Four Ways to Transfer Apps from Old iPhone to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR

If you wish to transfer apps and are wondering how to transfer contacts and apps from iPhone to iPhone, this article will clear all your doubts. Check out four solutions to make the process unbelievab

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All iPhone users struggle to transfer apps from an old iPhone to a new iPhone when we wish to upgrade our smartphones. Hence, this makes it one of the commonest needs of all iPhone users. To be able to enjoy your shiny new iPhone promptly and to the best of your ability, you must know how to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone in a hassle-free manner. Upgrading your iPhone might also mean that you need to sync your contacts, copy photos as well as transfer data and apps to your new device. But how do you transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone?

There are several ways to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone. Let us check out four solutions that can help you carry out this task in the best possible manner!

Solution 1: Transfer Apps From iPhone to iPhone By Setting Up A New Device

If you are wondering how transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone, you can do it simply by setting up your new device. But before you begin to use this solution, you must remember that if you have bought a new iPhone and you own an Apple watch, you must make sure that you unpair the Apple watch from your old iPhone prior to setting up your new iPhone. When you unpair the Apple watch from your old iPhone, your Apple watch will get backed up automatically. Therefore, you can easily restore it at a later stage after you have paired your Apple watch to your iPhone.

You can easily transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using QuickStart. You can use your iPhone with iOS 11 or more to set up a new device automatically. In this process, you will need both the devices so you must ensure that you have both ready for several minutes during the process.

Contact Your Carrier or Transfer Your SIM Card

If you need to insert a SIM card in your new device, follow the steps given below:

set up your new iPhone

In Order to Begin, Bring Both the Devices Close To Each Other

Step 1 Switch on the new device and then place it close to the current device that runs on iOS 11 or more. When you do this, you will see the Quick Start screen on the current device, and you will need to use your Apple ID in order to set up the new device. Ensure that your Apple ID is the one that you actually want to use and then, click on “Continue.” If you do not see the “Continue” option, verify that your Bluetooth is switched on.

Step 2 You will see an animation on the new device. Now, hold your current device right above the new device and then, center the animation that you see on the new device in the viewfinder. You will then see an alert saying “Finish” on the new device. In case you cannot utilize the camera of your current device, click on “Authenticate Manually” and then, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Step 3 Once you are prompted, enter the passcode of your current device to set up.

Step 4 Now, follow all the instructions on the screen in order to set up your Touch ID or Face ID on the new device.

Step 5 Once you are prompted, put in the password of your Apple ID on the new device. In case you have more than two devices, it is possible you might have to insert their passcodes as well.

Step 6 You will be given the choice of restoring data, apps as well as settings from your latest iCloud update on the new device or updating all your backup on the current device and then restoring. Once you choose a backup, you can decide if you want to transfer any other settings related to privacy, location, Siri and Apple Pay. If you wish to update your backup on the new device, ensure that your Wi-Fi on the device is enabled.

Step 7 You might also be asked if you wish to transfer the data and settings of your Apple Watch while you are setting up the new iPhone, provided you have one.

Finish Up

Solution 2: Transfer All Apps From iPhone to iPhone Within 3 Clicks

The dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android) is a powerful tool to transfer data between iOS and Android devices. With just a few clicks, you can easily transfer contacts, messages, music, videos, photos and other data between Android and iOS devices. It is a simple, safe and convenient application that helps in efficient data transfer and reduces the amount of time it normally takes to carry out this process. If you are wondering how can you transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone, your best bet is the dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android). Let’s check out how it works!

The dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android) is a premium product that makes the transfer of data between iPhone to iPhone super easy. Here are some attractive features of the product:


dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS&Android)

Features of the dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android)

  • Easy-To-Use Interface: The dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android) has an easy-to-use and customer-centric interface that helps users navigate the software with ease.
  • Step-By-Step Guide: Users are also offered a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow using which, one can quickly and smoothly transfer apps and other data from the old iPhone to the new one.
  • Easy Compatibility Across Several Devices: The dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android) is also compatible across a wide range of devices. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting stuck at importune times.
  • Data Security: What’s more, all your data is safe and secure at all times, and you do not have to worry about data loss at any time during the process.
3,990,885 people have downloaded it
Step 1: Launch the dr.fone and then connect both the devices.

