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When you find that your iPhone got stuck in recovery mode and the first concern in your mind is your photos, we know how painful the situation can be. However, you needn’t worry anymore because we won’t let you. We will tell you different ways to recover photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode. So, if you’re in the same situation and looking for recovering photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode ways, this article will surely fulfill your needs.

Part 1: How to Exit Recovery Mode Properly

We understand how you could feel when your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode. If you wish to recover photos from iPhone in recovery mode you need to exit the recovery mode and for this, forcing restart your device will help you out. This workaround has worked for many people and it will take only a couple of seconds. We will discuss the steps for different iPhone models you use. So, go along with the steps according to the device you own.

For iPhone 6 and early models: These users, in order to exit recovery mode, need to press ‘Power’ button together with ‘Home’ button. Keep doing this until Apple logo comes on the screen. Release the buttons then.

recover photos from iphone in recovery mode

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: If these models’ owners wish to recover photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode, they are required to press ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ keys simultaneously. Let the Apple logo appear on the screen and release the keys when it appears.

recover photos from iphone stuck in recovery mode

iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X: These models’ users need to press the ‘Volume Up’ key and release it immediately. Now, press ‘Volume Down’ button and release it quickly too. Now, press ‘Power’ button and keep pressing it until Apple logo comes into sight.

recover iphone photo

See, if your device has exited the recovery mode or not. If not, you can read on the next method in order to recover photos from iPhone in recovery mode.

Part 2: How to Recover iPhone Photos if You Can't Exit Recovery Mode

While the above method is not working and you unfortunately couldn’t make your device exiting recovery mode, we have a great way for you that will positively help you to recover photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode. You can use iSkysoft Toolbox – iOS Data Recovery which is a one-stop solution for recovering iPhone data easily and quickly. With its powerful scanning capability, it can effortlessly help you in recovering your photos or any kind of iOS data from either your device or iTunes/iCloud backup. Hence, if you are looking for a way for recovering photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode, here is what you can do. We will demonstrate you the tutorial to use this software where you can recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup files.

How to Recover Photos from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Firstly, download iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS on your computer and launch it. Go to ‘Data Recovery’ option and then click on ‘Recover from iTunes backup file’ from left panel.

recover iphone photos from itunes

Step 2: Now, you will get list of iTunes backup files. You need to select the desired one that is having your photos. Click on one and then look for the button saying ‘Start Scan’ at the bottom right corner. Clicking on it will begin scanning your photos in iTunes backup.

recover iphone pictures

Step 3: The program will give you result in the next window from where you can select ‘Photos’ from the left panel. After clicking, you’ll be able to preview them in the main screen. Once done and satisfied, click on ‘Export to computer’ and you photos will be recovered easily in your PC. This was how you can recover photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode via iTunes backup.

recover iphone picture from itunes backup

How to Recover Photos from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Launch iSkysoft Toolbox and click on ‘Data Recovery. Choose ‘Recover from iCloud backup file’ from left panel now. Now, you are required to sign in into your iCloud account. Your iCloud backup files will be displayed on the next screen. The best thing about the software is it completely takes care of your privacy and won’t leak any of your personal information.

recover iphone photos from icloud

Step 2: Choose one backup file and click ‘Download’. Once you click it, a pop-up window will come up asking you to choose data type you wish to recover. Choose ‘Camera Roll’ and ‘App Photos’ to get all the photos. Hit ‘Next’ to get your photos scanned.

recover iphone pictures

Step 3: Now, as you did above, click on data option on the left panel to get it previewed on the screen. The place other than the left panel will let you see your photos. Once you’re done with previewing, it’s time to recover photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode. First choose the photos you want by checking the boxes and then hit on ‘Export to Computer’ at the end.

recover iphone picture from icloud backup

Part 3: How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode without Data Loss

Well! The above method will come in handy if you have made backup in iTunes or iCloud. But considering other aspect that you weren’t careful enough to create backups earlier, what would you do in such situation? Don’t panic, you can then simply fix your iPhone stuck in recovery mode using the professional tool available in the market. The name is iSkysoft Toolbox – iOS System Recovery which will help you repairing the device without any data loss. This tool is capable of fixing all common iOS problems users stuck with like iPhone stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo, black screen etc. Overall, when you don’t have backup and wish to recover photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode, just go for repairing your device and get your pictures.

We offered you some helpful methods to recover photos from iPhone stuck in recovery mode. We hope you found this article useful and got great results. Any question, please leave your comments below!

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