How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

When you are in doubt about how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, just look no further than this article. We are going to introduce some easy solutions on it.

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How many times have you thought of switching your old phone with the new? Well! The idea itself sounds exciting! But when it comes to getting a new device, especially shifting from an iPhone to Android; contacts draw our special attention. Since our contacts are really dear to us and we become unable to communicate with friends sans those contacts, moving them to our new device becomes as important as oxygen.

If you are wondering how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, we would like to greet you with a huge smile first and inform you that this is the most accurate place one could ask for. We are going to share some useful ways through which one can send contacts from iPhone to Android. Thus, without asking questions whether you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via Bluetooth and thinking contact transferring as a headache, just scroll down and carefully read this post to get your important contacts moved to your new Android device you just bought.

Part 1: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using Google account

We all have a Google account unsurprisingly and by taking the help of it; one can simply copy contacts from iPhone to Android. This is the first way in today's list that will assist you about getting your contacts in your Android device. Following is the step by step guide that will help you learn how to move contacts from iPhone to Android via Google Account. Let us explore -

1. To start with, get your iPhone firstly and open 'Settings' on it. Browse for 'Passwords & Accounts' then.

2. To feed in the Google account, you need to tap on the 'Add Account' option.

3. Subsequently, go for 'Google' option from the different platforms list.

4. Here is where you are required to key in your Google address or say Google credentials.

5. Post entering the information, you will be asked to sync the data type. Pick the 'Contacts' from there and your iPhone contacts will get automatically synced with your entered Google account.

add gmail on iPhone

6. Wait a while in case you have a good bunch of contacts as it will eat up more time. Also, please ensure to have an active internet connection while the process is going on. This will take care that the process gets completed without lag.

7. Likewise, on your Android phone, go to 'Settings'. From there, go to 'Accounts' followed by 'Add Account'. Click on 'Google' from the next screen. Log in to the Google account now with the same credentials.

8. Right after the login is successful, it will load up the list of data types that you wish to sync. Ensure to select the 'Contacts' data type here and hit '3 horizontal dots'/'More' option there followed by 'Sync Now'.

select the Contacts data

Part 2: Move contacts from iPhone to Android with iCloud

iCloud is an Apple's official cloud service that stores all your data and you can access the data anywhere. And it can also help to serve your purpose. Here is how to import contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud.

1. Assuming that you have synced contacts with iCloud (Settings > iCloud > toggle on Contacts), visit the web browser and type in the address bar.

2. Log in by putting iCloud details and tap on 'Contacts'.

3. Either choose contacts one by one or simply click on gear icon and click 'Select All' from there.

4. Click the gear icon again and select 'Export vCard'. Once you select this, your selected contacts will be exported as VCF file.

select Export vCard

5. Now to copy contacts from iPhone to Android, connect Android device to PC and copy the vcard (VCF) file.

6. Next, go to and login to your Google account. Click Gmail icon and choose 'Contacts' from the drop down menu. Tap 'More' dropdown and choose 'Import'. Choose vcard file and click 'Import' again.

7. Lastly, get your Android and browse 'Settings' > 'Accounts' > 'Add Account' > 'Google' > enter Google information. Ensure to turn on Contacts here. Then, go to the '3 horizontal dots' and choose 'Sync Now'. You will get contacts synced in your Android.

select the Contacts data

Part 3: Copy contacts from iPhone to Android via dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android)

While speaking about syncing contacts from iPhone to Android, the topmost and the most productive method is using dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) (iOS & Android). This tool is the most leading among its contemporaries and safely allows the users to get their data copied in the target device. Whether you desire to transfer your data from Android to iOS device and vice versa, this tool works equally well without any complications. It always takes care about the users situations and hence doesn't hesitate in meeting their expectations. Let's catch on to the highlights of this amazing tool.


dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android)

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  • The software is highly compatible with latest iOS, latest iPhone models and all Android devices easily.
  • It conveniently supports Windows and Mac computers.
  • Offering high-speed transfer is the next functionality of this tool.
  • No matter what the target device is, it can transfer between Android and iOS and even with the same operating systems.
  • What's more! You can do all this without worrying about data loss.
  • No matter what the target device is, it can transfer between Android and iOS and even with the same operating systems.
  • Not only contacts, this tool enables users to transfer videos, photos, messages and other types of data as well.
3,990,885 people have downloaded it

How to get contacts from iPhone to Android via dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android)

Step 1: Download and Run the Software

Begin with visiting the official page of dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) and then download it from there. Once downloading gets done, install it over your computer. Post successful installation, you got to open it to initiate the moving of contacts from iPhone to Android. On opening the tool, you will get to the main interface having various options. Pick out 'Phone Transfer" from these.

toolbox home win

Step 2: Connect Devices

It's time to get your two devices connected. Take the respective USB and lightening cords to make connection among iPhone, Android device and the computer. After successful connection, you can cross verify the source and destination device. The source device should be your iPhone as you are going to transfer contacts from it only. In case the screen is showing Android as source device, just click on the 'Flip' button located at top center.

