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Is it possible to print from iPhone without AirPrint?

The answer to this statement is yes. You can print documents, photos, text messages, and any other file that is printable from your iPhone without using AirPrint. The alternative methods discussed in this article will give you the required knowledge to print from iPhone without AirPrint. You can print your favorite pictures or those important documents even if you do not have an AirPrint enabled printer. You can look for printing apps from iTunes store or even try the process of extracting data from the iPhone and print all the relevant documents or photos.

How to Print from iPhone Without AirPrint

Recovery tools provide the chance to retrieve all the content from iPhone. The same principle applies to iSkySoft Toolbox - iOS Data Recovery tool for the iPhone. Nevertheless, the point that makes it unique is the features built into the program. Not only does it retrieves the lost data but also extracts the existing files on your iPhone. What's more, it can directly print from iPhone via a printer connected with your Mac/PC. By the way, you can then choose only those necessary files that you wish to print rather than downloading the entire content. It is possible due to selective selection technology incorporated. It not only saves time but also helps in avoiding unwanted clutter from the device.

how to print from iphone without airprint

Key Features of dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery

  • Support for different file formats providing the chance to recover any file from iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s(Plus)/6(Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS.
  • Give preview of the recoverable files from the iPhone so that you do not have to download everything.
  • Selective selection ability gives you the chance to pick only the necessary files.
  • Extract the data and create a new backup for the current content.
  • Scans deeply and quickly to save time.

Tutorial on Printing from iPhone Without AirPrint

Step 1. Connect iPhone

Download the trial version of dr.fone - iOS Toolkit. Install the program and launch it. Connect iPhone to the PC using the USB cable. Now please click "Data Recovery".

print from iphone without airprint

Step 2. Choose the Files and Scan

Once the program detects your iPhone, you will see the information present in the device as shown in the figure below. The next requires you to select the file types that you wish to print. Note that it is a multiple option selection, and you can choose different file formats. Once you have marked the file formats, proceed to the next by clicking the “Start Scan” button.

printing from iphone without airprint

Step 3. Preview and Print iPhone data

Ensure that the connection between the iPhone and the computer is stable. The program scans the device and analyzes the existing and recoverable data. The found data from your iPhone will appear on the interface window once the scan is complete. You can then preview the file types that you want to print and even check the quantity of lost data. After that, you can see a "Printer" icon on the menu, just click it. Then you will get a pop-up window, which enables you to print iPhone files via a local printer.

how to print from iphone without airprint printer

Meanwhile, you can also extract iPhone data first, and then print them from your PC/Mac. To achieve that, you should mark the files that are important and click “Recover” button. The program will begin to scan the iPhone and store all the files that are recoverable in the computer. If you wish to see only the deleted files, then choose “Only display deleted items” option and click the “Recover” button. The program will begin recovering the files and save them to the computer. The operation requires a few minutes of time. Be patient until the process is complete. Browse the folder to check the recovered files. Congratulations! You have successfully extracted data from your iPhone.

Tip: How to print from iPhone using AirPrint?

If you have an AirPrint supported printer, you can directly print your files from iPhone. AirPrint, developed by Apple, gives you the chance to print files from iPhone to the AirPrint enabled printers. They are easy to setup and customize, with most of them requiring no additional custom configuration. It is important that both the printer and the iPhone are using the same wireless network.

If in the same network, then you can open mail, safari, photos, or any other documents that support AirPrint. You can then pick the file that you want to print and select “Print” option. From the window, you can choose the AirPrint enabled printer. You can additionally mention the number of copies required. Once done, click the print button to print the documents.

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