect your iPad with the computer and select the option of "Unlock iOS screen" in the window on your front.

how to unlock ipad without apple id

Step 3: Tap into DFU Mode

You need to set your phone into DFU Mode by following the series of on-screen steps, as shown below. The details of the iPad would be displayed on the following screen, which you need to proceed by clicking over the button after confirmation of the information.

how to unlock ipad without apple id

Step 4: Unlock Device

The firmware for the device will be downloaded, and the application would issue a prompt showing the notes that are important to look over before proceeding. By clicking "Unlock" on the message screen, the device will be unlocked, and all the associated data across the device will be removed.

iphone unlock successfully

Part 2: How to Unlock iPad Using DFU Mode

Using the recovery mode of the iPad is one of the direct methods that efficiently unlock your device but with a sneakier function. DFU mode has a very wide variety of functions that helps you resolve many major problems with your Apple Device. To effectively unlock your iPad without an Apple ID password, you need to follow the steps shown below to move into DFU Mode.

unlock ipad without apple id password

Step 1 Have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.

Step 2 You need to put your device into the recovery mode. For that, have it turned off and tap on the "Volume Up" and the "Volume Down" button in this order. After that, you need to press and hold the 'Top" button of your iPad to bring it into recovery mode. For iPads with Home Button, tap and hold the 'Home' and 'Top' buttons simultaneously.

Step 3 Navigate the option of "Restore" and initiate. The device would as good as any new iPad.

Part 3: How Can I Use 'Find My iPhone' to Unlock My iPad

Among the other immediate methods that are provided by Apple and its associated akin, you can use Find My iPhone for effectively unlocking the iPad in a few simple steps. Similar to the other existing method, this also deletes all the associated data of the iPad over restoration. For understanding this compelling method on how to unlock the iPad with iCloud ID and password, you need to follow the provided steps.

Step 1 Open iCloud and log in with your account credentials. Visit the "Find My iPhone" service.

Step 2 Proceed to the option of "All Devices" to view the list of all devices connected across your iCloud. Select the appropriate device.

how to unlock an ipad without the apple id

Step 3 In the window provided as follows, select the option of "Erase iPhone" to reset it completely.

unlock ipad without apple id password

Part 4: How to Unlock the iPad Without Passcode with iTunes?

You can consider using iTunes if you have connected your iPad across it. Follow the guidelines below to get a good knowledge of the procedure.

unlock ipad without apple id password

Step 1 Install iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad across it.

Step 2 You will find a "phone" icon on the top left corner of the iTunes platform. Choose "Summary" on the panel that follows.

Step 3 Select the option of "Restore iPad" in the right panel and tap 'Done' to confirm.


This article has come across a series of direct methods associated with unlocking the iPad that can be efficiently followed to successfully amend the problems within.

However, the major issue across the methods is the complexity of solving and undertaking these issues, along with the direct threat of losing all data is associated with the device. Using these methods can prove quite costly to you, in terms of time. Thus, dr.fone offers impeccable service in ensuring the proximity of the device and automatically covering the needs of the users in unlocking their device without any complex steps all over the procedure. You should look over the article to get a better understanding of the involved procedures.

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