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Is It Possible to Reset iPhone to Factory Settings Without Computer?
When you want to troubleshoot your iPhone you have to reset it. It may sound surprising to some iPhone users to know that you can reset you iPhone without using a computer. In fact there are different ways to reset your iPhone without the computer. You can utilize the sleep/wake and home button commonly known as hard reset. Furthermore, you can also use factory reset your iPhone using the reset option under settings on your iPhone. For this case we will show you how to reset using this later method.

Best Way to Factory Reset iPhone Without Computer

In this part we will show you a detailed step by step on how to factory reset using your iPhone directly without a computer. With this method you will also lose data and settings you had made on your iPhone. Therefore, you should do a backup of files on your computer. Now let us have a whistle stop tour on how to factory reset your iPhone without a Mac or PC.

Step 1. On your iPhone locate the “Settings” app and tap on it.

Step 2. After that click on “General” button on the settings.

Step 3. Next scroll down until you find “Reset” option and then tap on it.

factory reset iphone without computer

Step 4. On the Reset options tap on “Erase All Settings” option.

Step 5. A notification will pop up informing you that if you erase iPhone you will delete all the settings and media data. Proceed and click on “Erase iPhone” button.

Once the factory reset is complete, you will have your iPhone the same way you purchased it. You can now set up your device and do the necessary personal settings. 

Recommend the Best iOS Data Recovery Software - dr.fone

It is simple to reset your iPhone (including iPhone X and iPhone 8) as explained above. You will then setup your device and store photos, documents, memos, contacts, videos, mails and others. Now, what if you iPhone breaks or you delete files accidentally. How will you restore them? To restore this files you need you will have to download dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery software. This software is a comprehensive tool that recovers different file formats from a couple of iOS devices such iPhones iPods and iPads. Moreover, it is a cross- platform software that can be downloaded on both Mac and Windows operating system.

Why Choose This iPhone Data Recovery Software:

  • This tool supports data loss cases such as; data lost when upgrading iOS, due to jailbreak failure, system crash, broken iOS device, damaged device, accidental deletion, virus attack and a locked device.
  • It is built with has three recovery ways ; recover from iOS device directly, recover from iCloud backup and recover from iTunes backup file.
  • To retrieve file this software scans, previews and then it restores.
  • It supports selective recovery of files. By this we mean that you select the specific file types you want o scan and recover.
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