Step 3: Specify the Data Type

You will observe a list of data types on the screen. Make sure to check 'Contacts' from the list in order to transfer it. When done, hit on the 'Start Transfer' green colored button on the screen.

phone switch 02

Step 4: Send Contacts from iPhone to Android

The transferring process will now get started. It is to be noted that the two devices should be connected during the whole process. Disconnecting either of the device will hamper the process. Monitor the status of the contacts getting transferred from the resultant window and in a while, you will be notified that your data has been successfully completed.

phone switch 03

Part 4: Import contacts from iPhone to Android using iTunes

Another method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is using iTunes. iTunes, as we all know allows one to backup, restore and sync the iOS device. It is also helpful in syncing contacts. The process is a little complicated though, it can be useful if your iPhone is running on iOS version 4 or lower. Let us now move on to the tutorial to learn how to share contacts from iPhone to Android.

1. The process gets started with connecting the iPhone to the computer using the genuine lightening cable. Launch iTunes right after that.

2. Now, you need to click on the iPhone icon in the main interface.

3. After this, you have to click on the 'Info' tab.

4. Here, you are supposed to turn on the 'Sync Contacts with' feature and choose the 'Google Contacts' from the dropdown menu.

choose the Google Contacts

5. Now, enter the correct Google account's username and password. Hit on 'Apply' later.

6. After syncing the iPhone contacts with iTunes, take your Android device.

7. Go to 'Settings' on it and choose 'Accounts' option. On older Android OS versions, devices may show up the 'Accounts & Sync' option instead of 'Accounts'.

8. Tap 'Add Account' now and choose 'Google'. Type in your same Gmail address on the required field and the correct password to sign into it.

9. Next, you need to enable 'Contacts' from the data types listed on your screen, followed by 'Sync Now'. That was how to sync contacts from iPhone to Android via iTunes.

select the Contacts data

Part 5: How to sync contacts from iPhone to Android via Samsung Smart Switch

Using Samsung Smart Switch is our other recommendation to move your contacts in your Android device from iPhone. This is an official Samsung app to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android and other data as well. The app gives the option to the Samsung users whether they wish to transfer data wirelessly or using USB cable. All in all, if you are looking for a way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android without computer, and being more exact, if you're a Samsung owner; this method can be helpful. Also, you should keep both the device in close proximity. Here are the steps to be followed -

1. Open Google Play Store in your Samsung device and then search for Smart Switch app. Download the app thereafter and install it.

2. Open the app to begin transfer. When you open, you will be asked the mode of transferring. Choose between 'WIRELESS' and 'USB CABLE'.

Smart Switch app

3. Now, select the source device for transferring contacts i.e. choose 'iOS Device' from the options.

4. Now, opt for 'IMPORT FROM iOS DEVICE'.


5. You will get the verification code on your device. Just consider the code and match it on both the devices.

get the verification code

6. Now, pick out 'Contacts' from the next screen and enable it to transfer.

pick out Contacts

7. You will find the transferring process going on in your Samsung device. Wait until you receive the notification about transfer completion.

Part 6: How to import contacts one by one from iPhone to Android manually

Here is the last way to import contacts from iPhone to Android. As the heading states, this method will tell you to get your contacts manually. However, we suggest you to go along with this method only if you have a small list of contacts of if you want certain contacts in your Android phone to be transferred. If your contacts are in abundance, then this method is plainly a big no for you. Supposing that you have a mini list of contacts, 10 to be precise, here are the steps that you need to follow -

1. First of all, open your contacts app in your iPhone.

2. Tap on the specific contact that you wish to move to Android, and the information of that contact will open.

3. Scroll down a little, and look for 'Share Contact' option.

4. Tap on the option and choose the 'Mail' option or if your want to export contacts from iPhone to Android via text, you can choose the 'Message' icon.

5. Lastly, if you have chosen the email medium, simply enter your email address and tap on send to share the contact. And if you have picked out message medium, just enter the phone number of your Android device and send the message. Your contacts will be transferred manually this way.

import contacts manually


This was all about how to send contacts from iPhone to Android. We offered you 6 simple ways that can fulfill your purpose of moving contacts to your Android device. Now, when you get a new Android phone, we hope that transferring contacts from your iPhone will no longer be a daunting task for you. Don't forget to share this article with your friends if they are looking for the same solution. Also, please do comment below to make your views reach to us.


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