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“i recently lost my iphone 6s. like a dummy, i hadn’t backed it up for months and months. i’m unsure if cloud was linked and don’t know how to find out if it was. i would like to recover pictures if possible. anyone have any ideas i can try?” - A question from Apple Support Communities

OMG! You got your iPhone Lost/Stolen? We can understand how frustrating it could be to have your dearie iPhone lost/stolen. And what’s even worse is, when you don’t even have a clue on how to recover photos from stolen/lost iPhone as you might now have a backup of your device. Well, fret not pal! We’re here for your rescue. In this article we’re going to help you recover photos from a lost iPhone with and without a backup. Enough of talking now, let’s explore the ways to recover lost iPhone photos with/without backup.

Part 1: How to Recover Photos from Lost/Stolen iPhone with Backup

If you were fortunate enough to have a backup of your data before the mishappening of your stolen iPhone occurred, dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery will certainly be a saviour for you. Though, the iTunes or iCloud backups are encrypted and are not readily readable by the user, here comes dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery for the rescue enabling you to read and extract entire data out of your iTunes or iCloud backup file easily. Moreover, you have the privilege to preview the data prior to recovering it.

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  • The tool can easily read and extract all your data out of your iTunes or iCloud backup file.
  • Using this tool you can also recover lost data directly from your iPhone too and has the highest success rate in the market.
  • dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery offers you to preview your data prior to recovering it.
  • This mighty tool can recover lost data from almost all iOS devices, inluding iPhone X/8 (Plus)/ 7 (Plus)/SE/6s (Plus)/6(Plus)/5S/5C/5/4S/4.
  • It can not only recover your lost photos, but also supports contacts, messages, videos, call log, apps recovery and other more up to 20 file types.

Here is the dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery step by step tutorial to guide you about recovering photos from a lost iPhone using iTunes backup.

Step 1: Install and launch dr.fone on your computer, then hit on ‘Data Recovery’ tab from the main screen.

how to recover photos from stolen iphone

Step 2: Next, make sure to hit the ‘Recover from iTunes backup file’ tab from the left menu panel and then select the preferred iTunes backup file from which you urge to recover the photos of a lost iPhone. Subsequently, hit on ‘Start Scan’ button to initiate the scanning of your backup file.

recover photos from stolen iphone with itunes

Step 3: The next upcoming screen will list all your data detected in a categorised way after scanning your iTunes backup file. Select ‘Photos’ from the categories on the left panel and then select the desired photos that you want to retrieve. Once you’re satisfied with the selection, hit on ‘Export to PC/Mac’ button and you’re done.

recover photos from stolen iphone

Let’s now also understand how to retrieve photos from lost iPhone using your iCloud backup.

Step 1: From the home screen of dr.fone, push the ‘Data Recovery’ tab and then tap the ‘Recover from iCloud Backup file’ option available at the left menu panel. The toolbox will not bring up the iCloud sign in page on your screen, you need to punch in the credentials of the iCloud account from which you wish to download the desired backup file of your lost iPhone.

how to recover photos from a lost iphone

Step 2: As soon as you login to your iCloud account, you’ll be brought up with a list of iCLoud backups stored over your iCloud account. Select the desired iCloud backup file and hit ‘Download’ next to that backup file.

The moment you hit on ‘Download’, a pop up will appear asking you to select the data types you wish to download. Tap and select the ‘Camera Roll’ from the list under the ‘Photos & Videos’ section and then hit ‘Next’.

recover lost iphone photos without icloud

Step 3: The toolbox will now download the selected data from the iCloud backup file and then will load the detected data in a categorised manner on the results page. Either select the desired photos from the results or simply hit ‘Select All’ button and finally, push the 'Restore to Device' or ‘Export to Mac/PC’ button to recover photos from a lost iPhone’s iCloud backup file.

recover photos from lost iphone

Part 2: Is it Possible to Recover Photos from Lost/Stolen iPhone with Backup?

If in case you were not that fortunate enough to have a backup of your device prior to losing your iPhone, then we’re really sad to inform you that there’s hardly any other possible way to recover your iPhone photos from a lost iPhone. The only possible way to recover lost iPhone photos without backup is when you have an iPhone at hand. We do understand your situation and go an extra mile to find an alternative for your situation.

In such a case when you’ve lost your iPhone and don’t even have an iTunes or iCloud backup for it already, you should always look up to using ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to find and locate your iPhone in the first place. To access this feature follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Head to the official ‘Find My iPhone’ page of iCloud website: https://www.icloud.com/#find. Now, punch in your iCloud account credentials and sign in to it.
  • how to retrieve photos from lost iphone

  • Next, get into ‘Find My iPhone’, then tap on ‘All Devices’ drop down menu and select your lost iPhone device from the list. If your device is still online, then you should certainly be able to view its exact location over the map displayed on your screen.
  • recover lost iphone photos

  • In case, your device may have gone offline, ensure to check the ‘Notify me when found’ option so that whenever your device is back online, you’ll receive an email with its exact location. Now just go to find your iPhone and you can recover your photos!
  • how to recover photos from lost iphone without backup

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