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A rich and sound communication experience is the sole characteristic of WhatsApp which make it one of the most intelligent cross platform instant messaging services. Founded by the former Yahoo employees and now acquired by the Facebook, the WhatsApp Messenger has definitely seen next level of technology and development. In order to make sure that the best and cutting edge technology is enjoyed the feature of WhatsApp web has also been introduced. This allows the users to enjoy the facility over web without any issue and problem. In this article, I will explain you the things you want to know about WhatsApp Online Messenger.

Part 1. How to Access Online WhatsApp

In order to enjoy the features of this instant messaging service is it advised to follow the steps as follow so that the registration process becomes easy:

whatsapp online
  • The user needs to visit to begin the process.
  • The QR code is then to be scanned through the phone.
  • The user will then be logged in to the WhatsApp account i.e. the web based feature.
  • The user can then see the WhatsApp web interface which is somewhat common to the mobile interface. The only difference lies in the fact that the desktop notifications are also supported within the web version.

Part 2. How to Use WhatsApp Web

whatsapp web

1. How to Send Text and Multimedia Messages

  • From the right panel of all the contacts the user needs to click the contact he wants to chat with and start the text chat.
  • The user can also send the multimedia messages using the Paper Clip icon at the top right corner and then by selecting the relevant files from the system that are to be transferred.

2. How to Group Chat

Unfortunately at this moment WhatsApp web has not introduced many of the features which mobile users can enjoy. Group chat is one of them and for the same reason using the WhatsApp web messenger the user won’t be able to create any group and start chatting. It is only possible through the mobile based function so the feature is there to enjoy the application in full.

Another important aspect that is to be noted in this regard is that the groups that have been created using the phone can be used on the WhatsApp web facility with ease but creation of new groups is not possible at all. The WhatsApp has also not announced that whether or not in the near future this facility will be introduced at all. In the figure below the group by the name if group owner is being accessed using the web WhatsApp feature.

3. How to Make WhatsApp Call

Again it is one of the features that haven’t been introduced in WhatsApp web feature which means that the WhatsApp web edition can neither check on incoming call nor can a user make calls using this facility. Secondly like all other absent functions the WhatsApp has not introduced the time frame for the integration or the launch of the service on this edition.

The phone version of the WhatsApp is the only way to make and receive calls until now and in the near future this facility might be introduced to the web version but it cannot be confirmed as none of the company’s representatives have given any time frame regarding this launch, perhaps the web users needs to wait for some time before the service is formally launched.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Messages from WhatsApp

iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS Data Recovery allows the users to get the best out of the recovery of the deleted messages of WhatsApp. This program is intelligent enough to cope with the data loss issue occurred on your iOS devices. Apart from iPhone this program can also recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup files ensuring the best and the state of the art results.

Why Choose This Software to Recover Deleted Messages from WhatsApp:

  • It can help you recover a wide range of files, like messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes etc.
  • The iTunes or iCloud backup can be extracted and recovered. The program also supports each and every format in this regard.
  • The quick search feature allows the user to search for the deleted files in a single go, it is hence all in one solution that can be used to recover any kind of data from iOS.
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