Best 14 Free Security Apps for iPhone/iPad

In this article we are going to introduce the best 14 free security apps for iPhone and iPad. You can use them to better protect your information on iPhone.

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In today’s mobile device market, you may hear the term iOS so, what is iOS? It is an operating system developed by Apple Inc. for their all mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This OS is mainly popular for its optimization with Apple hardware.

iOS is a closed platform, so there are very fewer chances of security bug. Our phone probably has sensitive information on it, so it may be a good idea to install some security software on it. On the app store, there are lots of security applications are available but, choosing the best is a difficult task. Here, we provide the best Free Security apps for iOS devices.

1. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile security is an iPhone security app designed and developed by Avira. It is powered by lots of security feature that protect the user from various phishing attacks and much more. Like Find My iPhone, you can also track your lost device and perform various operations from device tracking to data erase .

  • Avira Web Protection: Avira Mobile Security is one of best iPhone security apps which offer web protection. Getting engaging with web protection, you will protect from phishing websites. If the website is unsafe then it warns you unsafe.
  • Identity Safeguard: It is not limited to such services, Avira Mobile Security alert you if your email was leaking.
  • Device tracking: It anti-theft tool allows the user to protect your device from stolen or lost. You can use the anti-theft feature to know where your device is.
  • Antivirus support: Avira Mobile Security also works as a free antivirus for iPhone. So, you don’t have to worry about malicious programs and link you your iOS device.

best secure app for ios

2. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an inbuilt free security app developed by Apple Inc. This is basically a remote location tracking service that allows the user to locate the iPhone device over the internet. It is designed for both iOS and Mac devices to know where the device is.

  • Easy to use: It consists of the clean user interface; there is no need for extra computer skill to use this service. You just have to log in to your Apple Account on PC to know the location of your device. It will show you mobile phones on geo maps that are connected to your account.
  • Play Sound: Getting engaging with this option, it will play a sound at maximum volume. This is helpful if your device is misplaced.
  • Lost Mode: With this feature, you can flag your device lost or stolen. This will allow you to lock the device to protect your data .
  • Erase iPhone: if your device can’t be located then you can use erase iPhone to erase all your personal data.

ios security apps

3. Wickr

Wickr is a mobile security app designed and developed by San Francisco, United States. This company is mainly known for its IM applications. Wickr is designed for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac operating system.

  • Privacy and Security: Unlike other tools, every message that you sent or receive is end-to-end encrypted. Wickr will never store and access any message without your permission.
  • Privacy: There is no need to register Wickr account with a mobile number or email address. Your address book is remaining private with them and not stored on their server.
  • free antivirus for iPhone: Unlike other security tools, Wickr application does not contain any irritating ads.
  • Easy to use: There is no need of special computer skill to use this security app.

best secure messaging app ios

4. Lookout- Security and identity theft protection

Lookout is an iPhone security app that is developed by San Francisco-based mobile security company. This tool is developed for both Android and iOS operating system. It consists of lots of features that makes is better than others.

  • System Advisor: It will alert you when your device is in danger or your device is jailbroken. Theft Alert: With its advanced algorithm, it will send you an email with your device location when your device is stolen or lost.
  • Social media watch: unlike other security tools, it will keep an eye on your social media account to check your personal information security.

free secure messaging app ios

5. Pic Lock 3 Ulitmate

Pic Lock 3 Ultimate is another iPhone security app that is mainly designed to protect you from harmful threats. More than 2,800,000 users use this app on their iOS device in their day to day life. It is equipped with a ton of features, unlike other security apps.

  • Application Locker: Pick Lock 3 Ultimate tool will allow us to lock photos and video app to protect them from unauthorized users.
  • Location: If your device is stolen or lost, one can locate the device real-time location by using its location feature.
  • Surveillance system: If the user enters the wrong password more than 3 times then, this tool will capture a photo with the front camera.
  • Private Browsing: Like web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, it allows the user to browse the internet in private browsing.

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6. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is an iPhone Security app developed by Symantec which is mainly popular as a security solution expert. It can do a couple of things to protect you from various problems such as Theft, backup, and many other problems.

  • Real-time location tracking: With its GPS location tracking feature, one can track stolen or lost device real-time location.
  • Parental control: Norton Mobile Security also offer parental control feature that allows the parent to keep an eye on their kids to protect them from various harmful problems such as Pornography, Cyberbullying, predators and other harmful threats.

best free security app ios

7. Note Lock

Note Lock is one of the best free security apps that is mainly designed for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad. If you are a business owner or lecturer then it is best for you. The main purpose of this app is note writing. If you are journalist them you can use it for an interview, a couple of love letter and much more.