To begin, download, install and launch the dr.fone application on the PC and choose the option that says “Switch.”

choose Switch

After that, ensure that both your devices are properly connected to the computer. Here is an example of data transfer from an iPad/iPhone to an Android device. If you wish to change the positions of the source device or the destination device, simply click on “Flip” that you see on the screen. It is important to note that the data that will be transferred will move from the source device to the destination device.

Step 2: Choose the data type you want to transfer.

Prior to transferring all the data, choose the data that you wish to transfer from the window such as text messages, contacts, call logs, photos, calendar and much more. Once that is done, click on “Start Transfer.”

Choose the data type

Step 3: Transfer the data from one device to the other.

In this step, the dr.fone application will begin the process of transferring the data from your old device to the new one. During the process, ensure that both the devices are properly connected to the PC during data transfer.

Transfer the data

Once the data transfer gets completed, you will see a pop-up window that will inform you of the successful transfer of data between the two devices.

Solution 3: How to Transfer Apps From iPhone to iPhone Via App Store

Another simple way to transfer all your apps between your two iPhones is by using the App Store. Here’s how to do it!

Step 1 Launch the App Store on your iPhone from the home screen.

Step 2 Select the “Purchased” icon and click on “Not on this iPhone.”

Select the Purchased icon

Step 3 Now, click on the “Cloud” option in order to install all the apps that are not already present on your iPhone. You might have to insert your iTunes password in order to install all the purchased apps on your new device. You can also view all your apps by going on the iPhone tab.

Solution 4: How to Transfer Apps From iPhone to iPhone Via iTunes

iPhone users often wonder, “Can I transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes?” Fortunately, you can! In this section, we will show you how you can back up the data on your previous phone in iTunes and then transfer that back up to the new device.

Make A Backup In iTunes

Step 1 Connect the old device to your PC.

Step 2 Open iTunes and ensure that it is the latest version.

Step 3 Now, select your device.

Step 4 If you wish to save the data of “Health & Activity” from your Apple Watch or your iOS device, you will be required to encrypt your backup. In that case, check the box that says “Encrypt Backup” and then you must create a memorable password. On the other hand, if you do not require the data of “Health & Activity,” simply make a backup which is not encrypted. To do that, click on “Back Up Now”.

click on Back Up Now

Step 5 Once the process finishes, ensure that the backup is completed successfully on iTunes Preferences > Devices. You will be able to see your device’s name as well as the time and date on which iTunes created this backup. If you initially encrypted your backup, you will also see an icon looking like a lock besides the name of your device.

Contact Your Carrier or Transfer the SIM Card

In case the new device requires a SIM card, follow the steps given in Solution 1. Thereafter, refer to the steps given below in order to transfer your backup on iTunes to the new device:

tap on Restore

Step 1 Switch on the new device. You will see a screen greeting you with a “Hello.” In case you have already set up the new device, you must erase everything in order to use these steps.

Step 2 Now, simply follow all the instructions until a screen appears saying “Apps & Data.” Thereafter, tap on “Restore” that you will find from iTunes Backup > Next.

Step 3 Now, connect the new device to your PC that you utilized to back up the old device.

Step 4 Open iTunes on the PC and then choose your device.

Step 5 Click on “Restore Backup” and choose a backup. Ensure that you choose the right one by verifying the size and date of each file.

Step 6 In case you have to restore the encrypted backup, insert your password when prompted.

Step 7 Once the restore process finishes, follow the remaining steps to set up the iOS device. Ensure that your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi throughout.


Transferring apps from your old iPhone to your new iPhone is very important so that you don’t miss out on the essential things. It might be a nightmare to do so because it involves several steps. So, if you were wondering about various ways of doing it and you have the question “How to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud?” this article has tried to answer them all. However, if you want to make your life easy, you can do the app transfer with the help of dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android). It will save you a lot of time, and your work will be done with complete efficiency.


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