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  1. 1. Backup iPhone to iCloud
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  9. 9. Backup Jailbroken iPhone
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  13. 13. Backup iPad without iTunes
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  15. 15. Backup iPad to Computer
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  17. 17. Backup iPhone 6s
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  1. 1. Backup iPhone Contacts
  2. 2. Extract Contacts from iPhone Backup Files
  3. 3. Backup iPhone Contacts to Google Account
  4. 4. Backup iPhone Notes
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  6. 6. Backup iPhone SMS to Gmail
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  9. 9. Backup iPhone Photos
  10. 10. Backup iPhone Calendar
  11. 11. iPhone Google Cloud Print
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  13. 13. Contacts from Phone to Computer
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  1. 1. View iPad Backup
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  3. 3. iPhone Won't Restore
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  9. 9. Restore iPhone XS from Backup
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  1. 1. Delete iPhone Backup
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  3. 3. iPad Won't Backup
  4. 4. iPubsoft iPhone Backup Extractor
  5. 5. Delete iPhone Backup on Mac
  6. 6. Backup iPhone Contacts Without iTunes
  7. 7. iTunes Backup Location
  8. 8. iTunes Backup Password
  9. 9. iMessage for Windows
  10. 10. Export iPhone Calendar
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  13. 13. Print Messages from iPhone
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  18. 18. iPhone Voicemail not Working
  19. 19. 3 Methods for Backing up iPad without iTunes

May 16,2020 • Filed to: iPad Recovery • Proven solutions

One of the worst things in life to happen to anyone is the loss of personal data. There are many reasons for this – phone loss, damage, accidental delete, virus, jailbreak related problems, errors in the device software, reset etc. All of this has one major drawback; loss of precious personal data accumulated over months if not years.

It is always advisable to create backups for your personal data – in case of disaster or problems it is very easy to access backed up information. However if you do not have any backups of your personal data, there are some iPad backup software in the market to help you backup your iPad.

Part 1. List of Top 5 iPad Backup Programs (Desktop)

1. dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

iPad Backup Software
  • Works for both iPad and iPhones. Provides a comprehensive list of recovery features including WhatsApp contact messages, photos, videos, call history, safari bookmarks and notes to list a few.
  • Has the ability to retrieve data from iPad, iCloud and iTunes backup as well.
  • Is extremely simple to use.
  • A free version with great features and flexibility.
  • The selective recovery provides for easy use.

Steps to recover data from iPad via dr.fone - iOS Toolkit

Step 1: Run the application and then choose “Data Recovery” from the interface. Connect your iPad to the computer using the USB cable.

ipad data recovery tool

Step 2: From the next window, please choose the file types to scan. The available types includes messages, contacts, photos, videos, call history, etc. Then click on Start Scan button.

recover ipad data

Step 3: When the scan process is over, you can see the results displayed in catagories. Choose the wanted items and hit the Resotre to Device button or Export to Mac button to save them!

Note: This process will also help you find your deleted or lost data on iPad. It's up to you to select the data you want to backup on computer.

backup ipad data

2. SynciOS Data Recovery

SynciOS Data Recovery


  • Comprehensive software that offers both data retrieval and backup function.
  • Has the ability to retrieve and backup data deleted from iPhone 6/6plus, iPad Air/Mini 2, iPod touch 5 and iOS 8 to make it extremely updated.
  • Easily recovers damaged and deleted data from iPhones, iPads and iPods.
  • Offers backward compatibility
  • Provides four modules – highly functional and one-touch interface
  • Very fast and easy to use and comes with a comprehensive GUI


  • Not really any negative. May be trial version needs few more features but other than that it is almost perfect.

3. iMobile PhoneRescue

iMobile PhoneRescue


  • A completely paid service that focuses on analyzing & recovering the most important 22 types of iOS content.
  • The program retrieves all of users valued information via 3 safe, protected and reliable ways
  • Exports music, movies and books to the computer even when you cannot access your iPhone.
  • The interface is extremely clean and well organized.
  • It is compatible with windows and mac


  • The trial version is with very limited functionality where you can only see the contents but cannot do anything with them.
  • Deep scan may take extra time.

4. Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Leawo iOS Data Recovery


  • It can recover data from iOS devices/iCloud backup/iTunes backup making it a comprehensive recovery solution.
  • A complete set of features makes it possible to recover messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, call history, bookmarks etc.
  • It can recover user App data like WhatsApp, Instagram, Flickr, iPhoto, iMovie, Kindle etc.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS 8.
  • Offers fast data speed when it comes to recovery.
  • The user interface is first class


  • Can give a different experience sometimes as some contacts may not be fully recovered.

5. CopyTrans



  • Recover data from iOS Devices directly and iTunes Backup.
  • Is able to import videos, transfer artwork and detailed files as well.
  • The restoration is possible for diversified file formats from iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.
  • Very easy to use interface making it an optimal solution.
  • Comprehensive solution that has won lots of user awards and appreciation.
  • Fast data recovery


  • No obvious flaws or problems of note

Part 2. List of Top 5 Backup Apps for iPad (Mobile)

1. FunV10


Simple mobile software that makes the life easy for people using it


  • Works well with contacts, pictures and basic data
  • Constantly updated and maintained with version compatibility


  • Does not have email functionality

2. iDrive


Comprehensive mobile backup solution for all your needs


  • Sync files with security and reliability, offers private keys for higher security
  • Offers cross platform compatibility as well – you can backup from iOS and restore to Android
  • One touch backup with extremely easy interface.


  • Hardly any except that it works from iOS 7.0 and upwards only

3. Mozy


A high-end solution for data backups and life on the go


  • Extremely efficient professional product that is great for commercial use as well.
  • Safe and secure and comes with many alternative pricing ranges to cater for needs of all people


  • Is a bit expensive and high end solution.

4. PKGBackup


If your iPhone is jail broken and requires backup, this software comes in extremely handy. “Does not work if the phone is not jail broken”


  • Offers scheduled backups (auto backups)
  • Offers scheduled backups (auto backups)
  • Can be migrated to cloud storage as well
  • Offers comprehensive sharing features between two mobile devices
  • Firm ware independent making it ideal to use over many iOS platforms and versions


  • Slight learning curve to get used to the app.

5. Backup - Backup - My Contact Pro

Backup - My Contact Pro

An extremely simple and useful app that can be used to back up phone contacts.


  • Backups are offered in four formats – Excel, Gmail, outlook and vCard
  • After backups are created they can be previewed, emailed or uploaded to cloud or drop boxes
  • Offers flexibility while exporting settings in an easy way
  • You can view names during the backup creation process


  • Works with iOS 7.0 or later and offers no backward compatibility
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