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Many Facebook users generally find the most frustrating thing is that the user cannot maintain a copy of the information from the news feed or a backup of his messages. Any such challenge acts as food for thought for all developers. Developers have worked on various issues and resolved this problem too. Now users can export, print, save or download Facebook messages. Facebook messages can be stored by using the following method. By the way, you can learn more on how to export and print Facebook messages on iPhone.

Part 1. The All-in-one Method to Save/Export/Print/Download Facebook Messages

In order to save/export/print/download Facebook messages easily, you had better use a powerful tool like dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS). Just need to follow the steps below, you can achieve your goal soon.

Step-by-Step Guide to Save/Export/Print/Download Facebook Messages to Mac / PC

Step 1. Select "Recover from iOS Device" Mode

First, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Now download Toolbox iSkysoft - iOS Data Recovery on your computer. Install and Launch it. You will get the main window of the program. Click the "Data Recovery" menu.

By default, you'll navigate to the "Recover from iOS Device" window. Check the file types that you want to recover. Then click on the "Start Scan" button. The software will start scanning.

scan facebook message

Step 2. Select and Scan Voice Memos

When the scan process is completed, you can see the results are listed and displayed. Before you decide on the data to recover, you can preview the data in detail. Check them and click "Export to Mac" at the lower right corner. Also, you can choose to export the data to your local computer.

export facebook message

Step 3. Print Facebook Messages

When you want to export messages, you can click "Print" icon on the top of the program if you want to print messages on iOS devices (including iOS 11 devices).

print facebook messages

Why Choose This Software to Save, Export and Print Facebook Messages:

  • Recover data from iOS device/iTunes backup files/iCloud backup files.
  • Support more than 20 file types, such as messages, photos, videos, contacts, call history, safari boolmark, etc.
  • Fully support iOS device, including the latest iPhone XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 plus, iphone 6/6s/6 plus, iPhone 5/5s/5c, and other former versions.
  • Easy operation to recover data with only 3 steps.

Part 2. Downloading a Copy of the Whole Data

Step 1: You can place a request to the support center of Facebook requesting offline access to your personal data.

Step 2: You may save the accessed data by downloading the personal archives. This can be done by selecting the Account Settings option denoted by the gear icon and located on the rightmost corner of the window screen. You will find a text displaying "Download a copy of your Facebook data" on the left of the option "General Account Settings". Click on the link and your data is saved on your iOS device.

export facebook messages

Part 3. Print the Chat Conversations on Facebook

Facebook does not include a facility to print the messages, but you can print your Facebook messages in three ways: use the print function of the web browser, print the screenshot or copy the messages to a text document and then print.

#1. Print From Your Browser

Open the message in the window of the web browser in a position where you can view the message entirely.

  • Chrome users should press Control and "P" keys together to view the print option. See the preview and click on "Print" option.
  • Firefox users need to select the menu button on the toolbar and click "Print" option.
  • Internet Explorer users need to select the gear icon and click on "Print" option from the drop-down menu.

print facebook messages

#2. Print a Screenshot

  • Open the message to be printed, ensuring that the full message is visible on the screen. Use the keyboard button "Prt Scn", or "Print Screen". The screenshot will be taken.
  • Paste the screenshot in the application "Paint". Crop the screenshot to select only the portion covering the Facebook message.
  • In the "File" menu, click the "Print" in order to take a printout of the screenshot.

#3. Print Posted Text

  • Access your Facebook account to open the message history. Move the cursor over the particular text to select the entire message. Copy the message in parts, if the message is long.
  • Open a text document and paste the copied text into it. Alter the text settings according to your printing preference.
  • Print the data like a normal text document.

Part 4. Save Your Facebook Messages Using MessageSaver

Step 1: Go to the official website of MessageSaver. Click on the "Go" button. MessageSaver gains the access to your Facebook messages. Select the particular conversation or message by clicking it.

Step 2: Click on the "Download" button. This action enables Messagesaver for Facebook to download all the messages in your Facebook account. The process of downloading takes time, so you need to be patient.

Step 3: Lastly, you can save the messages in a favorable format.

save facebook messages

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