How to Unlock iCloud Activation on Apple Watch?

Apple watch iCloud is locked? Don't worry, this article will show you 4 ways to unlock iCloud Activation on Apple Watch, just read it!

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The security system provided by iCloud is one of the best security options available. The most protective layer of Apple gadgets is its activation lock. This extra high protection security ensures that people are not attracted to stealing the Apple devices as it is virtually impossible to use them. With it, no one can access your data/ information stored in your gadgets. The activation lock remains the same across all your Apple devices, enabling you to maintain all your data over a single identification protocol. In this article, we take you through various techniques to unlock Apple watch iCloud.

Part 1. What is an iCloud Activation Lock?

As discussed above, the iCloud Activation lock is one of the strongest device locks that extends out to all the Apple devices under the same Apple ID. This makes data sharing easier across devices and protects the data as well. Technically this process is called an identification protocol and helps access your other devices with the "Find My" service offered in your iCloud. With this unique identification protocol, you not just lock up all your devices, you share your data across them as well. iCloud Activation lock serves dual purposes.

Part 2. What Happens If You Lose Your Password?

That is interesting because if you lose your password/ passcode, you not just lock yourself out, you also lose your data stored in those devices. Fortunately, there is a solution to that. Firstly, there's Apple support available if you lose the password. You can call them, and after confirming your predetermined identification, they will send you a new passcode. You can also use your two-factor option.

However, if the situation is different, meaning you have an iDevice that is not linked to your iCloud account, you are in a fix. However, the situation is difficult but not impossible. There are various ways that you can apply to gain access to the device.

Apple watches are getting better day by day as the developers are helping people to provide maximum access to applications through the watch. These are not limited to see time and manage calls now a day. You can have an access to the documents as well. So, losing iCloud, you may lose many passwords and files that are saved through advanced watches.

Part 3. How To Unlock Your Apple Watch iCloud.

If it is the owner who needs to bypass the Apple Watch iCloud, please remember that only the original credentials of the count will help you bypass Apple Watch iCloud. The 'Find My' service is a special feature instilled by Apple to protect the devices from illegal and unnecessary usage. You can use this service and access the activation lock. The activation lock is required to unlock several Apple Watch features; hence it is quite necessary. For instance, you require to use the lock for unpairing the Watch from the Apple device, or, for that matter pairing the Watch with another Apple Device and, of course, to turn the "Find My" service off. This activation lock is the only thing that will allow you to bypass the Apple Watch iCloud.

If you (the owner) intend to sell the Apple, watch you should ensure that the Activation Lock has been disabled/ deleted before handing over the Watch to the new owner. This is extremely easy. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Step 1. Your apple device that the Watch has been paired to and your Apple Watch should be with you at the time of deactivation.

Step 2. Access the Apple Watch through your device.

Step 3. Choose the name of your Watch when you tap on the "My Watch" tab.

Step 4. Choose the name of your Watch when you tap on the "My Watch" tab.

Step 5. Select the "Unpair Apple Watch.", for the cellular models of the Apple Watch, you have to select "Remove Carrier Pin."

Step 6. For the cellular models of the Apple Watch, you have to select "Remove Carrier Pin."

Step 7. The app will ask you for the Apple ID password to confirm it is the owner or with the owner's consent.

Step 8. You Watch will be successfully unpaired once you give the password.

apple watch

If you do not have the pairing device, here is what you will be required to do.

Step 1. Open up the iCloud app through your desktop and log in with your Apple ID.

Step 2. Next, tap the "Find my iPhone." Now select "All Devices." This will open up the list of devices connected to your Apple ID.

Step 3. Select "Apple Watch." On-screen instructions will appear to help you erase it.

Step 4. To permanently erase the Watch from the Activation Lock, you have to select the "Remove" button.

Change The Logic Board

If you have tried the techniques listed above and are still unable to unlock your Watch, here is a simple yet unique way of making your watch work, though it might be a bit costly. You can have the Logic Board of your Apple Watch replaced. Yes, this is an interesting and innovative way to "unlock iCloud." For this, you need to find an expert repairer and a logic board of a watch that still works. Replacing the logic board will help you get rid of the iCloud activation restrictions and resolve your issue. Some people do sell the spare parts of their watches when they need to get rid of them. The board might come in costly, though.

Use iCloud Removal Bypass Service to Remove the iCloud Lock from Your Apple Watch

You can remove the iCloud lock by using its serial number, and you can do this remotely. This is an Apple Watch activation lock bypass or Apple Watch iCloud Activation Lock Removal service. All you need to do is to send the serial number, and the iCloud will be removed. You can verify this by entering the 12-digit alpha-numeric on the iCloud website.

Use a third-party tool to remove the lock

Professional screen lock removal tools like Dr.Fone can help bypass iCloud locks, thus allowing you to use the Apple Watch without Apple ID or password. It removes the screen lock without the login ID and turns the "Find My" service off as well. These are called third-party tools. One such tool is the Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS). It effectively recovers all the requirements through effective protocols and mechanisms with the simplest techniques.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

The overall operation of unlocking your device without the passcode is quite simple with dr.fone.

  • Dr.Fone provides the simplest mechanism for unlocking your device.
  • Supports to remove 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, touch ID & face ID, iCloud activation lock and other types of lock screen on iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch.
  • Bypass iPhone passcode in any scenarios anytime.
  • Compatible with iOS and all associate devices.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

Now let us take you through a step-by-step guide for the operation of Dr. Fone to unlock your iDevice.

Step 1.Connect the Apple device to the computer and launch the required platform on the desktop and select Screen Unlock.


Step 2.Select Unlock Apple ID from the below screen.

apple id unlock

Step 3.Open the Apple Device and there will be a prompt that will ask you to Trust the Computer, click on trust.

Once that step is completed, you can easily success the settings of the device.

click trust

From the Settings, proceed to the Menu to reboot your device.

Step 4.6. The platform will automatically detect reboot and initiate the process of removing Apple ID from the device.

unlock completely

Once finished, the platform will send a prompt informing about the finish of the process.


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