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Who can help me restore Safari bookmarks on my iPhone 7?
Safari bookmarks help us access websites quickly and conveniently. It is not possible for everyone to manage & remember each and every web URL they follow. The only problem is when you accidently lose them and fail to remember the names of important websites you surfed through.

But don't worry! You still have changes to get them back! This post is going to show you how to restore deleted/lost Safari bookmarks on iPhone, iPad with and without backup.

(If you still have questions after going through the step-by-step guides below, please scroll down and water the tutorial videos.)

Why Choose This Software to Recover iPhone Lost Safari Bookmarks:

  • Direct recovery of Safari Bookmarks from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Extract Bookmarks from iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • Alongwith recovery of lost Safari bookmarks, iPhone users could also recover lost messages, call logs, notes, app documents, contacts and many other file types.
  • With its awesome preview function, you could select & restore any Safari bookmarks you want.
  • Safe, Fast & Secure method for recovery of Safari Bookmarks.

Solution 1: Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Safari Bookmarks from iPhone/iPad

Step 1. Connect and Choose Recovery Option for Your iPhone/iPad

Install and launch dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery software on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer. Click "Data Recovery" menu from the main window. Your iPhone or iPad device will be automatically detected.

recover safari bookmarks from ipad

Step 2. Scan for Lost Bookmarks by Clicking "Start Scan"

Fine "Safari Bookmark" and tick it. Select "Start Scan" option to start the scanning process of your iPhone/iPad. The scanned results will be displayed category-wise. In the middle of the scanning process, if you find that your wanted "Safari Bookmarks" are loaded then you could click "Pause" button & continue with the recovery process.

recover safari bookmarks from iphone

Step 3. Preview Safari Bookmarks & Export

Select "Safari Bookmarks" and preview for lost files. Mark them or select all and click "Recover" to export & save them in your computer or mac. Choose the file location for the bookmarks to be saved. That's it!

recover safari bookmarks from iphone

Solution 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Safari Bookmarks from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Select iTunes Recovery Mode & Scan the Files

For recovery of Safari Bookmarks from iTunes backup, on dr.fone, please choose "Recovery from iTunes backup file" from the "Data Recovery" menu. Choose your iTunes backup file and click "Start Scan" to begin scanning.

Note: In this method, there is no need to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.

how to restore safari bookmarks from iphone

Step 2. Recover Safari Bookmarks from iTunes Backup

After Scan, Preview the Safari Bookmarks content and select the lost data which are needed. You could also simply select all the bookmarks and select "Recover" to export them to the computer.

retrieve safari bookmarks from itunes backup

Solution 3: How to Restore Safari Bookmarks from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Sign-In & Download Files for Your iPhone/iPad

If you are choosing this method, go for "Recover from iCloud backup file" recovery method in dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery. Enter your iCloud Apple id & password to sign-in.

restore safari bookmarks from iphone

Step 2. Scan Downloaded File & Preview

All the backup files will be listed date-wise. Choose a relevant file and select "Download" button. Wait for a moment. When the download is over, you will see an windows to ask you to choose the type of files you want to reccover. Choose the "Safari Bookmark", click "Next" button and wait for a moment. When the scan is complete, you could preview the files & choose "Safari Bookmarks" from the categories.

how to restore iphone safari bookmark

Step 3: Recover Safari Bookmarks from iCloud backup

You could either tick the safari bookmarks web address one-by-one or simply select all to export all of them to your computer. Finally, click "Recover" at the bottom right of the window. All the selected Safari Bookmark files will be saved in a file location of the computer.

recover iphone safari bookmarks from icloud backup

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