Fixed! 3 Solutions to Recover Photos from Broken iPhone

Users usually face issues in accessing their data once their device's screen breaks,in such cases, the article presents a variety of solutions that can be implemented to recover photos from iPhone.


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Data recovery is a considerate process that has been considered quite optimal in file management. The use of data recovery systems allows the user to maintain their data in cases where they accidentally delete the data or even misplace the device itself.

Data recovery is also deemed important in instances where you accidentally break your own devices and make them useless. In such cases, data recovery has been made possible with a variety of options that can be considered.

The reason for discussing these methods to recover photos from broken iPhone or any other smartphone is to provide the users with optimal solutions to consider in such cases. Before you implement these methods with the aid of the appropriate platform, you need to look over these techniques to develop a better understanding of the methods involved.

Part 1: Be Careful, You May Lose Your Photos When You Do This

There are always certain precautions that can be undertaken to avoid such cases where you misplace or lose your data from the iPhone. Before you get to understand mechanisms that can allow you to recover data with ease, you can always save yourselves from such unattended circumstances.

There are several reasons that can be mentioned as the primary reason for data loss across your device. To save your photos from getting lost due to these reasons, you should understand the intensity of these causes, as explained as follows.

Part 2: 1-Click Solution: Retrieve Lost Photos Using dr.fone (3 Ways)

Whenever you encounter such a situation where you cannot operate the screen of your device with ease, there are certain remedies that can allow you to retrieve data such as photos from your device.

Though your device functions display nothing on the screen, platforms such as dr.fone – Phone Backup allows you to retrieve the lost photos from your iPhone. There are several reasons why dr.fone is preferred for operating such procedures, which are explained as follows.

dr.fone - Phone Backup (Android)

Key Features of dr.fone - Phone Backup :

  • A one-click backup would back up your iPhone on the PC.
  • Preview and restore data
  • Export any kind of data onto the computer.
  • No data loss in the complete procedure.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Let's dive deeper to know how to use dr.fone to backup your iPhone files in one-click.

Step 1. Launch and Connect

You need to access "Phone Backup" from the home window once you have opened the program on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the computer and allow the platform to detect the device.

how to recover photos from broken iphone

Step 2. Initiate Backup

Once the device is detected, tap on "Backup" on the next screen to proceed with the backup. Select the kind of files that you wish to back up from the device, such as Photos in this case.

recover photos from broken iphone

Step 3. Conclude and Preview

Tap "Backup" and wait for the application to complete the process. Preview the results by visiting the backup location.

how to recover photos from broken iphone without backup

This procedure might have provided you an optimal way of recovering data from your broken iPhone; however, in cases where you cannot properly access the broken iPhone through the device, you can simply utilize iCloud Backup and iTunes to cater to its replacement. dr.fone provides you the perfect environment to recover your photos through these platforms, which is directed as follows.

Backup Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Launch dr.fone on your PC and proceed with selecting "Data Recovery" from the home page. Connect your device and tap on "Recover from iTunes Backup File" to proceed. Proceed to observe a list of backups displayed on the screen.

how to recover photos from broken iphone without icloud

Step 2. Select any appropriate backup file and tap on "Start Scan."

Step 3. With the extracted data displayed on the screen, select the photos that you wish to recover on the computer.

how to recover photos from broken iphone without backup

Backup Data from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Alternatively, once you connect your device with dr.fone, proceed with selecting "Recover from iCloud Backup File" and provide appropriate credentials to allow all backup files to be displayed on the next screen.

Step 2. Please login to your iCloud account on the next screen.

how to recover photos from broken iphone without backup

Step 3. Select the appropriate backup file and extract it successfully.

how to recover photos from broken iphone without backup

Step 4. Scroll through the data and extract all photos that you wish to transfer to your computer.

Part 3: How to Protect Your iPhone from Being Destroyed

If you are looking to protect your iPhone and take precautionary measures to save it from breaking down, you need to simply follow the pointers defined below.

Write in the End

This article presented you with optimal solutions that can be adapted to easily recover data such as photos off your iPhone if it is broken or unusable. To save your data from getting lost under such conditions, you should definitely look forward to implementing these methods.


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