Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Remove iPhone lock screen, iCloud lock, MDM lock, etc.

  • · Remove 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, Apple ID.
  • · Bypass iCloud Activation lock, Screen Time Passcode and MDM lock.
  • · No tech knowledge required.

Remove All Types of Lock Screen

Remove all types of lock screens on iPhone/iPad, including 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, Screen Time Passcode, etc.

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4-digit Passcode
6-digit Passcode
Touch ID
Face ID
Screen Time Passcode

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

You may forget the iCloud password after restoring the device and can't access the phone anymore. With Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock, you can easily remove iCloud activation lock and get into a normal iPhone.

Note: The precondition to bypass iCloud activation lock is to jailbreak your iOS. Please consider if you want to jailbreak.

Unlock Apple ID

Forget your Apple ID password and fail to remove the Apple ID account? Dr.Fone can unlock iPhone within seconds. In addition, you can regain all iCloud services and Apple ID features by logging into a new account.

This feature can work no matter your Find My iPhone is enabled or not.

Remove MDM/Bypass MDM

With Dr.Fone's 'Remove MDM' feature, you can bypass MDM lock without data loss. When you forget the username and password for MDM iPhone/iPad, Dr.Fone can bypass MDM easily, and then you can access the device like a pro.

Bypass iPhone/iPad Lock Screen In Any Scenario Anytime!

Whether you forget your passcode, have an iPhone disabled by others, or just got a second-hand iPhone, Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock allows you to remove iPhone lock screen within a few clicks. No technical skills are required.

Forgot Password
iPhone Is Disabled
Second-hand iPhone
Unknown Password

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in Seconds

With several clicks, Dr.Fone safely removes your iPhone lock screen, activation lock, etc., and helps you regain full access to your device.

screen unlock home interface
jailbreak your ios
unlock icloud lock successfully
01 Select the unlock type from "Screen Unlock"
Launch Dr.Fone, click "Screen Unlock" and choose the desired unlock type.
02 Jailbreak your device
Jailbreak your device before starting the unlocking process.
03 Unlocked successfully
Dr.Fone will remove the iCloud Activation lock successfully from your device.

Tech Specs


1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)


256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)

Hard Disk Space

200 MB and above free space


iOS 15, iOS 14/14.6, iOS 13, iOS 12/12.3, iOS 11, iOS 10.3, iOS 10, iOS 9

Computer OS

Windows: Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Mac: 12 (macOS Monterey), 11 (macOS Big Sur), 10.15 (macOS Catalina), 10.14 (macOS Mojave), Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12(macOS Sierra), 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), or 10.8

iPhone Unlock FAQs

  • After you keep entering the incorrect passcode, your iPhone will show the messages below:

    1. 5 incorrect passcode entries in a row, it shows "iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute";
    2. 7 incorrect passcode entries in a row, it shows "iPhone is disabled, try again in 5 minutes";
    3. 8 incorrect passcode entries in a row, it shows "iPhone is disabled, try again in 15 minutes";
    4. 9 incorrect passcode entries in a row, it shows "iPhone is disabled, try again in 60 minutes";
    5. 10 incorrect passcode entries in a row, it shows "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes";

    After 10 incorrect passcode entries, your device will be completely locked and you will have to restore your iPhone to get it unlocked.

  • You can follow the steps below to reset the forgotten passcode using iTunes after forgetting your iPhone passcode.

    1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer.
    2. Wait for iTunes to sync and backup your iPhone if you have synced your iPhone on this computer. Click Restore iPhone and set up your iPhone after the device is restored, then tap Restore from iTunes backup.
    3. If you never sync your iphone to the computer before, you can only restore your iPhone data in Recovery mode. Try to force restart your iPhone After connecting it, then click Restore.

No worry about iPhone/iPad unlocking!

Whether your phone is screen locked or bought a second-hand with Activation lock, MDM, or screen time passcode, Dr.Fone can handle all these locks and unlock them!

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