All Things You Want to Know About Setting a Touch ID on Mac

You will know the concept of Touch ID, and descriptively defines the domains of this feature with a detailed guide on how to operate the Touch ID unlock Mac using different platforms.

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Security protocols have imminently improved with the development of technology, where password protection has been synthesized and improved into robust methods of unlocking devices and carrying out important transactions using different devices and tools.

Smartphones have observed similar transitions and have particularized the very system into simpler and efficient models that changed the dynamics of operating smartphones.

unlock mac with iphone touch id

Apple has been one of the considerate developers that have believed over improvised and conducive security systems for their devices. One of their impressive features presented by Apple in their major devices was the Touch ID system that has been believed to offer many localized services to the users in terms of managing different operations and functions using the device.

This article supports the concept of Touch ID, and descriptively defines the domains of this feature with a detailed guide on how to operate the Touch ID unlock Mac system using different platforms.

Part 1: What is Mac Touch ID Used For?

Touch ID has been devised to make the complete procedure of unlocking your Mac easier and efficient. Setting up a Touch ID across a system makes it very easy to unlock your Mac with the Touch ID you have just set up for it.

Not only does it save you from typing in the complete password for your device, but it also makes the operation quite easy to execute along with keeping enhanced security over your Mac. Touch ID has shown a variety of practical applications within itself.

While being used as a security barrier, Touch ID can be consumed as a source of making and confirming purchases across Apple Pay, Apple Books Store, App Store, and iTunes Store. It ensures a list of other varieties that can be considered while using Touch ID for your Mac. You can inherit password-protected Notes, use it in your Safari preferences, and consume it for major System preferences. These utilities are what makes Touch ID a different security protocol as compared to the existing models in other developers.

Part 2. How to set up a Touch ID on Mac?

Mac is known as the exquisite section in laptops and computers, where they provide a very proficient experience in terms of using such devices. Apple has induced its Mac systems with Touch ID, allowing 5 fingerprints across any MacBook Pro with an option of 3 fingerprints per account over multiple accounts over a Mac.

However, when it comes to setting up the Touch ID for your system, the following guide will explain setting up the Touch ID, which would help you understand the mechanism of how to unlock your Mac with the Touch ID you have just added across your system.

1. Setting up on MacBook Pro

Step 1 Tap on the "Apple" icon on the home screen of your device and select "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 Select the option of "Touch ID" and proceed by clicking on 'Add a Fingerprint' on the next screen.

unlock mac with iphone touch id

Step 3 Type in the password to your admin account and continue with the process.

Step 4 Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the fingerprint. With the process completed, tap 'Ok' to conclude. You can use the Touch Bar present on the top of the keyboard of the Mac.

2. Setting up on MacBook Air

Step 1 With a dry and clean finger, proceed by clicking on the "Apple" icon followed by "System Preferences."

Step 2 Tap "Touch ID" across the new window and tap on the '+' icon to add a fingerprint on your administrative account.

unlock mac with iphone touch id

Step 3 You can select the checkboxes according to your discretion on the screen and proceed with adding the fingerprint.

Step 4 Use the "Touch ID" button present on the top-right corner of your keyboard to add the fingerprint. With the security protocol added, you can simply consider the method on how to unlock MacBook Air with Touch ID.

Part 3. How to Unlock MacBook Air with Touch ID?

Using the method to unlock Mac with Touch ID is quite simple and elegant in entirety. The complete use of this procedure can be undertaken by waking up the device at first and then lightly placing the finger across the 'Touch ID' button present on the top of the keyboard (See Blow).

how to unlock mac with touch id

However, it should be kept in mind that the function can only be used if the user is logged in with the specific admin account across which the Touch ID has been activated.

This feature not only presents the complete guide to unlock your Mac but provides you with the options of authenticating and unlocking several other features throughout the MacBook Air. This feature surely helps you make the complete procedure of working with the device easier and efficient.

Part 4. Can I Unlock the Touch ID on My iOS Device?

There can be scenarios where the device has been either accidentally locked because of a faulty Touch ID across your Mac or any other iOS device, or someone accidentally settled up their own fingerprint and made it impossible for you to unlock your device.

This leads you into a condition where you want to unlock your Touch ID across the device. Many third-party applications co-exist in the market, deeming efficient services to their users in terms of managing the devices. In such a saturated environment, dr.fone - Unlock (iOS) stands out many applications that provide free services of handling your iPhone and other iOS devices.

This platform ensures a very secure connection that would allow the user to unlock Touch ID across their Mac easily. There are several reasons that make dr.fone a very assertive solution to this issue, which are described as follows.


dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Unlock the Touch ID on iOS Device Easily

  • It can be used to unlock used iOS devices that have pre-set passwords.
  • Simply removes locks across your device in a few steps.
  • Compatible across the latest iOS along with all the associated iOS devices.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

The following guide explains to you how to efficiently consume dr.fone to cover the tracks for unlocking your iOS device.

Step 1: Download and Launch

You need to download dr.fone toolkit from the internet and install it on your device. Following the installation, launch it and proceed by selecting "Screen Unlock" from the list on the home window.

unlock iphone with iskysoft toolbox

Step 2: Connect the iOS device

With a new screen on your front, connect your iOS device and select the option of "Unlock iOS Screen" in the list to proceed.

connect iphone to computer

Step 3: Activate DFU

You will be required to move your device into DFU mode. For that, you may follow the on-screen instructions provided on the platform.

enter dfu mode

Step 3: Confirm and Execute

The next screen will display the information on your device. Confirm and proceed to download the firmware. Once downloaded, the application will initiate and execute the unlocking all by itself. You will be notified once it is completed.

iphone unlock successfully


The article presents a very informative introduction to Touch ID across a Mac and presented readers with an effective guide on how to unlock your Touch ID from the device. You need to look over the guide and procedure to gain a better understanding of the system.

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