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Relatively old a technology as could be, text messaging does not have to be boring. So if you would like to customize some iPhone message settings and make text messaging more personalized and even fun, follow through the instructions below.

The tips below include steps on how to customize the Messaging app on the phone through a number of methods. Some of the methods are possible without the use of any other apps by simply changing the settings on the phone. There are others, though, that would require third-party apps be installed. Moreover, some of the customization tips below require jailbreaking because Apple does not approve some customization options on the phone through the native operating system.

Part 1. How to Set iPhone Text Message Sound

The iPhone allows users to change the alert and sound effects when receiving an SMS or iMessage through the system settings. Users can select from a variety of sound effects that come with the phone or create a custom sound alert. At the same time, the phone can be set to have per contact sound alert to make it even more personalized.

Method 1. Set iPhone Message Tones

Step 1. To change iPhone message sound for all incoming messages, open "Settings" from the main screen of the iPhone. Look for "Sounds" and tap on it.

Step 2. "Text Tone" can be selected from the list of options. Text tone is associated with the default tone. Tap on the item to find other sound effects that you might like. Tapping on the tone plays a preview of that tone to help you decide which one to set.

iphone text message sound

Method 2. Set iPhone Message Ringtone for a Contact

Step 1. If you want to assign a specific text tone to a contact, you need to open the "Phone" application. Tap on the "Contacts" tab, and look for the contact name then tap on it.

Step 2. Tap on Edit then select "Text Tone". Lastly, look for the text tone that you would like to assign to this contact.

iphone message sound

Part 2. How to Set iPhone Message Notification

Users can change the way the iPhone displays notifications.

Step 1. From the Home Screen of the phone, tap "Settings" and select "Notifications" from the list. This is where you can change the notification settings of the phone.

Step 2. From the Messages option under "Notification Settings", set notifications as banners on top or as alerts in the middle of the screen.

iphone message notification

Part 3. How to Set Auto-Reply Text Message on iPhone

Auto-reply feature is available in iOS devices and comes with predefined messages. These messages can be customized though to better fit the user's preference.

Step 1. To change the auto-reply message, go to "Settings". From the list tap on Phone.

Step 2. Tap "Respond With Text or Reply with Message". The screen would show three messages that can be changed and customized. Changing it is as simple as tapping on the message and deleting the existing messages then creating your own. Once done you may exit from Settings and may now start using these auto-reply messages when receiving a call that you cannot answer just yet.

auto reply text message iphone

Part 4. How to Recover Deleted or Lost iPhone Messages

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[Update] If you want to know how to recover messages on iPhone, please read this post: Full Solutions to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

iphone message settings

Part 5. How to Set iPhone Message Background

iOS does not readily allow users to change the background of the Messages app. This means that if you want to customize the background of the Messages App, the phone requires jailbreak. Once the iPhone has been jailbroken, you may download and install the Cydia application. This free application allows users to change the background to an image or picture. With this app, you can also set iPhone text message colors and iPhone message timestamp.

Cydia can be downloaded and installed on the iPhone while jailbreaking the phone at the same time. Once installed, you are now ready to use the app. On the main screen of Cydia, search for Desktop/SMS Background through the bar at the bottom. Select the Desktop/SMS Background and then tap the Install button. Once done, tap on Confirm.

iphone message background

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