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Apr 02,2020 • Filed to: iPhone Recovery • Proven solutions

"What do to when I forgot iCloud password?"
In today’s world, each of us has millions of accounts and for safety reasons we generally have different passwords on each one. So it is quite common to forget ones password in one of those accounts. What if you forgot the password to your iCloud account?

You need not worry; there are numerous ways how you can restore your account. One of them involves sending a recovery email to your Apple account with your password, while the other one involves recovery using secret questions. There is also another method which involves a two-step verification process.

If all of these three steps fail, you will have to go for a new iCloud account. But before you do that, let’s take a look at these recovery procedures one by one.

Part 1: How to Reset Your iCloud Password Using a Recovery Email

The first move when you forgot your iCloud password is to reset your iCloud password via recovery email. This involves sending a recovery mail to your Apple ID along with the software of your iCloud account. It is pretty simple, you just need to follow the steps as written below.

Step 1. You need to launch Safari web browser on your iPhone and type iforgot.apple.com in the address bar.

Step 2. There you find the password retrieval options "Enter you Apple ID" and "Forgot Apple ID". Choose "Enter your Apple ID".

forgot icloud password 

Step 3. Once you've entered your Apple Email ID select "Reset by Mail" option in the "Passowrd Reset Options" which appear.

Step 4. You'll find the Email has been sent tab. Check the recovery mail sent to your Apple ID and follow the directions as mentioned there to reset your iCloud password.

forgot icloud password 

Part 2: How to Reset Your iCloud Password Using Secret Questions

Okay, that is only if you remember your Apple ID password. What if you’ve forgotten that too? Is there any other way you can restore your Apple iCloud ID? Well yes, it can be restored once you answer he secret questions you mentioned initially as a part of your account. Let's look at the second method when you forgot iCloud password.

Step 1. You need to launch Safari web browser on your iPhone and type iforgot.apple.com in the address bar.

Step 2. There you find the password retrieval options "Enter you Apple ID" and "Forgot Apple ID". Choose "Enter your Apple ID".

Step 3. Once you’ve entered your email ID tap on "Next" in the top right corner.

forgot icloud password 

Step 4. In case you cannot access an email sent to your Apple email ID, the only other option you've got over here is to choose "Answer Security Questions" .

Step 5. You need to verify your Date of birth as well in order to proceed

Step 6. Once you've typed in the answers to all the questions, click "Next".

Step 7. Type your new password and confirm it.

forgot icloud password 

Part 3: How to Reset Your iCloud Password Using Two-step Verification

In case you enabled the two step verification process for your iPhone, the recovery procedure will be quite different for you. However, in that case, you need to remember your recovery key provided to you by Apple during the verification process of your Apple device in order to restore your iCloud account password. Some people go for this type of a recovery procedure to increase safety of their accounts and minimise chances of hacking of their accounts. Most importantly, you’ll be needig your most trusted Apple device to cooperate with you. It has to be either an iPhone or an iPad.Now the third method when you forgot iCloud password is following.

Step 1. You need to launch Safari web browser on your iPhone and type iforgot.apple.com in the address bar.

Step 2. There you find the password retrieval options "Enter you Apple ID" and "Forgot Apple ID". Choose "Enter your Apple ID".

Step 3. Once you’ve entered your email ID tap on "Next" in the top right corner.

forgot icloud password 

Step 4. Enter the Recovery Key provided to you and tap "Next" on the top right corner. They Key was provided to you by Apple inc when you were enabling this two-step verification process during the verification of your phone. In case you do not remember that, you cannot go ahead.

forgot icloud password 

Step 5. Remember we told you about a trusted Apple device? Well you need that to verify your identity with and tap “Next” button on the top right corner of the screen. The device should preferably be the one you’re currently on.

Step 6. Now you need to enter the verification code and again tap "Next".

Step 7. Now at last you can change your password. You can type in your new password and hit "Next".

Step 8. Sooner than you think you’ll be receiving a confirmation from Apple inc regarding the change of password and if your account was ready to be accessed with it.

forgot icloud password 

Part 4: How to Create a New iCloud Accout (When All Ways Above Don't Work)

When you forgot iCloud password and can not access to it, well, you must be thinking what you can do in case you:

• Forget you Apple ID password.
• Also forget the answers to your secret questions or for some reason do not remember the answer you had entered to each of these questions during the setup of your account.
• Also forget the recovery code of your Apple ID or you simple had not activated the two step verification process.

Well, in such a scenario I’m afraid you’re left with little choice but to go for a new iCloud account. Well, in order to have an iCloud account you need to have an Apple ID. The steps to create an Apple account are as stated below:

Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your Apple device, be it the iPhone or the iPad. Then choose iCloud.

Step 2. When you’re there select “Get a free Apple ID”.

Step 3. Enter your birthday details and tap “Next” button on the top right hand corner.

forgot icloud password 

Step 4. Now, you choose whether you want to create a brand new iCloud email or would yoy like to use your existing email. Once you’ve decides and chosen that, tap on “Next”.

Step 5. In case you’ve decided to create a new iCloud email, you can select the details on this page and then choose “Next”.

forgot icloud password 

Step 6. Choose Create on the following page.

Step 7. In case you decide to use an existing email ID then you need to check your email and tap on a link in order to confirm that it is indeed your email ID. After you’ve done this, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 8. In either of the methods, you will be required to choose your password. An alphanumeric password is recommended as it is difficult to breach by hackers.

forgot icloud password 

Part 5: How to Recover Data from iCloud

iCloud has lots power functions which make it more convenient when using iPhone/iPad. In a way it was designed to backup photos, vidoes, documents, music, apps, etc. In this way you are able to access to them when you want. Apart from that, from iCloud, dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery can help you recover the missing data. This is designed to help people who can't find the lost data on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. So there is another choice, to recover data from iCloud.

  • dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery allows you to recover data in 3 ways: from iCloud, iTunes, and the device itself.
  • It can recover up to 20+ file types, such as photos, contacts, messages, call history, App documents, etc.
  • It fully supports all of the iOS device, including iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 plus/6/6s/5 and other former modes.
  • The data can be preview before you decide to recover.
  • It is a read-only data tool, never worried about data leaked.

Step-by-step guide for how to recover data from iCloud

Step 1: The very first step is to download and install dr.fone on your computer. Open it and click the 'Data Recovery' option from the main interface. Then choose 'Recover from iCloud backup file' from the leftside menus. You will get the window like this picture. Sign in your iCloud account.

icloud data recovery

Step 2: Now you can see all your iCloud bakcup files detected by the program. Therefore, you can only recover the data that you had backed up to iCloud. Choose the target backup file and click on the Download button.

recover icloud data

Step 3: There will be a pop-up window requiring you to choose the file types that you want to recover. Check then then click Next.

how to recover files on icloud

Step 4: It starts the scan process. When it finishes, you will see all data are shown. Now you can preview the data and find the lost data that you need. Finally, check them and recover them from iOS (iOS 11 supported) devices. Done!

recover files on icloud

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