[3 Methods] How to Send Facebook Messages without Messenger

Facebook offered a messaging service within its package for smartphone users. However, if someone intends to avoid it, here offer 3 diverse methods explaining how to send Facebook messages.


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Many people started preferring using Facebook to communicate with their friends all around the world. Not only did they allowed people to share daily statuses but presented them with an environment to utilize their private messaging feature.

To send private messages easily, Facebook introduced the Messenger service. However, since this application had its own space to take on, users looked forward to using a different approach to send messages through Facebook. Thus, a diversity of methods came into consumption, explaining how to send Facebook messages without Messenger.

Part 1: Use the Browser to Send Facebook Messages

1. How to use the mobile browser to send Facebook messages without messenger

The first approach that involves using a browser for sending Facebook messages without a Messenger is by accessing the mobile browser. Implementing this approach may be tedious and dragging;

however, it can turn out to be a good alternative, considering the difficulty the users face in managing the Messenger application on their smartphone. To use a browser across your smartphone, you need to understand the process explained below.

how to send facebook messages without messenger

  1. Open a browser on your phone and access Facebook.com.

  2. With the account logged in, you will observe the "Conversations" icon on the top toolbar on the webpage. Select the icon and lead to the next screen.

  3. Though the platform would direct you into installing Messenger on your phone, you need to simply tap on the "x" button to make the prompt go away. With the conversations page opened, you need to access the person or conversation where you wish to send the message.

2. How to use web browser to send Facebook messages

Apart from accessing the mobile browser for the purpose of sending a message across Facebook, you can always look up to a PC web browser to cater to your requirements. For this, you need to simply cover the steps, as explained below.

how can i send a message on facebook without messenger

  1. Open the PC browser and access Facebook.

  2. After logging yourselves in, you need to access the "Messages" button from the top-right of the menu bar.

  3. With a new webpage opened displaying all conversations, simply tap on any one of the conversations and send a message with ease.

Part 2: How to Use Facebook SMS Services to Send Messages on Facebook

Facebook introduced another impressive messaging service in contrast to Messenger itself. The Facebook SMS service offers the users a very good alternative to sending Facebook messages if only the mobile number you are currently using is registered across your Facebook account. Registering a mobile number across an account is quite simple, which can be covered through the explained steps.

Step 1 Open the "Messages" application on your smartphone and start composing a new message.

Step 2 Type FB in the message box and send it to "15666".

can you send messages on facebook without messenger

Step 3 After receiving an activation code from Facebook, open Facebook across your desktop, and log into your account. Tap its "Settings" option and access the "Mobile" menu from the left pane that appears on the new screen.

Step 4 With the Mobile settings on your front, you need to fill out the "Already received an activation code" section with the code that you received. You have successfully registered your mobile number on Facebook for free.

how to send a message on facebook without messenger

With the mobile number activated on Facebook, you can simply use their SMS service to send messages on Facebook by following the steps below.

  1. Open the "Messages" on your phone and compose a new message.
  2. Write the structure of the message under the format of "msg .
  3. Send this message to 15666, which would be instantly sent to the friend's inbox on Facebook.

Part 3: Use Third-Party Tools to Send a Message on Facebook without Messenger

1. Lite Messenger

Facebook introduced another smaller version of its Messenger application that contained the core feature of the original application. This application came as an alternative to the large-sized Messenger application. With this application, you can easily cover all messages, links, photos, and stickers.

how to send a message on facebook without messenger

This platform operates quite similar to the standard application, where you have displayed three major tabs on the top of the application. As compared to the multiple menu section in Messenger, Lite displayed the three basic tabs of "Messages," "Contacts," and "Account."

2. AIM

This third-party chat program is renowned for offering impressive services to its users. AIM can be directed in allowing you to talk with your Facebook friends without accessing the browser to send messages and media files to them. Using AIM is quite simple and adequate in the choice of third-party applications, where you need to follow these steps as follows.

can i send facebook messages without messenger

  1. Open the official website of AIM and sign up. Following the sign-up, you can install its application on your computer.
  2. Launch AIM and select the button of connecting with your Facebook friends on the new screen. Simply start chatting after clicking the button.

3. Mbasic.Facebook.com

This platform is quite simple and adequate in using Facebook for sending messages across Facebook. To use its services, you need to:

how to send facebook messages without messenger

  1. Open mbasic.facebook.com on your device browser and tap on the "Messages" button on the top. Scroll down to the option of "View and Manage" to view the messages across your Facebook account.

  2. With the Messages inbox opened on the new screen, tap on the person's name for viewing their conversation and type in your message to send them a Facebook message.


This article offered you a variety of techniques that can save you from downloading the Facebook Messenger application on your device. With these methods, you can easily send a message to your friends without even accessing the Messenger application itself.


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