Wipe iPhone Clean-Best Tips for You!

Do you want to wipe your iPhone clean when you buy a new Phone?Here are tips for you! And you can know how to wipe iPhone clean without Apple ID or wipe lost iPhone.

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Another new iPhone has recently grabbed your eye, and you want to own it, so it is a problem for you to deal with the old one. Your old iPhone may contain touchy private information, and you need to dispose of it. You would prefer not to unintentionally give your data to another person. Leaving individual subtleties on your old gadget may open you to security and protection hazards.

In this article, we'll tell you how to wipe an iPhone and iPhone storage cleaner before selling or reusing it. Illustrated beneath are four significant advances you need to take to safely wipe your information and counter-information remanence. We'll take you through each stride exhaustively. Here are a few hints on the most proficient method to wipe an iPhone securely and how to delete all messages on iPhone.

Part 1: Why Do We Need to Wipe Our iPhone?

Our cell phones are something beyond devices. They're expansions of ourselves, filled data about what makes us what our identity is. Private discussions, Instagrammed suppers, - whatever it is, you don't need that information to be gotten to by anybody. So when the opportunity at long last arrives to sell your handset, you need to ensure that you wipe all the information. To sell a telephone you need to try to eliminate any hint of…, so in order to prevent your important data from being exploitated maliciously, you need to wipe your iPhone to remain your information security.

Part 2: How to Wipe a Lost iPhone Remotely?

Wipe a lost iPhone with iCloud.

Turn on the Find my iPhone highlight on your telephone and associate a functioning iCloud account on your gadget for Find My iPhone to work. An iCloud account is offered for nothing from Apple.

Step 1. Go to Settings and tap Apple ID account (the top thing in the Settings application).

settings and apple id

Step 2. Tap iCloud, then click on Find My iPhone and switch it ON.

Open the Find iPhone application from another iOS gadget like an iPad or a PC's internet browser. Visit the iCloud.com site and sign in to your iCloud account.

find my iphone

Step 3. Select All Devices, at that point pick the gadget you need to delete.

select all device

Step 4. Select Erase iPhone.

erase iphone

After that, all the information will be cleaned forever.

Note: If your gadget is on the web, the cycle will start, and your gadget will be eradicated. If your gadget is disconnected, the far-off wipe will start once the gadget is online once more. On the off chance that you eradicate, discover your iOS gadget, you can reestablish the data on the gadget utilizing iCloud Backup (if reinforcement was turned on before you deleted it) or iTunes. For additional.

How to wipe an iPhone without password?

You can set your iPhone to naturally eradicate its information if some unacceptable password is entered more than multiple times by following these means.

Step 1. Open Settings, select Touch ID and Passcode or Face ID and Passcode if your iPhone utilizes Face ID validation, then enter your password whenever provoked.

face id and passcode

Step 2. If you don't have a password empowered, turn this on first by choosing Turn Passcode On, set a password for your decision and affirm it.

Step 3. Move the Erase Data flip the change to On/green.

erase data

Step 4. Peruse the admonition and tap Enable.

Your telephone is currently set to consequently eradicate the entirety of its information after 10 fizzled password passage endeavors.

Part 2: The Easiest Way to Erase an iPhone Permanently.

With regards to completely deleting your iPhone information, Dr. Fone-Data Eraser permits you to delete all your information from your iPhone, accordingly empowering you to arrange your telephone off with no dread of your touchy data getting presented to unapproved people.

Dr. Fone-Data Eraser is aprofessional iOS and Android information eraser for erasing both the current and erased information for all time, with 100% unrecoverable. If you might want to sell, reuse or give your telephone, you won't ever be stressed over your record data, messages, perusing history, or some other individual information as long as you have introduced this astonishing programming on your PC. Here I will introduce you to erase iPhone data with Dr. Fone-Data Eraser, the following are its main features:


dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS)

Best Tool to Thoroughly Erase Data on iOS

  • Prevent from identify thieves.
  • Powerful scanning ability.
  • Removes all of the unnecessary junk files, caches to free up iPhone storage.
  • Erases backup and deleted data completely as well.
  • Erased information is gone everlastingly and nobody can recover it.
  • Available for all iOS devices.
3,998,140 people have downloaded it

To earse data from your iPhone completely and permanently, you can follow the steps given bellow:

Step 1. Download Dr. Fone on your PC.

main interface

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to PC or Mac, tap on Trust on your iPhone/iPad screen to ensure the iPhone/iPad interfaces effectively.

connect your iphone

Step 3. Click Start to earse all data.

After that, it will display three options, you can choose Erase All Data, Erase Private Data or Free Up Space. Here you can choose Erase All Data to wipe your iPhone clean.

erase all data

Step 4. After clicking Start, you will see the bellow screen, please enter "000000" to affirm your activity when you are prepared, then click Erase Now.

tap 000000

Step 5. Then Dr. Fone will start to erase your data, you can see the process of erasing and click stop if you want.

start erase data

Step 6. After the erasing process finish, you can see that your data will be erased completely.

erase successfully

Part 4: Can I Wipe My iPhone Completely Without Apple ID?

Dr. Fone is a wonderful data management tool, it owns 11 different tools for various data management demands. If you want to wipe your iPhone data without Apple ID, you can use Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock to do it. It is an ideal choice for individuals who are searching for a simple and bother-free iPhone Apple ID unlock software. Through Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock, you can wipe all iPhone data after unlocking Apple ID. The following are main features of Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

The overall operation of unlocking your device without the passcode is quite simple with dr.fone.

  • Get into locked iPhone/iPad without passcode.
  • The lock screen or other security protocols are removed without the need for iTunes.
  • Bypass iPhone passcode in any scenarios anytime.
  • Remove 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, touch ID & face ID on iPhone/iPad.
  • A very user-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with iOS and all associate devices.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

Here are a few steps to eradicate the iPhone without Apple ID with Dr. Fone:

Step 1. Download dr.fone and connect your phone to PC, then choose Screen Unlock.

main interface

Step 2. Choose Unlock Apple ID.

After choosing Screen Unlock, you will see four unlock modes from the below screen, here you shall choose Unlock Apple ID.

choose unlock mode

Step 3. Please click Trust on your after receiving the prompt of Trust This Computer.

trust the computer

Step 4. After that, you will see a warning prompt appear. Type "000000" and tap the "Unlock" button instantly.

Here you can see a warning that the data will be erased if you remove the Apple ID.

reset apple id

Step 5. Then you need to reset your iPhone according to the steps bellow.

reset according to steps

Step 6. After resetting your iPhone, you just need to wait for the unlock process complete, then your data will be erased completely.

unlock apple id


Following these means to clean your iPhone will bring about a gadget that looks and performs better. Dr. Fone is nearly an all-around software for data management, with it, you can wipe your data in different scenarios.

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