  • Lock screen: one can protect particular app with a password by using this app. Password protection such as Lock system, inactive lock system, Password lock, Pattern lock, Pin Lock, and folder lock.
  • Customization: Unlike another tool, one can customize the app with themes, font style, gesture and much more. You can download such themes form their official theme store.

best free security app ios

8. 360 Mobile Security

It is the best iPhone security app developed by 360 Mobile Security limited for devices running on iOS and Android operating system. 360 Mobile Security is all-in-one security tool that consists of powerful features such as power cleaner , smart speed booster, and antivirus support.

  • Battery saver: if your device battery is draining then, use 360 mobile security smart battery features and kill all redundant apps.
  • Harmful program remover: Virus removal tool protect the user device from harmful threats such as malware, Trojan, adware, and vulnerabilities.
  • Junk File cleaner: Phone is getting slow? Try 360 mobile security app that has a capability to remove cache memory data to make the phone faster.

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9. Kaspersky browser

Kaspersky browser is an iPhone security app that is designed by Kaspersky Lab. Currently; it is available for devices running on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating system. You can also this use as a kids and employees monitoring solution to know what they are doing while online.

  • App Lock: like other security tools, one can lock any application on their iOS device. You can protect it with passcode, pattern, and password.
  • Web protection: it protects the user from various harmful threats on the web such as Predators, Cyberbullying, adult content, phishing attacks, malicious links and many other threats.

security in ios app

10. Prey Anti-Theft

This is an Anti-Theft solution that allows the user to know the real-time location of the stolen or lost device. It is designed for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac operating system.

  • Geolocation tracking: getting engaging with this feature, you can track your devices such as Mobile phone, tablet, and laptop anywhere in the world from anywhere.
  • Data Protection: When your data is at risk then, pray allows you to remotely wipe the relevant information or you can lock the device remotely.

best secure messaging app ios

11. Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is one of the best free security apps that work with two-factor authentication service. This security app generates security codes and password for login. You can use this for you iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

  • Easy, one-tap Authentication: Now login is very easy and secure with Duo mobile. It generates one-time passcodes that user can type into their Login prompt.
  • Security Checkup: Security Checkup is designed for both iOS and Android operating systems. This feature allows the user to maintain the security protection.

ios security apps

12. Kryptos

Kryptos is a mobile security application that is developed by Kryptos Communication, Inc. for iOS devices. It is a secure, fast, fully encrypted voice communication application. The trial version of this app is free but after the trial period expires, you have to pay for services.

  • Advanced algorithm: Kryptos utilizes military grade 256 bit AES encryption so; you don’t have to worry about your personal activities.

free ios security apps

13. NordVPN

NordVPN is a security app for iOS devices; it allows the user to work online anonymously and safely. It scores extremely high on its security features with above average connection speed.

  • Double data encryption: unlike other VPN tools, it protects the user activity with double encryption to prevent data loss and leak.
  • Easier VPN: You just have to download it from the app store and install it. There is no need for extra knowledge to use this app.

free ios security apps

Tips: dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery is a Data recovery tool that allows the user to recover any kind of data from iOS devices. It supports to recover more than 20 types of data. This tool is designed for devices running on iOS OS such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It performs data recovery in three simple steps Scan – Preview – Recover. You can download this tool from their official website at very affordable prices.


dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Key Features of dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

  • Professional Recovery modes: Does not matter data is deleted from iPad, iPod, or iPhone, this tool will enable the user to retrieve the data. The user can use 3 recover modes such as from iOS device directly, iTunes backup files, and iCloud backup files.
  • Supported File Formats: dr.fone have an ability to recover any kind of file such as Photo, Contact, Notes, Messenger, Safari Bookmark and many others file types.
  • Supported iOS devices: unlike other data recovery tools, it supports iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

14. Best Phone Security Pro

This application will protect your iPhone from unauthorized users by protecting it with a passcode. The main purpose of this app is that it captures the photo when they put the wrong passcode.

  • Alert: It will capture the image of the user when they enter the wrong password and save these photos to the cloud such as Dropbox.
  • Alarm: One can record the voice and set an alarm for spying purposes.

ios security apps


Top 14 free security apps for iOS are listed in the post. Respective key features has also been summarized for you. With them considered, you can choose one to download thereby to secure your device.


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