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In the last years, Facebook has become the most popular social media platform in the world. With hundreds of million users all around the globe, Facebook is more than a social network. People use it to communicate, to keep in touch with old friends or far away family members, to share photos, videos, and any other type of documents, to play, to read news, to watch videos, and many others.

Lately, Facebook introduced a lot of cool features, and improved their messages system. You can use the built-in messenger to talk with one or multiple friends, to share files with them, to create special chat rooms, and even to forward messages. If you are curious how these things work, here is a complete guide on how to send Facebook messages.

Part 1. How to Send Messages, Photos, and Videos on

Sending messages, photos, videos, or any type of files has never been easier on Simply follow our steps bellow, and you will have no problems:

send facebook message
  • Go to and sign in with your username and password.
  • In the top left corner of your screen, under your profile name and picture, you will see a list with different features: News Feed, Messages, Events, Photos, and many more.
  • Click on the "Messages" button. Once you enter the Messages menu, click on the "+New Message" button, in the top center of the screen.
  • Type the name of the friend you want to send the message.
  • Go in the bottom of the page, and write your message. If you want to add any file, picture, or video, click on the "Add Files" or "Add Photos" button, located under the message box.
  • Add the files and send the message by clicking on the "Send" button or pressing "Enter".

Part 2. How to Send Facebook Messages, Photos and Videos to All Facebook Friends

Now, that you understand how to send a message on Facebook, let's deep in the topic. What if you have a party and want to invite all your friends? Or maybe you want to promote an event? See bellow how you can do it:

send private message on facebook
  • Go to and login into your account.
  • Click on the "Messages" button in the left menu or the Messages icon in the Facebook toolbar.
  • Click on the "New Message" button. Unfortunately, Facebook allows users to send messages to maximum 250 friends. Type the name of the friends you want to send a message in the "To:" field.
send message on facebook
  • Another option is to create a group, where you can add all your friends. This will allow you to send a blanket message to all of them, by posting it in the group.
  • Write your message, add any photo or video you want, and click the "Send" button or press "Enter".

Part 3. How to Forward Messages, Photos and Videos on Facebook

Let's say you just got a message on Facebook, and it is so cool that you want to forward it to another friend. If doing it on email is pretty simple, how can you do it on Facebook? Unfortunately, Facebook messages cannot be forwarded on computer. This option is available only on the Facebook mobile app. However, this is a way to do it. Check our instructions:

forward facebook messages
  • Open your "Messages" window. Copy the message you want to send. If there are any attachments you want to send, download them to your computer.
  • Open a new message window. Add the name of your friend you want to send the text.
  • Paste the text, and add the file, if there was one.
  • Press "Enter" or click the "Send" button.

Sending messages, photos, videos, and any other type of files has become extremely simple and fast on Make sure you follow our instructions, and you won’t have any problem. Good luck!

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