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Printers have a special place in the hearts even though they see a slow decline in sales. They no longer are the go-to source of information as they were in the ‘90s and ‘00s. Nonetheless, millions of people still prefer physical print medium using laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You have plenty of options for printing from your iPhone. Modern printers made the task easy with the help of wireless printing by using Apple’s AirPrint functionality, native, and third party applications that utilize local Wi-Fi for remote printing.

Solution 1. Extract and Print iPhone Data via a PC or Mac

Losing data from your iPhone will only make things go bad. It becomes worse if you do not have a backup created. If you are wondering how to retrieve the data and print all the necessary files, then you can recover the lost data by using iSkySoft Toolbox - iOS Data Recovery. With the help of the program, you can quickly find all the deleted or lost contacts, videos, notes, and other files from your iPhone. In fact, this tool can also help directly print your iPhone files no matter whether you have extracted them to your computer or not.

printing from iphone

Key Features of dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery

  • Supports wide file formats making it easy for you to recover any file from your iPhone 7/SE/6s(Plus)/6(Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS, iPad Pro/Air/mini.
  • You can preview the existing or lost content before recovering, extracting or printing them.
  • You can extract and print both the current data and lost data from your iPhone or iTunes/iCloud backup to your computer.
  • The deep scan technology helps in completing the scanning process at a faster pace than other recovery tools.

Guide to Print Data from iPhone with Simple Steps

Note: You should connect a printer to your Mac/PC before working the program.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC/Mac

Launch the program by clicking the icon from the desktop. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Once the program detects the phone, you will see the following screen. Choose the "Data Recovery" option. You can then begin selecting the file formats that you wish to extract and save. After completing the selection process, click the “Start Scan” button to begin the scanning process for your iPhone.

print iphone

Step 2. Deeply scan your iPhone data

You can then begin selecting the file formats that you wish to extract and save. Then click the “Start Scan” button to begin the scanning process for your iPhone. Do not disconnect your iPhone during the scanning process. Furthermore, ensure that the connection between the computer and iPhone remains stable. You can see the files that are recoverable and available in the iPhone in the interface of the program.

how do i print from my iphone

Step 3. Print iPhone data

Once iSkysoft completes the scanning, you will see the data availability according to the file type that you have selected. You can preview the lost files individually before recovering to ensure that you are choosing only the needed files. You can mark only the necessary files rather than the entire backup. After that, hit the "Printer" icon, you will be able to print files via local printer.

can i print from my iphone

Of course, you can also extract iPhone data to your Mac/PC first by clicking the "Recover" button. Then you have the needed data available on your computer, you can easily print the documents and files that are important. The process will help you in recovering all the valuable information that you stored in your iPhone. The reason for deleting content or losing them is aplenty. Irrespective of the situation, you now have the opportunity to recover the lost content from your iPhone in simple steps.

Solution 2. Use AirPrint to Print from iPhone 7/SE/6s(Plus)/6(Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS

how to print from iphone

Step 1: If you are using iPhone 3GS, or later you can use AirPrint with the preferred compatible printer. Leading brands such as Samsung, HP, Canon, Brother, and Dell released AirPrint compatible printers.

Step 2: Configure the printers, if needed. Many models automatically work with AirPrint without any configuration. You can check the manuals provided with the printer to determine the functionality of the printer using AirPrint. Ensure that the printer is on the same network as that of the iPhone.

Step 3: Open photo, email, document, or webpage that you would like to print. Pat the “options” symbol located to the left side of the screen at the bottom.

Step 4: Open the item that you would like to print and click “Share” and head towards “Print” option.

Step 5: Tap “Select Printer” to allow iPhone to search for AirPrint printers.

Step 6: As the printer is already available on the same network as that of the iOS device, you will see it in the list generated by the device. Once it appears, tap your printer.

Step 7: The selected printer will appear in the printer slot. Click the “Print” icon to send the job to the printer. Choose the number of reprints you want to print before submitting the job for printing. Make necessary changes to the settings if required before printing.

Step 8: The printer prints the job and the status displays on your iPhone. Tap “Done” after completing the printing.

Solution 3. Try Printing Apps for Printing Data on iPhone

print from iphone

Step 1: Visit iTunes App Store and search for printing applications. You will come across a selection of apps that you could use to print from your iPhone.

If you are utilizing an HP network printer, you can download HP e-print, a free printing app that will enable you to print straight from your iPhone.

Printing application “Print” from IRM allows you to print to any printer including all the AirPrint printers. It allows you to print multiple file formats and is compatible with iOS 5 and 6.

PrintCentral also allows you to print to all printers. It will even work on 3G networks when you do not have a Wi-Fi within reach.

Breezy has low reviews. However, it is easy to use, and you do not require being present on your home wireless network. You can easily fax and print documents to any printer that are in your vicinity.

ActivePrint allows you to print photos and documents to any printer including AirPrint printers. It even gives you the opportunity to print over the Internet to cloud printers such as Google cloud printer.

Step 2: Download an app that you find it suitable with your existing printer. Ensure that you configure the printer with the application that you downloaded. You can then begin printing documents and photos directly from your iPhone.

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