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Facebook Messenger is a utility software application that is integrated with the web-chat feature of Facebook and allows one to send messages instantly. It is an application facilitating voice and text communication. It is developed on the protocol of MQTT. This tool allows users to access the chat feature on mobile phones as well as on the website. The application was available for iOS/iPhone users in August 2011. A user can download the application from the AppStore. If you are a Facebook Messenger user, you may have the need to save Facebook messsges on iOS (iOS 11 included) devices from Messenger. Now, read on to learn how to achieve the goal.

Part 1: How to Save Messages from Messenger on iPhone/iPad

dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS) is your best choice when saving messages on Facebook messenger. You just need to connect your device and scan it for data recovery.

Why Choose This Facebook Messages Saver:

  • All your deleted or lost messages, videos, photos, calendar, call history, contacts and other data will be recovered using this application.
  • Three modes of recovery are followed – data recovered from the device directly, and backup data from iTunes and iCloud is recovered.
  • A preview of the data to be recovered is available before the process begins.
  • Selective data can also be recovered from the iOS device if required.

Step-By-Step Guide on Recovering and Saving Facebook Messages on iOS (Including iOS 11)

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Time Required:

Times will vary according to the file's size



Step 1. Connect Your iDevices (iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus Included)

Connect the device to your Mac computer using a USB cable. Install the program and run it. The following window will appear. Choose "Data Recovery" menu and click "Recover from iOS Device" tab. Click "Start Scan" to start scanning the iOS device for the deleted or lost data by following the instructions on your Mac computer.

connect ios device to mac

Step 2. Recover and Save Facebook Messages

The scanned data will be displayed on the Mac screen as "Contacts", "Messages", "Facebook Messenger" and many more. Preview the files found and select the data to be recovered. Then click "Restore" to get your important Facebook messages back.

save facebook messages on ios

Part 2: The Key Features of Facebook Messenger for iOS

  • Access all messages from anywhere by logging into your Facebook account.
  • Free chat messages can be sent to friends using the same data package.
  • Status of the sent messages is available – whether the message has been read or not.
  • You can chat with a group of online friends simultaneously.
  • Sharing of photographs, emoticons and videos is possible.
  • Friend of friends can join the chat conversation.
  • Push –notifications allow the iPhone users to view a new message immediately after its arrival.
  • Notifications from the in-app feature enables you to switch to multiple chat messages simultaneously.
  • All messages are stored in one place.

save facebook messages on ios

Facebook Messenger is a great boon for iOS users as it allows you to share pictures, videos and text messages instantly while you are on the move. The tool gives your friends an idea about your current location too. You are able to send voice notes as well as multiple messages in a group with this feature. You can search for a friend using his name or phone number. It is a very handy tool nowadays.

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